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House of Pochtéca

by hughpierre

Purpose / Function

Sangsalgu Proper's community of merchants erected its own building to serve as a combined warehouse for the trading stock of all its members, as their meeting hall, for accounting offices and archival libraries.


Elderly Pochtéca

Many retired but successful merchants find their way onto special councils to guilde laws, advise future prospects and pronounce judgements on market cases.   Teams of three elderly men interview and examine new members in luxurious chambers for consideration of entry into the pochteca community.

Contents & Furnishings

As the place where local manufacturers and returning merchants choose to store and exchange their goods, there are jars, barrels, bags and baskets of trade goods that are mysterious to most who work there.


Vast quantities of wealth already circulate among the pipiltin and pochteca families.   While the noble class conservatively stick to the bartering, pochtecas are more adventurous. Rare products from far away and records of promised deals to be fulfilled are kept and enforced by all the pochteca communities in the city.


There is a kitchen and dining room for serving refreshments to its members and visiting tradesmen. Upstairs sleeping apartments are also available for those visitors who comes from afar to stay overnight or longer.

Warehouse, Massive / Storage complex
Parent Location
Related Professions
Owning Organization
Pochteca Courts
Organization | Sep 7, 2021
Market Temple
Building / Landmark | Nov 12, 2021


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