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Glass Rash

by hughpierre

Transmission & Vectors

It is shown to be an allergic reaction to moon glass: a transmaterial that has its origins from the three moons.


  • Burning discoloration of the skin
  • Bright blisters
  • Temporary hyper breathing
  • Inflammation
  • Blood poisoning in rare cases


In the past, the glass itself was the treatment- or failing that, a coping tool- used by medicine men and women for a long time: since the Age of Alliances. It very rarely kills, but is sure to leave patches of burnt skin about the body. Not all of which can be hidden.   Most of what can be offered those so afflicted has been to:
  • Wash the affected skin in cool water
  • Apply some healing ointment
  • Leave the area where they first noticed the symptoms


An allergic reaction to the transmaterial that gives it its name. Close proximity to moon glass causes skin deformation to quickly:
  1. Start as a scattering of small reddish or brown "pin prick" marks on the skin
  2. Gradually turn into large patches of purple or red blotches and/or blood blisters
  3. Hot burning sensations become persistent
  4. Depending on the preexisting colour, the skin tone is permanently changed to shades of grey to black
  5. Droplets of blood may force their way out of the skin's surface and harden like gems, if exposed for too long

Affected Groups

People who live in or near Ocumtit are not prone to the rash. But the occasional outsider who passes through to cross the great causeway may experience skin irritation that marks them as foreigners.  
The glass to thought to be a divine gift by the locals. It is used, not just for art, but as a test and treatment to other diseases. Some of these are fanciful, but others are proven.   If your body inherently rejects its healing - well, at best you are viewed suspiciously, and accursed at worse for all to see.
— Pointed Chief


Avoid close contact with moon glass or with those who are frequently in its presence. Particularly of those who shape it may have the material's flakes or dust on their hands and clothes.

Cultural Reception

In earlier times, much fame has been afforded to the glass castles that have guarded the ocumtitians since they settled the area. However, tales that tell of the buttressing against hostile forces, may have well been metaphorical about this affliction slicing its way through the passersby and leading to the belief that Ocumtit is diseased.   However, given the low fatality and that resistance can be built up over time and across generations, it has become an increasing rare sight. Due in large part to Ocumtit's historical expansionist might and the mass trading of their glass wares has seemed to inoculated the majority in Dragonsgrave.

Chemical Compound
Extremely Rare
Moon Glass
Material | Jul 24, 2021

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