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Fungi Coven

In and around the Sullen Swamp rare herbs and fungi grow. The Fungi Coven is a group of spellcasters and herbalists who farm and forage items to produce various food products that are sold across the Claw Continent.  Mushrooms are one of their primary exports, although their potions are also highly valued.  While some of their hallucinogenic products are considered dangerous in some circles, they are active members in the Crafter's Claw.



The coven exports both raw and dry variations of all their foragables. Their farmed products are sold raw, cooked, baked, and pickled.  Most of their food based products are the standard fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms.  However, they are not known for their standard agricultural practices.   The most valued edible is the manic candy cap mushroom. These mushrooms alter viewable reality for a variable amount of time.  If a quick reality check is necessary, they also produce a handy tonic for that, too.

Brews and Medicines

The Fungi Coven produces elixirs, potions, and tonics. All bottles and vials are carefully sealed with wax, stamped with a mushroom signet ring, and signed with an arcane seal. It is believed that the Fungi Coven's potions are the best available.   If Manicsight ails you for an extended period of time or you need a break from the visions, the Fungi Coven has a cure-all tonic made with sap from a tree in the Sullen Swamp, some secret ingredients, and a few minor enchantments.


In La Chiave a Croce, the largest port-city on the Claw Continent, there are people who try to pass off their own potions and tonics as Fungi Coven goods.  These people brew their own variations and try to replicate the sealing process; however, after too many attempts, they disappear and no one knows why.
Still Weaving by Self

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