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Spider Sphynx Cats

Is it a scary spider?
Is it a potato?
No, it's a Sphynx Cat!   Spider Sphynx Cats are playful companions to spellcasters and cuddly pets to communities in the Arachnae Wilderness.  

Origin of the Spider Sphynx

Sphynx Cats were originally bred in the southern territories on The Claw Continent. It is unknown how they migrated to the Arachnae Wilderness, although trade is suspected. It wasn’t until geysers of free-flowing magic affected the area that Spider Sphynx Cat mutations occurred.   The changes in Sphynx Cats varied by region. The Sphynx Cats of Snowhaven have developed heat vision so they can see where they can safely warm up in the cold climate. Meanwhile, Sphynx Cats of the Arachnae Wilderness took on arachnid-like qualities.  

Spider Sphynx Cat Anatomy

Spider Sphynx Cats in the Arachnae Wilderness have three pairs of black eyes. Spikes of cartilage and bone stretch some of their skin taut, particularly around their shoulder joints and face. The bites of all Spider Sphynx Cats are venomous to small rodents.   In the Invisible Eyes of the Woods territory, the Keepers of the Forest care for winged Spider Sphynx Cats. This strain of cat shares all of the same qualities of the cats mentioned in the previous pharagraph.   Spider Sphynx Cats in the Corpse Woods have developed more mutations than their cousins near the Sullen Swamp. Their venom is strong enough to poison most average-sized humanoids. They also developed two more pairs of legs.  

Dietary Habits and Needs

Despite - or perhaps, because of - their new appearance, Spider Sphynx Cats remain domesticated in the Sullen Swamp. They are protected, provided and cared for, and treated as companions by the Fungi Coven.   In the Corpse Woods, Spider Sphynx Cats are left to their own devices. They live in hollowed out mushrooms and the tree canopy. They scavenge for their food or set traps for their prey. Despite their venom, they are still often considered prey animals to the predators of Corpse Woods like the giant rabbits.
8 - 15 years
Average Weight
6 - 12 lbs
Geographic Distribution
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