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Corpse Woods

Seemingly overnight, magic from beneath Tarantellia’s crust shot out from newly formed geysers. The overwhelmed regions had new trials to face. The flora and fauna gained new characteristics and abilities, the natural laws varied in some locations (magical storms, adjustments to gravity, etc), inanimate objects were imbued with magic, and some tarants even began to develop physical peculiarities.   A century later, the Claw Continent is still recovering but a new form of stability has begun. The Corpse Woods, however, began to stink of rot. The once green woods became the color of oxidized blood and a perpetual haze of fog rests in the tops of the trees. The dramatic humidity increase caused the fungi to flourish despite a decrease in rain..


All of the plant-life began to feed on the copious amounts of magic seething out of the ground. The morels and caged stinkhorns grew large enough to house small varmints and large insects. The candy cap mushrooms became more potent and varied, spawning new species. But no plant varied more than what are now known as the Blood Trees.


In the course of a century, animals and insects in this region saw dramatic changes. Sphynx cats grew 6 black eyes in a pattern similar to a spider and developed spikes of cartilage and bone. Rabbits, once prey now predators, shed their soft coats for coarse replacements and tripled in size. Many of the insects grew as well, like the dragonflies which now boast 12” wingspans.

Natural Laws

The perpetual fog in the canopy is not the only change in the Corpse Woods’ ecosystem. The air is more dense, rain falls from the sky in apple sized stones of ice despite the hot temperature, and the flora smells of rotting flesh.


Despite the intense upheaval of this part of the Arachnae Wilderness, the Red Swarm  have been able to make a life for themselves in the Corpse Woods. To counteract the horrific smell, the Red Swarm stopped depending on their sense of smell. Instead, their keen eyes have developed the ability to see magic.
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