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The Red Swarm


When magic overwhelmed Tarantellia a century ago, the Red Swarm were caught unawares. This tight knit community had no magic users to siphon or utilize the raw energy pouring into their woods. Leaving their homeland was not up for debate, so they fought to survive.   The woods were changing. The sweet perfume of nature was now cut by the stench of rot and death which seemed to stem from the trees. The Red Swarm held their breath.   The once dancing vibrant green canopy now sat still in a perpetual fog. The leaves fading into the color of oxidized blood. No leaves within the fog fell. The branches reaching out below the fog unceremoniously fell to the ground like plump stones. The Red Swarm took cover.   And that’s nothing to say about predators who now stalked the Corpse Woods, happy to no longer be prey. The Red Swarm sought safety and protection.   Without their sense of smell and the new threats that seemed to grow every day, they began to rely heavily on their sight. That’s when the magic took hold of the Red Swarm.  
Initially, only one or two fell and lost their sight. Soon, there were dozens. Then, half. Finally, all but one.   Wellann Brahnk was the Red Swarm’s last remaining person. Wellann ran around feeding and giving water to everyone. Telling them stories of the spider goddess, Malmi, and the necromancer, Basi. Stories of life, death, and the spaces inbetween. Stories of before and stories of what will come.   After a month, Wellann Brahnk was trying not to lose faith. Wellann had spent so much time actively caring for the community and used up nearly all of the food stores for winter. They had enough for another week, but how could they restock the supplies and let alone survive for the next month?  
A few days later, Tansa Learv opened her eyes. But there was something wrong. Her once brown eyes were an iridescent pink that seemed to shift to green when they focused on various objects. Wellann did not want to raise a panic and kept her close. But soon, food was necessary to acquire. Tansa stayed behind while Wellann left to find food.   Completely perplexed by the new surroundings, Wellann quickly got lost and could find neither food nor a way back home. Coughing, sick, and scared, Wellann made a quick place to hide until the morning and prayed they could find a way home soon.   The next morning, Tansa grew worried and decided to find Wellann and bring them home. She made her way and noticed everything looked different than before. But more than the changes to the woods and creatures, she saw something new. A shimmering carried through the roots of the trees. She nearly tripped on one, only to realize that she was seeing the underground roots.   Confused and reinvigorated, Tansa moved quickly. “Wellann? Wellann!”   It took her a while to find Wellann hiding in a poorly built cubby.  
Conversation with Wellann’s built up fear of the Red Swarm losing everything & Tansa saving Wellann the way Wellann saved Tansa and the rest of the Red Swarm.
  Tansa took up the role of gathering food. She could see which objects glimmered just right. Somehow, it was as if she could sense predators and was able to get out of the way.   After nearly another month, five people gained back their vision. Each with the same iridescent eyes.   It was hard going for a while. Barely getting enough food to feed the community, but they made it work. Wellann continued feeding, hydrating, and boosting morale of the Red Swarm. By what could only be the start of the harvesting season according to the moons’ cycle, nearly everyone was able to work again.   Wellann became one of the most well loved and respected people in the Red Swarm. Passing the role of leader, Wellann only grew to be more admired. Even without arcanesight, Wellann became known as the magicless sage and prophet.
Still Weaving by Self
While the overwhelming stench of death would be enough to send anyone in search of a new home, the Red Swarm refused to abandon their homeland. Fortunately, the magical geysers that brought great changes to the continent, also affected the physiological beings of those who chose to stay in the Corpse Woods.  

Physiological Changes

Noseblind - The folks living in the Red Swarm have lost their ability to smell the rot of death. Over the next five generations, their sense of smell will be gone completely.   Arcanesight - People who live in the Corpse Woods rely heavily on their remaining senses to compensate for their lack of smell. To know if something is safe to eat, they will observe their food critically. This overcompensation and reliance on sight paired with the overflow of magic in this region has given the Red Swarm the ability to see magic.   Some of the abilities arcanesight provides:   Source - Does this item or person use the magic around or within them?   Threat - Does this magic harm or heal?
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