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Arachnae Wilderness

No one truly remembers who gave the Arachnae Wilderness its name; however, it’s said these woods belong to the Goddess Malmi and her spiderlings. Spanning the Claw Continent, her forest covers half of the landmass.   Most of the known world resides outside of these woods, barring Misty Hollow, the Sullen Swamp, and Traveller's Wood. However, there are several developing territories including, but not limited to: Avolotia (Home of the Avies), the Webbed Forest (so many spiders), and the Corpse Woods (Home to the Red Swarm). These self-sustaining territories remain unknown to much of the Claw Continent.  

What to Expect When You’re Adventuring

It is believed that one century ago geysers of free-flowing magic from Tarantellia’s core caused immediate, drastic, and, sometimes, catastrophic changes to the world around it. These changes affected the geography, plant and animal life, and the laws of nature. As such, there exists a lot of variation within the Arachnae Wilderness.   When planning for your journey, you might think about preparing for the earth’s features. However, one area may be fantastical in appearance and take you to another plane of existence, while another area may be desolate and draining. All will be unforgiving if caught unawares. It’s best if you travel in a group and keep your journey short.   The flora and fauna have metamorphosed and, in many cases, grown. What your ancestors could expect from a jaunt through the forest has become that of nightmares. Violent rabbits the size of dire wolves, venomous spider sphynx cats, and awakened flora could all lead to your destruction. Stay alert and sleep in shifts.   As for Mother Nature herself, you never know what you’re going to get. Perhaps the weather or gravity will shift. Move forward with caution.   And none of that prepares you for who you’ll meet within the Arachnae Wilderness. If you’re lucky, you’ll trade with the Fungi Coven for their potions and tinctures. However, there are tales of people who see all born outside the forest as trespassers. Then there’s the stories of owl or spider humanoids... But those couldn’t possibly be true. Sure, we have demonkin, dragonkin, and the fae. But I cross the line with owls.
Tarantellia by Biome
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Inhabiting Species
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