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Center of Enlightenment

Every Orie knows tales of the Scayruns who live beyond the Sparkling Estuary. Every Scayrun knows the Sparkling Estuary pales in comparison to the estuary to the north, commonly known as the Center of Enlightenment.


Along the Northern limit of Scayrus or Orie Country lies a boreal forest. The truly magnificent region is where the river meets the sea. Here, the color of the river shifts from a dull blue into a vibrant teal.

Fauna & Flora

Vegetation unfamiliar to Scayruns grows around the Northern Estuary. These include towering trees, chair-sized mushrooms, and glowing plants. In the evening, other glowing mammals dance around the plants. Having known no violent humanoids, these tiny beasts cuddle and play easily with the Scayruns that visit.   Other unfamiliar animals include crystal spiders and small flying sheep.

Natural Resources

Food items found in the Northern Estuary include mushrooms, vegetables, and fruit trees. While there are different kinds of vegetables and mushrooms here than are available in Orie Country, fruit trees are a completely new experience for Scayruns and other Ories. Crystals and other gemstones can be harvested from Crystal Spiders; however, no Scayrun has felled a spider to harvest a crystal. All crystals have been harvested from a found body or after killing a spider for protection.   The Northern Estuary also contains a new type of clay. Scayruns often bring chunks of it home with them to make offerings to Malmi.   The final, and most crucial, resource available in the Northern Estuary is magic. There is a multitude of magical pockets in the area. Scayruns, having been trained in the ways of magic from childhood, know how to safely pull from these pockets and store the magic for their journey home. The magic here has a different flavor to it. While magic in Scayrus may taste like eggplant, the magic in the Northern Estuary tastes sweeter than a strawberry.


Every 5 to 10 years, Scayruns take pilgrimages to this location to draw closer to Malmi.
Alternative Name(s)
Northern Estuary,
Estuary / River delta
Tarantellia by Biome
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