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Vie Aranche

Phelan mentioned these impossible lands in the Arachnae Wilderness where bathing under the waterfall can heal wounds, the plants have magical properties, and the soil can grow any seed. He claims that seeds of poisonous plants grown here carry no toxins. If the Vie Aranche does exist and we find a way to secretly gather supplies, we could form an undying army... I will go to the king immediately. No one must know what you've shown me today. Burn all copies and bring to me everyone with this knowledge upon my return.
— Lieutenant Luxos of the Silverswords to the Den of Papyrus
  Unbeknownst to Lieutenant Luxos, the Den of Papyrus kept a copy of Phelan Ragewind's journey in Avolotia. The pages were placed into other tomes. Upon Luxos' return, the scribe was taken away after confirming he had the sole knowledge of Ragewind's journey.


Beyond the wide and wild river, between the mountains, and beneath an aggressive and looming waterfall exists a clearing. Trees tower around the clearing nearly as tall as the waterfall itself. But after the peril, there is only beauty. I've never seen anything as green as the grass and forests here.
— Phelan Ragewind


It is written that the trees have leaves larger than a grown man's shirt. The berry bushes near the river have healing properties and their bitter leaves can be chewed to sharpen the senses. Phelan claims to have planted Devil's Hope which bloomed before his departure despite its gestation period of six span. The blossoms, typically used for poisons, brought him no harm. The petals and seeds are white on plants throughout Tarantellia. But the samples he brought home were as red as fresh blood.  


The local critters were noted to clear from the region during Phelan's visits, but he believes the Avies spoke to them on the wind. The only fauna reported were the bark crawlers brought by the Avies and deer. Nothing special was noted about the deer, but he sketched more deer than all the flora combined.

Image of the Waterfall

Alternative Name(s)
The Impossible Lands, The Healing Hope
Inhabiting Species

Image of the Geography

Image of the Berry Bushes

Image of the Devil's Hope

Image of the Deers, lots of Deers

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