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Throughout Orie Country, magic is known to be hazardous. The Grecodar and his order enforce a magic ban throughout the nation. However, their reign does not reach beyond the Sparkling Estuary.   Citizens of Scayrus believe magic is the source of inspiration and beauty. While aware of its explosive nature, Scayruns cast spells with what appears to be reckless abandon to the untrained eye. Here, performing magic is believed to honor the Goddess, Malmi.   While the Ories living in Asma may participate in an annual ritual for the Goddess of Tapestries, Scayruns celebrate Malmi and magic every day. Magic usage should be spectacular and honorable. To that end, many rituals are held near the vibrant Sparkling Estuary. While there is no strict dress code for these rituals, Scayruns typically wear free-flowing and loose clothes, compared to the slim fit of the rest of Orie Country.

The Code

  1. No magic can be done towards another person without consent.
  2. While every person has the freedom to decide what magics are done towards them, it is your duty to aid another's weaving upon request.
  3. Similarly, if someone in your community is lacking knowledge, it is your duty to teach and encourage them. As such, Scayruns are familiar with casual teachers weaving in and out of people's lives.


Major language groups and dialects

Scayruns speak the common language of Orie Country; however, every couple of generations, a person or two may start to speak in tongues. Show Spoiler
The unfamiliar languages are commonly used by the Fae; however, there are no Ories at present who consciously speak and comprehend it.

Culture and cultural heritage

Communal living with private time during the day

Average technological level

eschewed most of the remaining Asmain technology and magicked the rest to change their purpose.

Art & Architecture

Much of the art's focus is geared towards Malmi, spiders, and fae-like beauty. The architecture, on the other hand, is a faded remnant of the days when Scayrus was under the strict control of the military in Shaca. Over the century has passed and the building has paints and vines redecorating the buildings.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Scayrus Birthdays, Annual Malmi Traditions (add calendar)

Funerary and Memorial customs

Magicks the body to ease its passage to the beyond. Also, prepares the body to nourish the land. No burials. Bodies are treated (kind of like a magical cremation), then they are released back to the earth.

Common Myths and Legends

Heart of Asma Faery Stories

Historical figures

Cordella Grove Strum Sisters Malmi
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Demonym: Scayruns  

Regions of Orie Country:

Scayrus: Present Location, far east of the rest of Orie Country.   Asma: Nearest community, the agricultural hub of the nation.   The Mountain Range Ories: Miners and Industry.   Asmain: Science & Industry.   Shaca: Furthest Location from Scayrus, Military Base.
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