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Order of the Grecodar

The Order uses magic with The Grecodar's seal of approval; however, magic can only be used if it can be hidden by the appearance of new technologies. In Western Orie Country, no one else is allowed to use magic. It's technically illegal in Eastern Orie Country as well, however, it's not enforced after the release of Cordella Grove.  


If someone in society desires to join the Order, they must find a member and discreetly request membership. Even before positions become available, this person is watched, sometimes for years, to determine whether or not the order may trust them. Because the Order's personal agenda does not align with its public agenda, many people are passed along to the Shaca Elite Force or other organizations in Shaca or Asmain. Oftentimes, the people who are called upon to join the Order come from science backgrounds.   Once a person has been sufficiently vetted and a spot in the Order opens up, they'll meet with one of the 5 leaders or, in rare cases, The Grecodar.  


Typically, members are adults with a desire for power, secrets, and connections. While ancestry doesn't hurt a person's chances of joining the Order, it doesn't help as much as one might think. With the organization maintaining secrecy, families aren't usually aware of a parent or spouse's participation. The most information they'll share is when they have to travel, but not the who, what, where, or why.  

Source of Authority

The Grecodar authorizes the Order to act against magic however they see fit. As long as it doesn't go against Craei Grecofoxas's writing.


The organization follows The Grecodar. Additionally, there is one branch leader for every 10 members in the Order. These leaders may change over time despite lifetime membership. There have yet to be more than 50 members at any given point in time.


Many Order of the Grecodar members will hunt down magic sources. Show Spoiler
Occasionally, they will keep items for themselves.
They believe that magic is a powerful resource that can cause harm in the wrong hands. Show Spoiler
They feed off the reticence held against magic from the Orie Society to gather power for themselves.

Public Agenda

Remove magic from Orie Country.


The Order of the Grecodar owns property in all Orie Country communities; however, the Asma and Scayrus buildings were abandoned nearly a century ago when The Grecodar released Cordella Grove from prison.


While the Order of the Grecodar once held power over all of Orie Country, their power only spans across the western half. They spout having all of Orie Country under control; however, the eastern half - Scayrus, Asma, and the Eastern Mountain Range - are not bound by their rules. However, all of the Mountain Ranges follow orders as if they are bound to the Order. Asma also follows the letter of the law every day except for Malmi's Day.

Technological Level

The Order of the Grecodar has the best technologies, specifically designed to combine with magic for extra power.
Length of a Term: Lifetime, given tenure. Unless they actively work against The Grecodar.   Benefits: batteries of magic. Better equipment, free home during their term for their families.   Accouterments & Equipment: 2nd item prompt   Removal or Dismissal: go against direct orders. Fall from grace.
Secret, Government
Alternative Names
Magic Removal Force
Formation Type
Leader Title
While Therals are the most common currency of Orie Country, the Order of the Grecodar also deals in notes, knowledge, trades, and favors.
Major Imports
Food from Asma, tapestries from Asma and Scayrus, Minerals & Ores (and occasionally food) from the Mountain Ranges.
Judicial Body
The Grecodar and the Faction leaders may act of their own accord uncontested.
Related Ranks & Titles
Notable Members
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