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Actor: No, m'am you don't understand. See, I'm going to be the big star. So you go ahead and give me the family discount and I'll give you a shout out at my next big performance.   Designer: Honey. My family pays full price for my work and sometimes pays an extra big tip because they understand how much work goes into each piece of cloth. You want a discount? Spend a week with the farmers, a fortnight with the spinners, and another week with the weavers. Once you're finished, visit us designers again and tell us how much we should be charging for your precious costume.

Aquafallian Production Teams

Outside of the admired Aquafallian Designers, there are three major professions in Aquafalls: farmer, spinner, and weaver. To make the continentally coveted costumes, farmers harvest Cascading Vine 4 to 5 times per year depending on the regrowth speed. The fibers can be spun into soft thread. From there, the materials are woven into premium fabrics for the designers to sew into clothes and costumes. Aquafallian Designers have highly coveted professions while Aquafallian Weavers are often taken for granted despite the beautiful fabrics they create.


Most of the costumes produced in Aquafalls are over the top by most tarant's standards. In addition to the expert weaving and costuming, the designers are trained in casting glamour enchantments. These premium costumes are available upon request for additional costs.

Public Relations

General Public
While highly expensive, many performers consider costumes from Aquafalls to be the cream of the crop. As such, people come in from all across the Claw Continent to request designs or premade costumes.
The Bardway district of Windfield is currently the primary buyer of Aquafalls fabric and costuming production lines. The artisans of the Crafter's Claw use the fabrics to alter and create costumes for Bardway. Purchased costumes are used for shows as well as merchandise. The Bardway and Aquafallian Designers have gathered a team of 5 designers who work closely together to get the final looks and designs for burlesque shows on Bardway.
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