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Cascading Vine

The fibers of the Cascading Vine are used to create threads, yarns, and, ultimately, fabrics for clothes and costumes.


Material Characteristics

The vines that cling to the space around the waterfall are a light teal shade with large leaves.  There are puffs of pale fibers at various points along the vines that bloom 4-5 times per year.

Physical & Chemical Properties

While not thorny, the leaves of Cascading Vine are jagged and sharp.  The fibers used for yarn, threads, and cloths are soft and fluffy and often compared to clouds.  When removing the fibers, farmers need to wear appropriate gear to prevent lacerations.

Geology & Geography

The only known Cascading Vines surround this waterfall.  There are similar plants near other water based locations but none as enchantable or soft.

History & Usage


The cascading vine was harvested before the calamity that took place in the previous century, however, it only bloomed once a year and harvest droughts were less forgiving.  After the influx of magic seeped into the surrounding area, the Cascading Vines grew at a rapid rate.  At first, the local farmers harvested the fibers to prevent the vines from overtaking the area.  It was spun into threads and yarn for easy storage.  When Mysura began expanding the performance district of Windfield, there was a massive increase in need of fabrics and costumes. Over the following decades, Aquafalls became a booming production town.


Cascading vine as a material is not particularly hazardous to manipulate; however, harvesting it is dangerous.  In addition to sharp leaves, cascading vine follows the path of the local waterfalls.  Local farmers typically pull batches of vines up to pull the fibers. When they've completed this task, they scale the sides of the waterfall to gather what remains.
anise, very aromatic. permeates the waterfall region and aquafalls
sweet licorice
cream and a pale teal

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