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When Stagpost banned most forms of entertainment, the town of Windfield was met with an influx of entertainers. The mayor, Mysura the Lorekeeper, decided to capitalize on the plethora of fresh talent. Any musician who could prove their talent, would be able to move into the up and coming district, Bardway. To gain free lodging, all you needed to do is prove your entertainment value and sign a work deal.   Over the past two decades, Bardway has grown immensely and now boasts events in music, spoken word, and movement. Many buildings host bands, musicals, plays, poetry slams, short stories, interpretive dance, circus acts, and, the fan favorite, burlesque shows. There are two massive stadiums where the bigger shows perform and a third stadium is currently being built.   While small settlements reside near Windfield, visitors typically spend the night in a Windfield inn after seeing a couple of shows. As such, there are many taverns and dining establishments in and around Bardway.  

Public Relations

The city guard and town officials distain Bardway. It's rumored that Mysura and Stagpost's mayor had an affair gone sour and that her bard was the final straw that caused the banning of entertianment. Rembis Treelant, the owner of the Trembling Flagon tavern in Stagpost, has become a close friend of Mysura and regular patron of Bardway.
This nearby settlement produces 80% of Bardway's fabrics and costuming. They also produce various items for the Crafter's Claw, the Windfield-based trade guild.
La Chiave a Croce
The next nearest trading town and the largest port city on the Claw Continent. A few Bardway acts will perform in La Chiave a Croce to entice future visitors. A trade has been worked out between the taverns and inns in Windfield and La Chiave a Croce to provide discounts for repeat customers.

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