Crafter's Claw

The rapidly growing city of Windfield is home to the largest artisan guild on the Claw Continent, the Crafter's Claw. This organization makes it easy for guild members to trade and sell their goods in local and distant markets. The guildhall includes weavers, sewists, painters, brewers, book binders, bee keepers, smithies, cypherists, and more.

Communities Involved

Mysura, the mayor of Windfield, provided tax breaks for any artisan in the Crafter's Claw who sold on Bardway and provided materials or goods for trade. As such, many local artisans joined the guild which boosted trade, helping Windfield and Bardway to grow. The Crafter's Claw has grown to own 3 buildings in Windfield and uses this location as it's main base.
A settlement focused on weaving fabric and costuming, Aquafalls creates many goods for the Crafter's Claw. Some artisans in Windfield and Aquafalls work together to create stunning artistic pieces, each taking a cut of the final sale. While the Crafter's Claw does not own any buildings in Aquafalls, they do rent space in one of the buildings.
La Chiave a Croce
The largest trading center on the Claw Continent, La Chiave a Croce provides tables and discounted inn rates for Crafter's Claw artisans who sell in town in exchange for goods, materials, or information. The Crafter's Claw does not rent any buildings in the port-city due to the high costs.

Important People

Mysura, the Lorekeeper
As an active mayor for Windfield, Mysura's influence on the Crafter's Claw is immense. She maintains her influence through personal and professional connections. While she doesn't have any official roles in the Crafter's Claw, Mysura often knows exactly who to reach when a need arises in the Crafter's Claw.
Rembis Treelant
With Stagpost's excessive bans on entertainment, Rembis has taken it upon himself to import goods from the Crafter's Claw. Most of the goods he brings back stock his tavern, the Trembling Flagon. The remaining goods are usually small items that do not break any laws but have caught the attention of the city guard.
Still Weaving by Self

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