Treehouses of Avolotia

Traveling through the Arachnae Wilderness, you would never know of the village residing in the trees. But the Avies know of you. Their best trackers have been watching you from a distance and trying to discern if you are passing through or stirring up trouble.
Phelan Ragewind
  The Treehouses of Avolotia are home to a few hundred mistrustful Avies. There are always a few patrols stalking the forest and looking for inconsistencies or changes in the wildlife. When an intruder crosses over their borders, a few birds will be sent by the mages to follow and gauge the threat level. Despite their skepticism of other people, they have brought a few lost children into their community. These children are supported in their journeys whether the child decides to leave the nest or take on a role within the community during their Naming Night.


Day scouts analyze the forest in groups of four. These scouts are usually quick on their feet, silent, and deadly. If a new entity is found, two scouts return to the treehouses to alert the mages who send out their owls in turn. The remaining two follow their prey. If determined a risk to the community, the threat is removed and fed to their Beasts.   Each night, the sentries, mages, and owls take their posts to guard and protect the community. While all Avies remain in their treehouses, the owls begin their nightly hunt. It is thought that the mages have a direct link with their respective owls.

Industry & Trade

This community is small and self-sufficient. Each community member has a primary position of mage, sentry, scout, gatherer, healer, chef, or craftsperson, as well as, a secondary "fill-in" position. Sages are the exception. They abdicate their positions during the Rites of Sages and go forward caring for the community as a whole.


The Arachnae Forest is the largest temperate forest on Tarantellia split by an eastern and western river. The Treehouses of Avolotia are less than 10 miles to the western river. This placement provides the Avies with access to both the animals and plants native to the deep forest and the resources near the water.
Tarantellia, The Claw Continent

Inhabitant Demonym

The Sages
The four Sages are in charge of overseeing the community in all things. Each Sage achieved excellence in their primary position and oftentimes a secondary as well. Because of their achievement, the Sages are knowledgeable and well versed in all things Avie. When a Sage dies, a new one must be appointed to fill the knowledge gap left by the remaining Sages.

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