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Once upon a time, there was a princess living in a tower.  She brushed her hair and longingly gazed outside her window.  In the forest, she saw a caravan that appeared to be approaching her tower.  Would she finally be saved?   Many lost civilizations are located at a singular geographic location.  Leaflings, however, never had a place they called home.  Travelers by nature, Leaflings moved with the wind and called upon nature to guide them.  Oftentimes, they claimed their actions were the acts of nature herself.  

Cultural Influence and Impact

Reading the Wind

Many cultures have their own version of tarot cards, however, none were quite as wide spread in Tarantellia as Story Leaves.  These cards could be made of paper, leaves, or any flat and roughly card shaped item.   Leaf Readers would take their cards out during their travels and allow the wind to determine their path.  In towns, particularly during their time of trade, they would set up a table and read the Leaves to share it's thoughts on the path of the patron.   Leaflings were traders. They brought goods from across The Claw Continent in their caravans and rarely saw battle with bandits. When asked about their luck, they would simply reply, "we read the wind."  


Their woven clothes contained intricate and beautiful embroidered patterns, often symbolizing the persistent cards brought to the wearer's attention. As such, the clothes of Leaflings were detailed specific to the person.   On the Claw Continent at large, this style of dress can be seen in damn near every city.  Although, the styles have greatly changed over time.  Rather than having a personalized garment.  Many of the attire inspired by leaflings contain the same embroidered patterns with little variation.   The sewists in Aquafalls who work for Bardway have received so much attention for their work on these garments, that they have started creating their own patterns and styles for this embroidered style of dress.  Many of the people who wear these clothes don't know what the iconography means or how it would be read by Leaflings were they alive today.
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  History of the Leaflings
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