As little as is known about the Serpentfolk that used to live on the Claw Continent deep within the Arachnae Wilderness, even fewer details are known about the Spiderfolk, if they even existed at all. The Spiderfolk are said to have lived in the Webbed Forest.   These humanoids are said to have had the ability to shift between forms unlike their serpent neighbors. They could take on the appearance of a bi-ped humanoid, a spider, and/or various half-forms. Some loomed over the forest with the torso of a humanoid and the legs of a giant spider, while others simply shifted into humanoids with vague spider-like qualities.  


There exists no true artifacts or documents from the Spiderfolk civilization. The closest evidence exists in an impression left by Jhen Whispershadow's travel log which is currently on display at a Research Center in Misty Hollow. The center is run by the Weaver's Guild. It's open to the public but, as they work with amplified magical artifacts, it's best to wait until their off season.   By Jhen Whispershadow's words, the Serpentfolk were at war with a civilization who worshiped a many limbed deity. These people tortured, tormented, and sought to lay waste to the Serpentfolk, destroying or claiming their monuments, technologies, and settlements for themselves.  

Legends and Myths

As for tall tales, there are stories about the Spiderfolk and their relationship with the Serpentfolks, such as the contradicting tales: A Spider's Web and Rise of Basi. These myths go over the fall of these two civilizations and a mysterious temple found in the depths of the Webbed Forest.   Typically, those who follow Malmi, the spider goddess, believe or wish themselves to be ancestors of the Spiderfolk. These same individuals will curse their rivals and enemies as snakes whether or not they believe in the existence of Basi or the myth, A Spider's Web.
A community of Spiderfolk is referred to as a Cluster.

Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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