Jhen Whispershadow

Jhen Whispershadow is a researcher and adventurer. With her wife and best friend, Bellie Spindle, she traveled across the Claw Continent, uncovering Tarantellia's mysteries. Some of her work has been put on display by the Weaver's Guild; however, most of what she has seen remains unknown.  

Jhen's Journeys

While much of Jhen's travels are kept under lock and key, some of her deeds are too large to ever be kept locked away. Here are some of her more widely known ventures...or at least the ones attributed to her.  

Serpentfolk Ruins

Together, they uncovered the lost Serpentfolk civilization. Jhen's notes make note of the religious monument, their ritual practices, and the uses of shed skin.  

Keepers of the Forest

Jhen's travel log also makes note of a group of sneaky individuals who lay pranks to those who would trespass through their woods. They can change their form as well, although Jhen left a lot of that information out. Her writing focused on their rituals, way of life, and their preferred pets.  

Webbed Forest

Jhen and Bellie were said to have dined with spiders the size of small huts, known as the Arachs. Who knows how they got out of that web.  

Trade Routes

The Azuris Path trade route has been attributed to Jhen Whispershadow and Bellie Spindle's adventures as well. At the very least, they left quite the impression on the Fungi Coven.  

Who are the Whispershadows?

The Whispershadows are a ruling family in La Chiave a Croce. While the other three families maintain power through their bloodlines, the Whispershadows wield their control over the city through publicly unseen and unknown means.   The "well-known" Whispershadow family members have appeared to have no blood relation. To the outside world - and, perhaps, to the core unit as well - they operate as a found family. The name of their trade is said to be secrets, science, or silence. No one has been able to get close enough to their family to find out more information.

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