In a time before the known memory of the Claw Continent, a community of half-serpent humanoids lived in the modern day Arachnae Wilderness. Much of this community is still unknown but there are a few assumptions that we can make from the Ruins of Kahlizon.   These sentient beings led purposeful yet relaxed lives. They tried to harness the world's energies through experimentation with healing, resurrection, and necrotic magic. Their deity, in turn, had power over the cycle of life and death.   As such, they sought explanation through their own cycles. There's evidence of rituals that indicate they saw shedding their skin as an act of rebirth. When comparing their remains with snakes in the area, it appears they shed their skin at a slower rate than other snakes, although the actual rate is unknown.  


Outside of paintings, there is little in the way of adornment throughout the ruins; however, there is evidence of crafted goods. A common material utilized in the items found was shed skin of the serpentfolk. It seems to have had many properties and was utilized in creating tinctures, pigments, paper, and magical artifacts, like the Serpent Headwrap of Arcanesight.  


The Serpentfolk's deity is depicted to have a gaunt form and is often surrounded by skulls. The documents found in the ruin show transformations from a skeletal to a fleshy form. It's unclear if these images are the workings done to, by, or on behalf of their deity.   There is also a monument in the center of the ruins, most likely dedicated to their deity. It reaches 10' into the air and spans 15' wide. The base appears to have held water for religious practices.  

External Relations

No physical evidence has been found of other sentient beings from that time. However, there's written documentation of another community in the area who worshiped the Queen of Manipulations. While the drawings are largely destroyed, she seems to have been an insect deity. If they did exist, perhaps they're the reason the Serpentfolks are now extinct.

Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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