Weeping Skull

Located near the center of the Serpentfolk Ruins, rests the remains of a monument dedicated to their deity whose name remains unknown. Some of the scholars at the Weaver's Guild have implied there may be a connection to Basi; however, they chalk the similarities up to conjecture at this point despite the myths surrounding Basi and their trusted followers, the Serpentfolk.   The fountain currently reaches 10' at its apex, although its original height is unclear. It seems to have covered a 15' diameter along the ground. A large worn-down stone sits in the middle with a massive chunk resting at its side.   It's hard to say how the form in the middle of the monument appeared in its prime. However, given the drawings left behind, the statue was probably a massive skull. The holes running through the center could indicate that water poured through the eyes of the visage and pooled in the space around it.   The Serpentfolk believed their deity held power over healing, necromancy, and resurrection. As such, it's likely this fountain acted as a source for religious practices as well as a fountain for their own magics. There's evidence they used skin they shed for magic items, paper, and more. Perhaps this fountain held purpose for these endeavors as well?   While the precise location is unknown, the travel log of Jhen Whispershadow indicates the Skull fountain is in the Arachnae Wilderness near the Webbed Forest on the Claw Continent.   Further Conjecture from the Weaver's Guild If the magical geysers that disrupted life one century ago has occurred before, could this be the site of a former geyser? If so, how did they stop it without becoming monstrous themselves?
This article was written from the biased perspective of someone at the Weaver's Guild.
The Weaver's Guild asked local artists to draw their depiction of how the Monument could have appeared in its former life. Here are some of those images:   Insert images of Weeping Skull here.
Monument, Large

Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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