J. W.'s Travel Log

Of all Jhen Whispershadow's travels, there is one journal that has been made public. This travel log is currently on display at The Weaver's Guild in Misty Hollow.   Some pages have been burned or torn away. Perhaps enough is left to gain an impression of Jhen's experiences with two civilizations?   The first community described is the lost Serpentfolk civilization who may have wielded some power over life and death. Although, if that were the case, it begs the question, where are they now?   The second community is a well-hidden community known to Jhen as the "Keepers of the Forest." They, too, have many interesting rituals surrounding death and funerary rites.  

Serpentfolk Ruins

From Jhen Whispershadow's journal, she visited an area in the Arachnae Wilderness with the remains of a monument. She hypothesized it used to act as a fountain. By her best estimate, the centerpiece was a skull weeping water. She seemed to believe this fountain acted as a source of magic.   She also indicates that as part-serpent humanoids, their shed skin either had magical characteristics or could be imbued with magical energies through a series of magic instilling techniques. It is unclear how she came to this conclusion, as pages have been removed and it was written cryptically.   Finally, she indicates that they were at war with another community. Their deities seemed to have reached a disagreement. But who knows what really happened. It's not like she has the ability to speak with those long since passed. Perhaps one saw the other as dinner! It's not her place to say.  

Keepers of the Forest

During Jhen Whispershadow's travels, she claims to have come across a community of forest-dwellers with a righteous attitude towards 'saving the Woods.' While that isn't totally outside the realm of possibility, her notes make them sound less realistic and more like a tale to keep children in their bed at night.   She probably just wanted to make up some quirky story for the origins of her spider sphynx cats. Hers has wings, you know! It's adorable, don't get me wrong. I just have a problem with people falsifying our reality. Not that it's her fault. She didn't give the Weaver's Guild her journal. They just have a tendency of acquiring junk with their artifacts.
Journal, Personal

Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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