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Ruins of Kahlizon

This article contains spoilers for my world. If you wish to play in my world, read at your own peril.

When entering this part of the Arachnae Wilderness, a wave of grief gripped me. Confusion. Panic. Death. There wasn't enough air. I fell forward and would have landed on a molting snake had Bellie not caught me.   We found a place to rest for a moment while I caught my breath. For all our journeys together, it never gets any easier. But this place called to me. They asked for me. And I refuse to let these souls down.
— Jhen Whispershadow, Private Journal
  On Jhen Whispershadow and Bellie Spindle's adventures across The Claw Continent, they came across the ruins of a Serpentfolk den. Known as extinct or myth, the Serpentfolk here left a distinct impression upon Jhen and she was able to glean more information from this place than an archaeologist at The Weaver's Guild.   At its prime, huts and open houses spread around the town center where a massive Skull Fountain brought everyone together. From the skull's orbits poured an endless supply of water from deep within Tarantellia's core. It provided magic over healing, necrotic, and resurrection magic.   This town housed hundreds, if not, thousands, of Serpentfolk. They lived long, peaceful lives and explored the magical energy gifted to them by their deity. Some created items of great power, others took to tonics and tinctures, and others still created powerful works of art.   But as all war must end, so too does peace. When the Spiderfolk decided to enact the will of the Goddess of Machinations, even death could not provide rest for the Serpentfolk. Their souls mourn in the Arachnae Wilderness, awaiting the second coming of Basi.

From the Perspective of the Claw Continent

In living memory, the Ruins of Kahlizon have only been explored by one individual, Jhen Whispershadow. As such, it's hard to say whether it even exists. However, there are myths of Serpentfolks living in these woods.   J. W.'s Travel Log does not cover her personal experiences in the Kahlizon Ruins nor many explanations of her discoveries; however, it is still on display outside the Research Center in Misty Hollow.

Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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