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TuneJune 2024

Work in progress!
ORC License
Slightly NSFW!

This is an inofficial community challenge sponsored by Tillerz.

Start:June 1st, 2024
End:June 30th, 2024
What:sound related WA content

Celebrating music, tunes, signals, audio, voices!   In Tune June 2024, we sing with glee,
Melodies and signals set our spirits free,
Voices rise in harmony, a joyous choir,
Celebrating sound, our hearts' true desire!

How To Participate

  • Write an article (any category), draw a picture, create a language, ... but it must be audio related!
  • If your entry is not an article, link your creation in an article so people can find and like it if they found joy in your creation.
  • Post a comment with your article below this challenge description so people can find it.
  • If you do posts/journal entries, use the tags #TuneJune2024, #UnofficialChallenge.
  • Your creation must be started/finished in June 2024 (aroundish, do not min +- a day).
  • One entry per bean (that's you!)
  Examples: a language with weird noises, a singer, a creature making unique sounds, a condition that involves (or hinders) singing/speaking, sailors using noises to communicate from ship to ship ...   Note 1: If you create some poem/song/... and add it to an existing article, this is ok, too. Just mention it, if you do.
Note 2: If you make art as your only content for this challenge, it must be your creation; AI generated images/sounds are only allowed to decorate articles where it's about the writing, not the art.




TuneJune2024 Winner by Tillerz using MJ

  • The winner may add the WINNER badge. Disclaimer: it's not an official badge via the WA badge system, so you have to add it manually
  • The winner also gets a 20 bucks voucher for one of the following stores (your choice):
  • Cantrip Candles - https://cantripcandles.com/products/
  • DogMight - https://www.dogmight.com/products
  • DriveThruRPG - https://www.drivethrurpg.com/
  • Frog God Games - https://www.froggodgames.com/
  • Hero Forge - https://www.heroforge.com/
  • Kobold Press - https://koboldpress.com/kpstore
  • Modiphius - https://www.modiphius.net/
  • Paizo - https://paizo.com/
  • Speechless Bard - https://www.speechlessbard.com/
  • World Anvil Shop - https://shop.worldanvil.com/

All participants


TuneJune2024 Participant by Tillerz using MJ

  • You may add the PARTICIPANT badge (ImageID: 5630490) already when you submit your entry. Also you have created one more thing for your world, and you get some visibility to your world via this challenge.

Determination of the winner

The winner of the challenge will be chosen by Tillerz.  

Entries so far

Cover image: Tune June by Tillerz using MJ


Please Login in order to comment!
May 28, 2024 20:12 by Absinthe

Ballet is good for you?

May 29, 2024 06:12 by Tillerz

Sure. :)

Jun 3, 2024 01:10

The quite literal Song of the world. Though it is different to any who know how to listen!

Song's Afterglow
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jun 3, 2024

May you find the truth as it billows through the branches...
Jun 4, 2024 15:48

I've been tossing around ideas for a festival dance for a bit... Perhaps this can be my excuse to work on it. XD

Jun 4, 2024 20:00 by Tillerz

Do it! \o/

Jun 4, 2024 23:10 by Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia

I have an existing article that badly needs audio augmentation. Can I update that article and add the audio track, or is this new world building only?

Follow my worlds: Arrhynsia and Compendium and check out my author website at tlcassis.com to see my latest work!
Jun 5, 2024 04:26 by Tillerz

Go for it for the badge, but you won't be able to win the prize. :)

Jun 15, 2024 01:11 by Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia


Follow my worlds: Arrhynsia and Compendium and check out my author website at tlcassis.com to see my latest work!
Jun 18, 2024 14:32 by Tillerz

Ah well, I just decided that adding the competition relevant stuff to existing articles is OK, too. :)

Jun 5, 2024 07:26

I just started a new world, and its primer article is right in the theme of this challenge! Only problem is I created the article and wrote the first paragraph on the last day of May. Can it still count?

From The River to The Ocean, a civilization grows up.
Jun 5, 2024 10:46 by Tillerz

Yah, I don't mind a day before or after. It just shouldn't be a month old or something.

Jun 12, 2024 18:19

Entry written. I'd forgotten how much fun writing poetry and lyrics is, the actual tune is still alluding me.

Balled of the mountain
Prose | Jun 12, 2024

Jun 21, 2024 14:56

Thank you for this challenge.  

Draelgit - Language of Earth
Language | Jun 21, 2024

Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.

Psst join the Copper-Party during Summer Camp 2024 and I would be very happy if you would celebrate my SC contributions with me.
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