Song's Afterglow

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Songs; tonal specification, vibration, frequency, wavelength, music. Various different ways for describing the same instance, though all only tell a piece of the information and yet everything you need to know all the same. An odd eccentricity of The Great Mother's initial and continuous song she sang to the emptiness to create existence as we know it. Or, I should say, what were the building blocks for the spaces inbetween.
The Song, in reference, is quite literally the voice of The Great Mother. A basic rendition of her voice can create unfathomable new idiosyncrasies, playing with just a miniscule amount of the Song can create a small sun in the palm of the hand. Or an entirely new continent if one chose to. The Song is something which very little is known, to the hows and why's, beyond those who live in The Elsewhere as well as the Queen of the Fae.
Though what this Law actually manifests is three fold; the first being matter. All matter is but an effect of her Song, for what is matter if not but energy at a certain frequency. Everything is a literal invocation as her magic steeps into every last facet of the known universe as well as those beyond. Her voice as she breathed life and material into existence. Her song echoing out calling forth the other Three. Where they shaped her creation and applied rules to it. Physics and chemistry, fate and consciousness, physical properties and emotional ones.
The second is that her voice still echoes in a godless world. She was taken from us, from the world. Struck down by the Shadows, her Song still rings out sustaining the matter that exists in the world still. The properties that keep atoms and their base components stable, is uniquely her voice. Or in this case, the matter remembers the memory of it and holds the frequencies and wavelengths given to it by her and her alone.
The third and final piece is this; to listen closely one can still hear the words of her song. Ancient, immortal, everlasting, subjective to the listener. For her words are tailored to the ear, as if her absent presence knows when it is being listened to. Those choosing to listen will be plagued by the Shadows influence and interference as they continuously hunt down the last of The Quartet. Her Majesty hidden behind layers of broken shards and shattered realities.
"Only me, only" The words Illy heard during her Ceremony. Though the Great Mother was something far from divine in this instance, her voice could still be heard loud and clear. As seen in Chapter 9, Dreams Unending in The Great Tree: Soft and Subtle Wind .
"These lands kissed by the sister divine. Sunlight to bring forth day and I, Night. Within her loving arms is my songs end. Embrace the end on these strange and far out trails" The Sage of Huron: Emily Von Eule after her second attempt to use an Archon Stones though instead of this journey having the Ghostly women appear before her, she had a vision. One where she was quite near the beginning, the stars still half formed. The earth beneath her feet molten.
"To see past the lies of the obvious. You need to know the strength of the world around you, and to know which is the real and the mundane. So use the Song is to run it across your soul, not to flail it around like a new born child with a shaker." Netzet, God's Eye's of the Wayfares, when he was awaken from a trance in the Huronian Capitol with what felt like a hard slap across the face. In a rare instance where a misted visage of the Great Mother appeared before a mortal without an Archon Stone, she had appearently been insulted at the wanten and flagrent abuse of power this Wayfare was attempting to do.
"To see the progress we have made, though usurped from our hands. A glorious song we have heard from your lips. A glorious sensation of melody and time, our magnificent songbird." Gjorn Fourth king of Dwarves near the end of his journey in

Great Tree Origins: The End Song


The Wayfares

The Afterglow has two known, much more specific uses. One being that to the Wayfares Guild, where they constantly run into issues where the Song interferes with portals being opened. A song interrupted by sour notes, despises a concert with careless audiences. Portals are a snap in addition to the matter of the world, an audible crack in the Song's symphony. The frequency wishes to return to its original sonorous tones, works to suppress portals or any Magic used by the Wayfarers as they pull the worlds and realities closer and further apart.
Though Portals are in their own right a song to the choir of the world, they exist not from the The Great Mother's lips, but from the Queen of the Fae. Her sister, though this is more a matter of necessity. The Queen did not wish to interfere with her sister's song, though current circumstances in their era have made the act simply an inevitability. Though, while she taught the Wayfarers the magic to do so, she did so in a way that wouldn't break her song. For to break the tempo, the tune, the flow and beat of this world, would be to end it.

Music is Magic

Any caster wishing to become more powerful, efficient, or more versatile needs to understand one thing and one thing only. Music is magic, and it's root. The Song is a song, it created everything in which we know, everything that will ever be known. The things we don't understand and the things that are self-evident. Thus if a caster wishes to interact with the Song, the interchange of it is seamless into any Talent regardless of Domain or specialization.
To hum your spell with a simple beat will amplify what you are doing. To understand music theory and how certain frequencies harmonize with create new effects for existing spells. To be a prodigy of a caster is to sing a song to the world and have it sing back to you. So in this case, people like Gjorn Fourth king of Dwarves, Ilgor of the Skullbrood Clan and The Sage of Huron: Emily Von Eule have become peerless in their abilities with magic.
Though on a conceptual level, this may be cheating. As the Great Mother is the divine entity of Sky, Moon, Air, and Sound. Anyone with a Talent pertaining to Air or Sound has a far easier time learning this facet of magic as opposed to someone with a Domain of Fire or Earth.
"I have a very different relationship with what you call The Afterglow, Enlightened Jesse. What you see as a power to overcome, a power to use, a property to manage. I see as something lost, something to mourn. No. I can't tell you more, you should know better than to ask about something like that. You know that I cannot speak about such things."   "Boy. I was born in The Elsewhere, I was never GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THEIR TRUE GRACE!"   "No, I'm sorry Jesse. I... I didn't mean to lash out at you. My parents were alive during the Quartet's time, I wasn't. I only wish I was given to chance to hear her song with my own ears as they had." -God's Eye Odeza as she had a break down at Enlightened Jesse's questions about the Afterglow's effect.
Metaphysical, Divine

Referenced in:

Great Tree Origins: The End Song

The Great Tree: The Stillness in Air

Chapter 9, Dreams Unending in The Great Tree: Soft and Subtle Wind   Chapter 23, Wayfarers, Memories, and Soft First Touches in The Great Tree: Soft and Subtle Wind

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