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Ilgor of the Skullbrood Clan (ill-ghorh)

As seen in

Mother or High Priestess Ilgor (a.k.a. Illy, The Moon Bourn Flower, Zephyr, The High Priestess)

Physical Description

Body Features

She is short, and petite. Very athletic looking, with dense corded arms. While she is strong, she doesn't look like it. Her muscles are honed into a higher definition, not bulk. Her sword arm actually being slightly larger in mass, this aspect isn't noticeable outright. A subtly that someone would have to be looking for. Ambidextrous, though prefers to use her left hand. As she was trained as a raider, and gifted with a nearly peerless speed, her entire frame is lightweight.

Identifying Characteristics

She speaks in a lilting way that borderlines humming a melody. If she is speaking her native goblin language, she sounds like a warbling bird, using Common, she has a soft sing-song voice. Her most identifying characteristic that stands out from the rest of the goblins is her hair. She spends quite a bit of time keeping her hair style consistent. The vague starlike shape of it, with the drooping overhangs that frame her face are quite noticeable in a crowd.

Special abilities

Among her people, she is the only one to consciously be able to control the Domain of Air born into all of the goblins blood. Her own ability being amplified by unseen forces, the Sorcerer taking a particular interest into this aspect, seeing it as some entity Tethered to her. Her magic steeped into realms of influence not widely seen outside of the Wayfares Guild, leading to some parties inside the City of Glaion to take an interest in her. Gjorn having traveled to The Elsewhere, has also notified a few entites of her particular circumstances as written in Ruminations of the Bluejay.
While she is attempting to teach various fighters like Hob, Cori and Ghet a strain of magic, she remains the only one to be able to use her voice to influence the wind around her. She uses this to cast silencing spells, and to increase her movement while fighting, leading her to be become peerless in her fighting abilities as of right now.
Her voice holds the same weight and power as Gjorn Fourth king of Dwarves. Though she isn't entirely aware of this, her voice is quite literally a command to all non-goblins. Very few except God's Eye's and Gjorn himself are able to resist the unconsious power in her voice.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She cannot remember what her original parents looked like, though Mother Kari tells her she has her mother’s build and her father’s eyes. Losing both of them during a failed raid led by Ghet when he was a Raid Leader. The assault on the group of guards went poorly, several of the other goblins losing their parents as well. A small child merely three years old when that particular piece of happiness was taken away from her.
Though never having known them, she hasn’t known a life with them around. She would learn more about the event later in her life, as she couldn’t remember the event in question, being so young at the time. The other children also only having vague memories of the raid. To them, though a sadness steeped into the minds of those involved, they lived life never having any impression about them to a great degree. The loss of their parents a chapter in a story already told.
Mother Kari raised them all with the help of the clan. When Illy was old enough to learn how to read when she was five, Kari read to her often. Where they would spend hours of each day simply reading the legends and myths from their holy book. Illy obsessed over one story about an ancient hero in her childhood.
The hero had used her voice to breathe fire and lightning down on a wyvern that was terrorizing the clan near the beginning. When the darkness still surrounded their homes, the skies broken and torn, the Great Father was busy handling the darkness itself, unable to help the clan defeat the monster. The hero did this and earned the respect of the clan, gaining favor with the Great Father for taking initiative.
In the days of old, when the goblins still held their magic to a higher degree, the books would speak of how they used to levitate with their long braided hair tethering them to the ground. This hero had a braid that stretched down twice her height, Ilgor remembered this story well past her childhood, trying to emulate that to this day. Her braid being the longest in the village, allowing her a few certain interests from the family.
When she and the other kids had grown older, they began venturing out more into the Ancient Forest. Here they learned the lay of the land, the plants, and things they could take. Reminiscing back to when she found the cave Cori used to paint in. Remembering how she was amazed at all the colors, and how Cori had caught her. Illy didn’t disturb any of them, only sat and looked. The wide eyes of a child filled with curiosity and awe.
Cori was surprised than anything that someone had actually found the well hidden cave, let alone one of the children. Illy enjoyed the fact that Cori had been kind to her, letting her paint her own pictures over hers. Sister Cori had allowed her to continue this up until her late teens, where she would begin telling Ilgor that she wanted the place to herself. They spent much time finding new things to do, she eventually trusted Cori enough to help her with learning more new skills that would become more relevant later on in life.
Her childhood was pleasant for the circumstances she was brought up in. The midsummer nights flowing on by like careless dreams, playing with the other kids. The cold winters bundled up in warm blankets by the fires in the caves, the adults telling them stories of the wider world. Fantastical stories of great exploits, countless adventures found in the Ancient wood. Odd creatures seen, beautiful skies, and starry night. The spring thaws spent hunting for sweet herbs, catching bugs and frogs. She couldn’t remember any unhappy memories.
When she had turned ten, she was taught under Ghet and Kari to hunt. Kari spending her time teaching Illy how to identify the various medicinal herbs. How mint in the area was only good before the small white flowers opened up in late summer. Or the arrow shaped leaves of Yarrow, and how when crushed the roots were useful. She took an interest in the plants more so, as she was amazed by what they could do to help the clan.
She also wanted to learn how to do magic like “mama” could. Though she was told she could learn when she got older, now only the priestess these days could use magic. That maybe one day she could become the next one, and learn it too.
Ghet had begun teaching her to hunt, along with Yorm. They both taught her how to track, and move through the tree canopy without making a noise or falling. Ghet taught her where to strike to kill their prey without causing it to suffer. She proved her ability when her challenge day happened. A day all the children must live through. A rite of passage for the children into their proverbial adulthood, being accepted into the clan greater.
She was given a small knife and told she needed to survive a few days out in the woods, if she was able to bring back anything, she would pass the challenge. Setting off to the south toward the tidal pools, thinking it would be easier to just pluck what she wanted out of them. While she was right, making small cooking fires, setting up her camp under a rock shelf that faced morning light, she would soon learn that to live as the family did, would be to face hardship and to overcome it by any means necessary.
When the first night passed, she kept hearing something moving around in the dark. Getting up, she climbed into the tree canopy to watch the ground. Eyes glowing from the full moon light, she saw a Gishell crunching its way through the discarded shells of the clan as they harvested the clams and oysters from the pool.
She thought that she would be able to take the beast down, only misjudging a few things. Her confidence as a hunter wasn’t certain, having yet to make her first kill. Stalking the gishell for days, she unaware that she was supposed to be back to the village already. Causing the clan to send out their raiders to look for her.
She followed the gishell well past Willowbrook and halfway to Port De Renard. She snuck past a Giant Elk who tried to kill the gishell at one point. The giant snail only hid in it’s iridescent fortress, while the Elk tried to unhinge its jaws to crack open the thick calcareous armor. Stalking the beast through the tree canopy, Illy quickly crafting a few long spears with her knife, she threw them down at the Elk. One of her spears landed square in its leg. The roar out of its mouth made her ears bleed, its deep bassy bellow causing the tree to vibrate, though it did run off. Briefly thinking to hunt it instead, but thought better of trying to take down the much larger enraged predator.
Four days after starting her challenge, she took the opportunity to fall from the tree like Ghet had taught her. She timed her descent to just before the gastropod opened its shell back up, landing on it, knife in hand. Slashing open the beast's underbelly, stabbing at its heart before it could close its shell again. Dropping dead instantly, its large soft body going limp. It's eye stalks curling up in a bizarre pantomime of a spiraled vine.
Thinking back to the Giant Elk, and how it might come back smelling fresh blood. She remembered that the raiders of the clan would take things from the humans when they needed to. Quickly looking for anything to help her move the gishell back to the village. Wandering around just far enough to find a farm on the outskirts of Willowbrook. Seeing the farmer had a few carts lined up next to his fence, gave her an idea.
The early morning light was still dark enough for her to "borrow" one of them. After having taken the cart back to the gishell, to her horror the Giant Elk had returned. Time seemed to slow as the beast turned its head toward her, lips curling up to reveal its serrated teeth. Dark beady eyes, an inky blackness that seemed to drip from its face. The monster pounced at her, jaws open to snap shut around her. She was slow to react.
Much to her luck and amazement, her spear was still in it’s leg. When it had tried to pounce at her from between a group of trees, the spear caught and yanked it back. Saliva foaming from its mouth as it roared again, blood spattering her face as the stick tore the wound open. Ilgor quickly climbed up the tree, positioning above the Elk as it backed itself out of trees.
The spear had torn its leg badly, the beast unable to keep its weight on it. Ilgor took her chance, dropping down onto the elk, plunging her knife deep into its spine. Though it didn’t die right away, she fell on the wrong spot. Its spine severed past where the vitals should have been, it dropped unable to move its legs. But still able to bite at her. She tore the spear out of its leg, and slammed it into the heart of the monster. She felt a strange disgust somewhere in her mind, as it died. Flailing briefly, is head slamming hard into the cold earth.
Exhausted, she sat down heavily. The Giant Elk died as the spear punctured its heart. Somewhere in her mind she knew she got lucky, but she still cried not knowing how to react to the almost lethal hunt. Sitting there for a while, her nose ran and her eyes stung. Watching as the sun began to rise over the Western Channel into the ocean.
After she had felt she could go on again, wiping her nose on her sleeve, she went to grab the cart. Using a few sticks to lever the gishell onto the cart, she thought about trying to grab the elk too. But decided it was too much for her to handle, she would tell the raiders about when she got back.
The clan was in a frenzy when she was spotted cresting the hills that surrounded the caves. Running out to meet her, Kari grabbing her in a tight hug just happy to see her alive. Yorm walked over to see the gishell in the cart, turning to her saying he was impressed and proud. That very few could take on a gishell at her age and come back.
When her challenge ceremony began after the raiders were called back, she told them about the Giant Elk, where she had killed it, where they could find it. Many of the family had open mouthed looks of surprise when she told them of the journey she had been on. Ghet and Yorm both promised to teach her personally from thereon out.
"They set the plate in front of me, the thick steak of venison steaming and juicy. They all smiled at me, happy and proud of me. The first bite of my kill, they seasoned with brown sugar and salt. Delighted smile split my face as Cori tousled my hair. Uncle Ghet sitting beside me, handing me a jug of fruit juice. Mama's smile reached her eyes."
Yorm told her that she would begin her training as a raider immediately. He presented her with a Seax, her reward for finishing the challenge and for bringing back such a prize. The next day, Ghet spent quite a bit of time speaking with her about the trial, how she felt about feeling hopeless. She spoke little directly, only telling Ghet that she felt small, she didn't understand why. The feeling of the Giant Elks hot breath as it's jaws tried to wrap around her and the terror she felt.
Ghet nodded, letting her speak. Telling her after she had finished, the cricket's chirps just begining with the setting sun as she had talked the day away, that we all come to face our mortality eventually. That we shouldn't be scared of it, to understand that if the time has come to walk by the Great Fathers side, there is very little we can do about it. The young girl, a thought in the back of her mind, "why did this have to be?"
She asked Ghet how she can keep a cool head like him, how she can survive if this was the world they lived in. He smiled "You need to live life to survive: the good, the bad, the dark, and the light. Learn from everything around you, especially when you are being given the test then the lesson."
Years went by as she and the other kids grew to be raiders. Their teaching was brutal and effective, through fire and trial, they grew better, stronger, faster. Ghet had taught them how to hunt for real, showing them more nuanced versions of stalking through the branches of the trees. How to use crossbows and throwing knives. The deadly aim practiced and well versed, Yvet showing an aptitude for marksmanship. Ilgor was far better at stalking and knowing the right time to strike.
Yorm had spent his time training the young family tactics and group movements. He taught them to use calls to mean specific things, like when the bluejay calls, group up in a tight circle. When the Morning Dove coos, spread out, angled toward the target. Anything to mask what they were doing. He taught them to move without sound and without leaving a trail. His young raiders proved themselves time and time again to be competent fighters.
Ilgor had spent far more time working on her speed, and faster movement. Wanting to match Ghet's speed, she slowly got better. She quickly surpassed Hob and his bulk in the first year. The second year she passed Yvet and Isry, earning herself the nickname Zephyr from Yorm. Yorm, in his part, wanted to poke fun at Ghet for having the same nickname, teasing that she's only a "wee girl" and getting faster than him. Ghet wanting to prove the point, began asking Cori to help train her.
By the time Illy had turned sixteen, a mere five years after her ceremony, she was regarded as the most agile fighter in the clan. A whirl of blade and braid. Illy had taken to using her long braid as a distraction as well, occasionally using it to slap away weapons and tools away from those she sparred with. The only ones able to go toe to toe with her in a fight were the veteran fighters as well as Hob, who refused to let her become better than him.
When she had turned seventeen, she began to hear whispers again of the harpy clan to the west of them. Curious, she went into the forest to see if she couldn't catch a glimpse of the avian beings. Chief had said he brokered a deal with them years before she was born, when they had tried to encroach on the clan territory. Instigating a war between the family and harpies, the goblins suffered very little in the assaults, the harpies being a constant harassment to deal with.
Eventually, the harpies had become a nuisance. They stole their stashes of supplies, hunting their game, and injuring various members of the family. Yorm had flown into a rage. Having brought his raiders with him, he stormed the harpy brood lair in the mountains. While they were able to eliminate many of them, the brood mother of the lair had been able to nearly kill Yorm in the process. This lead to a rather one sided negotiation with the hagraven, while she held him pinned to the floor with a talon to his throat.
To his credit, he didn't show any nervousness. His raiders, poised to strike, their voices enthralled all but the brood mother. Crossbows aimed to take her down, Yorm gave her the choice, talk or they both die. She chose to allow the goblins to hunt the Ancient forest again, should they not stay long. Their borders would now be where the Ancient Forest met the mountain foothills, the Ancient Forest being neutral territory.
Ilgor deep in thought, thinking back to that part of the clan's history; not hearing the low woosh of air as a great pair of wings descended on her. Though quick to react, she managed to slice open the leg of the harpy as it grabbed her and brought her higher. She struggled to break its hold, having only succeeded in injuring the harpy enough to have it crash land into the canopy of the forest. She and the harpy blacked out from the impact.
Hours later, she came to. The blackness still crept inward from the corners of her vision. Stumbling toward the beast, she saw the male harpy looking back at her. A grim acceptance in his eyes. "Why did you attack me?" She asked it.
He lilted his tone upward at the end of each sentence, as if he were asking a question. "Didn't know what you were. Thought you were the other one. Do it, I cannot fly. I rolled to break your fall and snapped my wing."
"Why?" She asked him, pulling a small satchel from under her vest.
"Told not to hurt the gobs. Told it would kill us, besides." The harpy said, sitting up, "Gob pretty, not want hurt."
"You've lost too much blood." She pulled a poltest out that she and Kari had made together recently. They intended to use it on any of the raiders that got injured or cut, but since the harpy had apparently saved her from some rather significant harm. She figured he deserved a chance. "Thank you."
He didn't respond as she began treating his injury on his leg. The politest stopped the bleeding almost instantly, ripping the bottom half of her vest off. She laughed when the harpy turned it's head away from her, but used it to bind his leg so that it wouldn't reopen. "You're not shy." He said.
"Why would I be? I am not ashamed of anything about myself." She told him. She tried to set his wing, the thin bones being far more fragile than she anticipated. Asking if she could help him back to the brood lair where he lived. He agreed, also stating that she shouldn't speak when in front of the brood mother. He would speak for her, vouch for her good intentions.
They headed out, barely making it over the foothills when a great winged beast appeared above them. Ilgor propped up the harpy, supporting him under his wing. The brood mother landed softly before them, her great owlish wings beating the air noiselessly. "Sh'ril, explain prey." It asked, though it was all Ilgor could understand. Their language vaguely familiar, though just far enough to not make sense anymore.
"Call it mutual show of respect. I attacked wrong thing, she didn't kill me. Gob friend." Sh'ril said back to the brood mother. Ilgor heard the harpy matron walk toward her, it handed her a few of it's feathers. Sh'ril staring back opened mouthed. Looking down to Ilgor he whispered, "Take, great honor. Safe in Forest, wear them."
From that day, Ilgor and the Harpy had made a decent friendship. Occasionally running into each other, speaking of how their lives were going. Ilgor had taken to wearing the feathers in her hair on long pieces of string.
As Illy continued to become faster, more efficient in her movement and tactical skill, she noticed a few things. The first was that: Mother Kari spent quite a bit of her time healing injured raiders, and not as much time teaching out of her holy books. She missed that, she wanted to sit with her adoptive mother again and learn more, why they did the things they did. Kari herself, not getting any younger, relished any chance she could get to spend time with her children. The orphans becoming a staple in the clan as sturdy raiders under anyone's command.
The second being that because Kari had become so used to healing any and all injuries, the raiders were becoming more complacent with their raids. Being fine with various injuries, thinking nothing of it as they received cuts, bruises and broken bones. Illy thought that maybe some differing tactics to keep them out of harm's way would be useful on both fronts. Allow Kari more time to do the things she wanted to do, and keeping the raiders sharp.
The third, most troubling thing Illy noticed was that Yorm seemed to be getting more violent in his raids. Not caring if the city was starting to pay attention to them again. She had lost her own parents in that same mentality, she didn't want to see it happen to the new generation, though she didn't know how to accomplish this without challenging the Chief. A task she wholeheartedly didn't want to do, she didn't want to take his life.
While saddened by the newest development, she would get her chance. Her current Raid Leader had passed in his sleep. An ancient goblin named Torkyet, competent, headstrong, and always happy to see the youngest raiders achieve what they were after. Favoring Yvet, Illy and Hob above all else, as they were able to accomplish the tasks he asked of them during the raids.
While she was saddened to see her battle hardened veteran commander pass, as all in the clan mourned the loss of every one of their people, Yorm offered her his title. Saying that she had proven herself thousands of times over, her speed, her wit, and her desire to improve were the attributes the family needed. A few weeks passed while she grew more accustomed to the role, teaching new tactics to the raiders, gaining some confidence in her command. Where we begin Chapter 1, First day on the job in The Great Tree: Soft and Subtle Wind


When her Parents were killed during an assault led by Ghet, she was taken in by Mother Kari as well as several other children when she around three years old. From this point the majority of her education came from Kari and the main hunters of the Clan. That being Cori, Knoll and Ghet, where she was taught how to identify the various plants and creatures surrounding the Ancient Forest surrounding the Village.
Kari had spent much time teaching Illy Common, as well as the other orphans. They were taught to read and write more Common than in their own language, allowing them an easier time when interacting with Humans and other Races. She enjoyed the books the raiders brought back, reading them to the family as time went on. Developing an ability to quickly translate the Common words back into Elder Fae so that the family could understand the stories better.
She took a particular interest in medicinal plants as she grew older. Spending quite a bit of time with Kari and several other Goblins foraging for plants like Arrow root, Mint, Ginseng, and Tulsi. Becoming proficient with this, the favored student of Kari. Having a knack for remembering where these plants grew when no one else could find them.
After she had passed her Challenge of the hunt when she was given the opportunity by Chief Yorm. She surprised a great many of the clan by returning with a kill. After having disappeared for many days, the clan had sent the raiders out to find her. She returned to the village with a young a Gishell on a stolen cart, with a tale of a slain predator. Earning her the respect of the Chief in the process.
From here she began her real training to be a raider by the Chief himself as well as Ghet. He spent years training her to be faster than the other children being taught as well. Yorm, affectionately calling her Zephyr over time, as she struck with the grace of a leaf on the breeze. The large Seax she was given by Yorm for completing her challenge was put to good use. Slowly earning a reputation in the clan for being a uniquely agile fighter like Cori and Ghet.
After she became a Raid Leader, she would also learn by observation. Seeing that many of the targets they hunted for their raids would use polearms or spears, she wondered about the effectiveness of the tools. Recruiting Cori to assist her with learning the unfamiliar weapon to the clan, they found that they could keep a much more effective distance. She used this information to change the tactics of her raiders, increasing their survivability during the raids.
When Caleb Shzym had moved into their territory, she learned from him as well. Being taught metal working, herb cultivation, as well as an unsettling amount of information as to how the wider world viewed their god, Bhal.
When she became the Disciple of Kari, she was again taken into the fold of the Faith. Where she expanded on her knowledge of medicine, learning far more about anatomy and the internal structures of their bodies. She frequently "borrows" medical texts from the City of Glaion, as she wandered under thick hood and shadows to gain the information she wanted. Quickly surpassing Kari in her knowledge of the body.
During this expanded education, she learned how their prayers were tied to the magic born into them. Her own magic being particularly powerful, fore during her Ceremony had awakened latent abilities. Granting her full access to A Domain of Air, she was able to command a much larger amount of power than many had remembered being possible. Kari in particular describing her as Priestess she had only ever read about in their holy books.
When she had followed Hob while they were stalking a strange wagon wandering through the clan's territory. She found yet another teacher: The Sorcerer. Where he would teach her much more about magic, politics, history, and many other skills the family lacked. Predominantly, she learned about Farming, Fortification, more effective magic both combative and healing, as well as more nuanced diplomacy.

Failures & Embarrassments

She grows increasingly anxious of the cancer that grows inside of her Priestess Kari, and her inability to cure it. No matter how much power, no matter what perspective to view it from, no matter what angle of attack she takes, nothing is working. She has tried every herbal remedy she can think of, no injection of oils or poltest has worked. The magic she has learned from The Sorcerer has been ineffective. Little does she know the disease she is trying to cure has been attempted to be cured by every single Priestess before her, only that the disease is terminal.
Not only does it eat away at Kari, slowly filling her lungs with phlegm and poison, it erodes away at Illy's mind. Her failure to cure the woman who raised her, causes cracks in her confidence. Her idea that her magic has been able to cure everything else, not being able to do more than ease her pain while she slowly succumbs to the illness, feeds into her fear and anxiety of the nightmares it plagues her with. She is slowly beginning to realize that it is a sickness from the soul and not the body. Terrified of the thought that she will have to see The Mother die in her care.
The cave was quiet, breath held still. My magic steeped heavily in the air, plants and moss growing as it refused to leave. My own hot tears fell on her face, I croaked out not caring what the family saw. "Mama, I don't know what to do. Please, wake up..."
Ashamed at her actions during Chapter 2, Discipline and Remorse in The Great Tree: Soft and Subtle Wind . She was horrified to see that Hob's injury to his eye would never heal. The spiderwebbed scar on his face is a constant reminder to her that her fury in the situation caused this. Trying repeatedly to heal his scars, though Hob will tell her in equal measure that he deserves it for speaking down to her in the heat of the moment. She has never accepted that, refusing to allow Hob to live disfigured like so, if she can do anything about it.

Mental Trauma

During her ceremony, she had delved deep into a realm that had been long forgotten. In Chapter 9, Dreams Unending in The Great Tree: Soft and Subtle Wind , she Dream Strided. Meaning she was able to cross the branches of The Great Tree without the use of Wayfare Magic, being able to do so under divine invocation. She lived a few hundred lives during her ritual, while only being a few days for her body and the rest of the Clan, her mind did not fare so kindly. The horrors she witnessed, Bhal being seen as a violent and malicious party, antithetical to her vision of him.
She witnessed strange gods and absent worlds. Versions of reality that zero-summed into existence, caused her to develop a certain anxiety. Also a direct cause to her PTSD, she continuously sees one of the nameless deities follow her around in the waking world. Though her mind processes this corpse of a woman as a threat, her soul contradicts her. She potently feels her soul being pulled closer to this corpse women, causing her to wake screaming in the night when she appears in her dreams.
Unable to control her magic during these episodes, frequently freezing parts of the caves where the goblins live. Her voice becomes able to pull at the minds of her own people, an ability unseen as their voices have this effect on non-goblins only, until now. It was unknown to the clan that this was possible. She is terrified to sleep as of late, as she fears she will do more damage in her dreams if she can't control what she is doing.
As a result, she is constantly sleep deprived. Though she is aware of this, trying not to let it affect her decisions, it invariably does. As of late, she has begun to feel an attachment to this corpse woman, as of Chapter 25: To See Our Progress in The Great Tree: Soft and Subtle Wind , the woman has appeared more normal to her. A young goblin women, though she sports a long sinuous tail with a tuft of fur at the end, Ilgor has started to appreciate this beings presence.
She fears in the end that if she can't figure out a way to dream peacefully, she will go berserk with her magic. Continually seeking help from The Sorcerer, and Caleb, as well as anyone willing to listen to her. No one knows who this woman is, only that she is a spirit that is attached to Ilgor somehow. Continuously seeing this woman as she sleeps and just as she wakes has been causing her quite a bit of duress. She can see the women talking at times, though she can never hear the words.
“Eye’s of the lamb, mouth of the wolf, how that breeze billows across your vast and beautiful soul.” I watched as I sat beside her, a small smile on her face as I held back her nightmare. A dream of doubt, though I would prefer her to. I was happy to see her rest soundly, happier I could grant her this again.         Her chest rose and fell, rose and fell, rose and fell, dreams of happier memories. Memories I brought back for her, when she was a child. Wonderlust, curiosity and adventure in her mind, I watched the memories with her. Playing with the other children, not a care in the world. No thoughts of doubt, no thoughts of responsibility, no thoughts of consequence, to be innocent again. -Perspective of the Corpse woman during one of Ilgor's fits with her nightmares. Chapter 18 A Lesson in Faith in The Great Tree: Soft and Subtle Wind

Intellectual Characteristics

She tends to learn through direct teaching, though she is much more comfortable simply watching and coming to her own conclusion. Very socially intelligent, simply being around anyone, allows her to appreciate the nuances of new cultures and ideas.

Personality Characteristics


Holding no illusion as to why the wider world views her people as such, she wants to change their minds of the opinions and discriminatory viewpoints they have. Their people do subsist off of raiding the travelers on the road, typically in violent fashion. She makes no attempt to tell anyone that they are not responsible for that, only that she is trying to get the goblins to cease that aspect of their culture.
After seeing the hypocrisy her family has followed for as long as their traditions remember, she wants to change what aspect of Bhal's words they follow. Seeing ambition as far more worthy to follow than the glory Yorm and older chiefs had tried to hunt after. Eventually seeking to someday become a real settlement in the eyes of the Kingdom Of Galus, worthy of being respected and cooperated with.

Likes & Dislikes

Ilgor enjoys time alone, despite being a social butterfly in the clan. She likes her time alone with her own thoughts, frequently venturing out into various parts of the territory to explore for her own enjoyment. This has led her to meet quite a few of the contacts she has outside of the clan. Caleb Shzym, The Sorcerer, Gjorn Fourth king of Dwarves, The Forgemaster, You Khamere, Sh'ril being a few of most notable standouts. Though she has begun making friends with a few of the regular citizens in the Outerfields of Glaion.
While she ventures out, she enjoys the quiet the Ancient Forest offers. Quite fond of the time it allows her to process anything going on in her mind, the serenity of it all gives her peace she wouldn't trade for anything. Though if she wants to really work through something, she seeks out the comfort of music. It doesn't matter to her whether it the birds singing, or the throaty croak of the frogs on a hazy summer night, to the taverns found in the city. As long as she has something to listen to, she likes the fact that ideas flow better in her mind.
Fond of Dwarven Drinking songs, as well as Shanties. She is also a fan of various new music coming out of Galus as the ForgeMaster reinvents new instruments to play. Electric guitars and acoustic string instruments are favorites of hers, though she will never get tired of hearing a piano somewhere off in the distance. In one excursion she took not long after become a Raid Leader, she was given the opportunity to sneak into Gables Great Barroom run by Salandrahth. Enjoying the life and vibrancy of the place, she listened for hours to the lounge Pianist. The jazzy notes and beats pleasing to her ears in a way she didn't quite understand, only that it gave goosebumps.
She cannot stand the feeling of cloth touching her ears though, the hood she wears while roaming the city is a particular evil she must endure. The hood she must wear for the ceremonies she performs in the Village however, she has cut slits into it where she can poke her ears out through. Describing the feeling as if someone is constantly squeezing her ears, when she can, she avoids it.
She relishes any chance she can get to cook with the family. Thoroughly enjoying the time spent with her people, she has a fondness for baking bread in the hearths that dot the cavern walls of their homes. The aroma of baking bread that fills the area, the sound of the crust as it is cut and served out. The soft warm feeling in her hands as she carries the food out to various members or the family.
Ilgor spends a good amount of time singing or humming to herself, loving the songs and prayers she remembers throughout her lifetime. Generally pleasant to be around, an ever present smile on her face, if asked she will sing to anyone.
As with all goblins, she has a fascination with the night sky. Spending hours just watching the sky turn as the stars make their slow journey from west to east. Thoroughly enjoying the shifting and twinkling lights as they pass through the innumerable nebulas that glow a kaleidoscope of colors. Her favorite constellation being the one she was born under, that only appears in the night sky in the first few days of spring. The Four Crowns constellation is generally hidden behind the Namixean Nebula cluster throughout most of the year, though they shift far enough from each other for the cluster of four stars to make their appearance.
While some would see it as a flaw, some would see it as a vice she holds. She views it as a hobby, she is fond of cigars and tobacco. After her excursion into the city in Chapter 3, Exploring New Horizons in The Great Tree: Soft and Subtle Wind , she took an interest in it due to how it smelled while being burned. One varietal of the crop she is very happy with is a strain known as Corojo. Its rich spicy smell never getting old to her. Though she learned very quickly that one should not inhale the smoke, she does enjoy the taste and ritualist aspect of the pastime.

Vices & Personality flaws

To say her anger is righteous hellfire would be putting it lightly. She will always find the moral high ground, and she is far more aggressive when angered. Violently so. While she tends to have the patience of a saint with just about anything and everyone, this doesn't extend to Yorm. She constantly argues with him in front of the entire family, in stark contrast to how Yorm and Kari operated. Many of their conversations are private.
While she tends to win many of these arguments, it does illustrate her irritation with Yorm. Often cornering him in his arguments, the family is happy that changes are being made, though they feel the way she is doing so pushes the line of disrespect to another member of the Family. The rest of the family not being happy with Yorm and his leadership, they still don't wish to see Ilgor and Yorm argue like this.

Personality Quirks

She has an odd way of smiling, so that you never really know if she is angry or not. This to the family just seems to be her resting face, the corners of her lips always tilted upward slightly. Though if she actually smiles at you, it reaches her eyes, a wholly different feeling to it. Despite her face not having changed much.


She spends an amount of time each day dealing with her duties to the children. SPending this time to braid their hair in their tradition, also taking this time to command the children to keep their hair free of grease and lice. She spends this same time doing the same to her own hair, taking a great amount of pride in the act. She avidly takes care to rid herself of split ends and keeping her hair soft with various scented oils. Enjoying the attention the clan gives her due to this, though she will never admit it. Smelling of cinnamon, lilac, and pine at nearly all times due to her cosmetic rituals.
"If only you knew the Wicked truth"
Current Status
Progressing the Clan toward a brighter future
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
Season of Life D.1
Circumstances of Birth
She was born under a cherished Constellation known as the Four Crowns during a New Moon
Skullbrood Village
Current Residence
Skullbrood Village
Purple, Large, wide
Long, Auburn hair slightly red and green at the roots, done up in a long pleated braid running down the back
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark green Skin, of a smooth complexation
Quotes & Catchphrases
"And for the fallen, we speak. For those we left behind, think not of abandon. We are here, we will stay, mountains move naught in the wind. The trees do not wither in the sunlight, nor does the shade hinder the grass below. To see again, for the fallen, we speak again.   Grant us, Father, another day."
"Tell me where you wanna go, you've got the gun in your hands, I know you've got plans. You should pull the hammer back. And show me where you wanna go.   -A song she had overheard while in the City"
"You can only see the stars on the darkest of nights now. If I must be surrounded by darkness to see the lights, grant me the ability to see clearly. Grant me the wish of a cloudless night. Grant me yet another day...   -The prayer she told herself the day after she awoke from her Ceremony"
Cult of Bhal The Forgotten Family
Known Languages
As with all of the Skullbrood, she is fluent in Elder Fae having learned to read and write it at a young age with her family as they were taught under Kari. Also fluent in Common as well as how to read and write it, after having met Caleb who took the time to teach her it. As at the time she was only able to speak it when they met. From Celeb she learned Caliphati to a small degree, the flowing script of the language she found enjoyable.
She is slowly picking up how to speak Dwarven and Gnomish as well, from all the eavesdropping she has done in the city. It is a rougher and more staccato variant of their Elder Fae roots.
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Author's Notes

If you'd like to hear what I think Ilgor sounds like. To be frankly honest, it's this singer.

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