Borealis Cat

Stalking all other mammals across the mountainous landscape of Orie Country, borealis cats rule the land. Seldom seen despite their large form, these evolved mountain lions can sense sources of magical energy in the form of water and dinner. In the hours of dusk and dawn, borealis cats may wail to the heavens sending a shiver down the spine of Ories in neighboring towns. On the night of the Crowning Comet and 10 nights following, the scream of borealis cats screeches across Orie Country).

Basic Information


Borealis cats are lean and muscular quadrupeds with muscles built for scaling trees and mountains. Their nails are hard as steel and capable of leaving claw marks in stone.   The Crowning Comet impacts the borealis cat's hormone level and induces the secretion of chemiluminescent oils in the pads of their paws. These oils appear green, blue, or purple. Once a borealis pup reaches adulthood, their oil color does not typically change. The phosphorescent glow of the mountain range after the Crowning Comet passes, gives the borealis cat its name.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Mainly hunting other animals, borealis cats do not typically consume humans. However, there have been attacks on some Orie villages when their livestock wanders too far away and a borealis cat picks up on its scent.   As a conductor of magic, water sources emit signatures that borealis cats can track from miles away. This ability is incredibly important for the survival of the species considering the limited amount of water on the Northern side of the mountain range.

Additional Information

Social Structure

These solitary creatures will occasionally travel in pairs. To mark their territory, borealis cats leave claw marks and scat.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Desperate Ories collect samples of glowing paw marks and scat to sell to the Orie Research Initiative center in Asmain @asma or trade with the healers of Scayrus for their rituals. Few Ories are willing to risk life and limb for the demand of these predators, especially if their scent can be traced back to their village by the borealis cat's partner.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Borealis cats reside in the Eastern and Western Mountain Ranges of Orie Country, but they can be found across Tarantellia at high altitudes. The average sign-post or territory is 75 miles squared.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As the Apex Predator of the Orie Mountain Range, borealis cats have incredible sight, hearing, and smell to aid in tracking their prey. Additionally, borealis cats can smell magic sources, which more often than not, leads them to water. Occasionally, it will lead them to a tasty meal.
Tarantellia by Biome
Created by Lauren Nelson (self) on OtherWorldMapper and originally posted on her DeviantArt page.
12 yrs
Average Weight
190 lbs
Average Length
10 ft
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Tan or gray fur with rock-like patterns
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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