Spirit Festival

The Spirit Festival is a week-long (9 days) event started by tarants residing in La Chiave a Croce in memory of the lives lost and wrecked by the Magic Implosion nearly a century ago.   Farmers try to complete their work by the morning before both of Tarantellia's moons have disappeared from the sky. To this end, everyone in La Chiave a Croce will aid in the harvest. Once completed, preparations for the Spirit's Feast can begin.  

Spirit's Feast - Day 1

After the harvest has been collected, the Spirit's Feast is laid across a series of tables. This feast is considered the souls' final meal before leaving this plane of existence. All souls have a place at this table from pauper to nobleman. Family members are typically kept together for ease of mind during the Funerary Rites ceremony; however, there is no rank in terms of seat location. All souls are equal.   While many cultures will light a path to aid the spirits to the other side, Croceans believe lights will keep the spirits tethered to this plane. As such, many Croceans will insist on dousing all lights an hour before the apex of night.  

Thinning Veil

Due to the proximity of the Realm of Whispers and Tarantellia, precautions are taken throughout the port-city to keep spirits at bay. Runes are carved on door and window frames, a pinch of salt is placed under the tongue before bed to prevent possession, and special herbs are burned in and around many Croceans' homes.

Funerary Rites and Mourning - Day 2

In the morning, priests, clerics, and high ranking paladins perform funerary rites at every table. Many Croceans will watch this dance of holy persons from different deities honor every spirit in their family.   This day and night cycle is typically kept in silent mourning. While speech is frowned upon, wailing in the streets is not. It is believed that these moans carry little pieces of the spirits leaving the bodies of their family members.  

Days 3-9

As the days continue to pass, the town becomes more alive again. More lights are left on in the evenings and the town dances in the streets. They dance to celebrate life, warm their bodies in the chilling weather, and feel alive again.   While magic is commonly utilized in this community, spirit oriented spell casters, oracles, and prophetic persons are often treated with excess caution. Many tarants fear a personal reading or commune with a spirit could open the gates to the spirit world even more and create chaos. It is important to note, however, that this fear lasts 18 days. As soon as the next full moon touches the night's sky, many people return to viewing these people with reverence.


Someone who lives in La Chiave a Croce.
On Tarantellia, a week consists of 9 days.
Magic Implosion
The catastrophic event where areas overflowing with magical energy destroyed land, property, and lives.

Map of Tarantellia

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Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson

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