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Asron, the Royal Captial

You should have seen the capital in its glory days; the streets were filled with people, and you find just about anything from across Ardania. But now the war has changed all that; its streets are in disrepair and are only home to the poor and downtrodden who struggle to survive daily with the imperial watching them. Argial Morris


Imperial Governorship: An imperial Governor that makes their home within a settlement has absolute control over it, and all things must go through them to ensure that their rule is not threatened and the empire's assets are protected.


Grand Wall: One of the strongest walls to defend the Whitemore Palace from intruders and invasion.   Elder Wall: One of the first walls to be built, dating back to the city's beginning. Within its walls lies the Whitemore Palace and Elder Town.   Middle Wall: the second wall to be built around the city equipped with traps and moats in case anyone gets through the Young Wall. With its walls lies Middle Town, the Tower of Chains, and the Luminar of Angelica.   Young Wall The outermost wall of the city that is heavily guarded and fortified to defend against any siege on the city. Young Town, the Hall of Sciences, and Festival Grounds are within its walls.

Industry & Trade

The city's main income is from trading and the many businesses that are found in the city that keep it afloat. Merchants come from all over to trade goods in the capital and return with whatever they can find in the city with what they sell.


Infrastructure varies across the city due to the age and resources put into them. The inner part of the city is far more developed, with sewers, stone roads, buildings, and other necessities for a good life. However, the new parts of the city do not have that luxury, with latrines and wooden planks for walkways being found in several of these places. Towers are found throughout the city and used for administrative duties to residencies, depending on how they were built.


Eldertown: As the name implies, Eldertown is the oldest part of the city, returning to its early days. Many families here have lived here for as long as they can remember, both rich and poor. But it is also a place of shops that carry goods from across the Ardania and beyond to sell to high-paying buyers.   Middle Town : The town in the middle of the city is filled with the middle class and some of the poor; here, people from every class work all day to earn their living. It is also home to many taverns for people to relax after a long day's work and enjoy some comforts.   Young Town: The last part of the city to be constructed and some of the most underdeveloped as some areas have not been fully built. This led to several slums being found here, often filled with newcomers to the city that failed to make a living here and ended up destitute.

Guilds and Factions

White Watch: The city guards that watch over all parts of the city, though those that survived the war now serve as the empire's enforcers to watch over the city and aid in removing any rebel elements found here.   Order of Sciences : A group that exists for the betterment of society through science and learning. They often offer their services to anyone in need of them.   Luminarium of the Exalted: The Luminaries of The Exalted lead the faithful towards salvation as they aid those in need.   Admistrate Magistratus: The bureaucratic backbone of the Vatian Empire as they ensure that all territories are under control and their resources are appropriately distributed to their assigned regions.


Center of a Kingdom

  With the official unification of the kingdoms Arda and Dania, the newly formed kingdom of Kingdom of Ardania united the south under one banner for the first time since the fall of The First Kingdom of Men. With this new vision, a new city would be made as the kingdom's new capital, and through it, Asron was built from the ground up. In time, it grew to be a place of culture and learning as people from all across Ardania came here to start new lives here, and so did House Kasval as they ruled over the city from the Whitemore Palace. All would know where the kingdom's real power would lie as the city rose from the powers given to it. From here, the city would change and expand as the kingdom grew in power as time passed, and the politics of the nobility would come into play.   The kingdom's politics are constantly at play here as the houses of the nobility. Namely, the Great Houses of Ardania has always had a hand in what transpired in the capital and the Game that was played there. A house could easily rise as it could fall from its current position if it did not take the competition seriously. Though only the Royals of Kasval were allowed to rule the city to ensure their power remained in their grasp, all were welcome to visit them. House that did come always had to present themselves before their King and Queen as a sign of respect and alter another competitor. However, this did not mean that they could own property in the capital with businesses under noble houses' control; some even had buildings made by them to gain influence and money. Much of the city was built by the Kasvals, with some of the most iconic ones standing to this day, but other nobles have also done so to make it what it looks like today.    

Under New Management

by Midjourney
Since the empire took the city during the war, it has become the new regional capital for the Province of Ardania. This has led to an increasing number of imperial soldiers around the city to secure it; there is another reason as well, Prince Argos, son of Emperor Tiberius has been made acting Imperial Governer to the newly formed province. He now makes his home inside the Whitmore Palace, and there he remains for most of his days, never leaving as the people he rules over suffer right outside his door. He has made things worse for the remaining people in the city by confiscating food and other resources for himself and his men. Those that speak against him are often made examples as they are executed and beaten in public, using fear to keep them in line as soldiers patrol the streets in search of dissidents. All of this is due to his belief that Ardanians are nothing more than mongrels that must be taught that Vatians is their new masters. But in all of this suffering, there is a sliver of hope as the Brotherhood of the Wood has managed to infiltrate the city with the Elusive Hands and the Guiding Crow creating support from the people to spy on the imperials in their backyard. All in the hopes of one day retaking the city with the people backing them when the time comes.


Very few people come here anymore since the war left much of it in ruins after the sacking of the city, those that remain are the people that cannot leave and those that come here are just as desperate.


Design differs as the oldest building are based on Ardan and Danian designs, with intricate patterns and pillars. The new buildings are a mix of many designs found throughout Ardania.


The city was built in the heart of the Crownlands on the banks of the Old Fork, which is a part of The Twins. Most of the land is open ground and fertile for farming, with a few hills and trees scattered about.
Founding Date
849 BCA
Alternative Name(s)
The Capital, the White City
Inhabitant Demonym
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

City of Many Cultures

by Midjourney
You know I have never met a northern before coming to the city; they're not like what people say back home - Eastern Ardanian
  Asron is where all Ardanians from across the land come to visit or make their home. Allowing for an exchange of culture between the many peoples that make up the South. This has allowed for a better understanding between them, allowing better understanding between fellow countrymen to ensure cooperation and friendship. Those who stay in the city have also changed it by applying their traditions and art to their homes and architecture.  

Place of Oppertunity

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All you need to do is give that piece behind the barracks then you will be paid for your efforts - Shady Man
  There are many places where one can find themselves in the capital, but those who look in the right place can change their lives forever. Positions and jobs can be given to those willing to do what they must to get into a place of power and comfort. Considering that most people will live a life of hardship and poverty for most of their lives, it is something that most people what to get out of. This can be said for noble houses that also wish to gain the king's favor and increase their power or through other means. Even ways that are not for honest men and the faint of heart to deal with.  

Places of Interest

  Whitemore Palace: The acting seat of power where the ruling government resides. It is filled with extravagant architecture and art that span centuries. The palace can house many of the city's residents with its many rooms, gardens, ballrooms, and other wonders found behind its walls.   Tower of Chains: A prison tower used to imprison criminals and political prisoners alike. Very few people have ever been able to escape the tower, with the worst criminals placed up at the top. It is also infamous for using torture to extra its confessions for speedy trials.   Luminar of Angelica: A Luminar built by Angelica the Pious to her devotion to The Exalted and spreading piety across that city. While not the largest or the most luxurious, its holy walls and decor show enough faith and humility in its walls to show the true meaning of faith.   Crown's Rest: A famous tavern known for its hospitality and being able to house hundreds of people at the time. All are welcome here; whether weary travelers or hungry guards can find a table here. Its food is of a much higher quality due to its connection to merchants that trade in the city and often does performances to entertain guests.   Festival Grounds: An open piece of land inside the city used for celebrations inside the city, mainly fairs, tourneys, and sports. The grounds are open all year round; anyone can use them if they can pay the fees. It is an excellent way to pass the time and enjoy life without thinking of hardships and struggles.   Hall of Sciences: A hall built in the pursuit of science with all who crave to learn and teach can do so freely. It is where alchemists, engineers, and many others take up apprenticeships to learn their craft and spread their services once they graduate. It also contains a library of many subjects written by many teachers and apprentices to store their knowledge to be used to advance studies for future generations.

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