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Emperor Tiberius Marcus Aurelius

Emperor Tiberius Marcus Aurelius (a.k.a. The Just, Tiberius X)

Though Tiberius' rule was not the greatest that anyone had ever seen in the empire, he still had the will to ensure that it did come down on itself. Imperial Advisor Garret Seventer

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Tiberius's health has deteriorated as the older he became and he is not the strong man he use to be since then. But his skill and reflexes have not to be affected in any way.

Body Features

Caucasian medium

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a green tunic with a shawl around it and green pants with leather shoes. Wears a gold medallion with the imperial seal and a belt to keep his pants up

Specialized Equipment

close quarters combat.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A Young Mind

  For as long as anyone could remember, Tiberius was a dreamer about the world around him. He was always thinking of what was possible and what could happen if someone was to put their mind to it. Through this, Tiberius excelled in his studies at a young age and sought to gain more knowledge. It originally came from loneliness as he was the second son of Cassius V, as his family paid more attention to his older brother Gaius who was next in line to the throne and ruled the Vatain Empire. Leaving himself to his own devices when his parents were not paying attention to him in hopes of finding purpose in his life. His mother, Sophina, who was also into any studies that interested her, greatly encouraged this. It led him to expand his skills as he became older, only to become isolated even more as Vatian culture had become more on militaristic ideals and traditions that had become outdated in the modern world. It led him to become at odds with his father on more than one occasion as he saw no use in books, considering he was a military man and wanted him to do something with his life. At one point, things got out of hand as his father began destroying his belongings, and in the struggle, he was knocked out by him in a fit of anger rendering him unconscious for over a week. Afterward, he became terrified of his father. He wanted nothing to do with him, often avoiding him as much as possible, only interacting with his brother and mother, who were still kind and understanding to him. He was good at hiding from him and knew the palace's secret passages after studying old documents about them.   He uncovered many things as he began to reach his teens and believed that his role was to be a scholar. Often going into deep conversations with anyone willing to talk to him, many questioned if he was a boy as he was more developed in his mind than anyone could believe. But he became disgusted with how the empire was being ruled by the corrupt and vain, with no real progress made as knowledge became nothing more than a sideshow attraction. It drove him to confront his father for the first time in years and ask for help in better understanding the politics of the empire to improve it from within. It would also allow him and his father to make amends with one another, seeing that his father was seeking forgiveness for his treatment. In the coming years, he would become greatly inept in politics and remarkably skilled at it. He often used it to his advantage to catch those using their positions of power for their self-gains. He impressed his father and would give him the Emissary of the Emperor's title to carry out the Emperor's will in his name. He also helped advise him and his brother on certain political matters and negotiations in the name of his house. However, he would also be sent from the capital of Vatia to travel to ensure that the empire's power did not waver.  

The Will of the Empire

  Tiberius would find himself traveling all across the empire to deal with public officials and the nobility to see that Tiberius carried out the will of the Emperor. He was to deal with matters of trade, security, and anything else necessary. It allowed him to understand better the state of the empire, which was not to his liking. Corruption and poverty were running more rampant than he could imagine and oppression of the native populations of their provinces seemed to be worse than ever before. Along with the overuse of slavery that helps lead many of its citizens to become unemployed. With his plan, he would use his power to improve the place he went in the empire than before, often using his assignment as his shield to protect him from the anger of those who lost these positions and profits. He would also travel beyond the empire and visit other nations to secure treaties and deals that would benefit it. Allowing him to better understand the world outside of the empire.   The fact that the empire was falling behind in progress significantly, and began to devise ways to advance it to meet with current powers. It led to later discovering the benefits of factories as they could produce large amounts of resources ever before. Still, they were few and outdated despite being around for roughly three centuries now due to many of the wealthy considering them too expensive to maintain. When bringing this up with his father, many things would change, and his insights were greatly commended. But something told him that the empire needed new resources to maintain its future industry, so he proposed a daring expedition into the untamed lands of the Continent of Norria.   The idea was considered mad because no one ever went there as it was dangerous and filled will savage Norrian tribes waging constant war. But with his wit and logic, he managed to get permission as the reward outweighed the risks. He would build his expeditionary force comprised of those he deemed competent and trustworthy for the journey and for native Norrians to know the land better. He would also bring a cohort of the 5th legion led by Lucian Armenius, a trusted friend of his brother. They would protect him after many months of exploring the continent and forged a friendship from their struggles. It was not easy for the Northern Expeditionary forces as the continent was not too kind to them. From harsh weather to raiders, they keep moving as quickly as possible. But all their struggles bore fruit as Tiberius was right as the land was rich in resources, and channels of negotiation were made with some of the tribes. With new trade routes opened, Tiberius and his companions would return home as heroes for the discoveries they had made. It would not be the most incredible twist to change his life forever.  

A Twist of Fate

  Shortly after his north trip, he would become happily married to his loving wife Cara and have a son named Leonidas Aleksander Aurelius, a few years later. But his life would change when being informed that his brother Gaius had been killed in a hunting accident and was now the sole heir to the throne as he had no children before his death. At first, it struck with grief before realizing that he would now rule the empire after his father's death. It was something that he never expected to happen to him. Still, he knows he had to carry on the responsibilities that came with being the Crown Prince and had shoes to fill, knowing that his brother was well-liked while he had made some enemies since his time as Emissary of the Emperor. From this point, he would use his power to cement his rule long before it began, as he gained many allies to aid him. One was an up-and-coming politician named Hadrian Marcanus that was making great strides in the Imperial Senate with the two becoming good friends with time.   Soon enough, though, his rule would come when his father finally passed and was crowned at thirty-five. He would use his influence to consolidate his power to ensure no one could undermine his rule, as politics often lead to how powerful an emperor could rule in the empire. Tiberius would be at the head of change in the empire as he began a series of reforms to better the livelihoods of its people and begin an increase in industrialization that improved the economy significantly. Along the way his second son Argos Antony Aurelius would be born. Tiberius spent little time with them as he continually ran the empire and maintained his influence over them.   Many years would pass, and it seemed that the empire was beginning to restore its former glory and had a bright future. However, the unthinkable would happen as Cara would die from complications in childbirth while delivering his daughter Jessara into the world. The sudden loss of his beloved wife would send him into a state of depression, and he would isolate himself from most around him. He would spend little time in his duties as Emperor and even more in politics. Causing dire effects as the nobles and politicians began to take power within the empire, with only Tiberius' allies ensuring that it was not a complete takeover.   This would go on for almost five years as all of his work seemed undone by those who wished to line their pockets rather than serve the people. But his life would change when he was met with a Dionian named Garret Seventer. He was a man who managed to get him back on his feet, gain power back once more, and punish all that stood against him. He would reward Garret by making him his advisor and begin gathering his allies to create a powerful triumvirate between him, Hadrian, now Consul of the Senate, and Lucian, an influential general and head of the 5th legion. Through them, the empire would change for the better, and they would crush all beneath them if they got in their way.    

An Unforeseen Disaster

  Almost two decades had passed since Tiberius regained control, and it was going quite well for him. The empire was in better shape since his father's rule, and he created many reforms on many different levels to improve it. The only real trouble was the War of the Crooked King, but all order was returned soon after. But old age had begun to take its toll on the aging Emperor as he became weary of the politics and wasn't as vigilant as he once was in keeping track of things. During this time, he would go on a yearly retreat out in the country with his family to spend time with them as he was somewhat absent from them due to his duties. He got along with most of his children, with Leonidas becoming a self-made man that took after him and Jessaraturing into a beautiful woman just like her mother as she came of age. Only Argos he had problems with as he became more arrogant and cruel as he grew older, which he believed was due to him being spoiled when he was younger. He often tried to straighten him out whenever he could in the hopes of turning out Leonidas, but he was still a work in progress. However, during one of these trips, he would find himself out of the loop of events that would see his years of maintaining order fall apart.   While enjoying his well-earned relaxation at his personal Villa, he would be interrupted by a frantic messenger sent by Garret to find him. It took him a few days to reach him due to how far it was from the capital, but when he finally read the message, he was completely shocked at the news received. Hadrian had suffered from a stroke and was bedridden, and the Senate, in his absence, had authorized a declaration of war on the Kingdom of Ardania, which as a trade partner and were on good terms with. Something that he never thought they would try to do behind his back. It was from this that he hurried back to the Vatia as soon as possible, and when he returned, he was lost in fury that he never thought he had. He first stormed the Senate Building and demanded answers on who was responsible for this outrage. Even killing a rotten Senator to get the message across and the revelation would make him pale at the answer. For the war to be declared, the Senate had to be in a majority vote, along with the approval of the Emperor himself with an imperial seal to verify it. The seal in question had been used to give the go-ahead and now the Imperial Legions were now mobilized. He quickly sent out messengers by bird and horse to recall them, but it was too late by then, and the invasion into Aradania had begun leading to what would be remembered as the War of the Raptors.   His hands were tied at this point, and all he could do now was see Hadrian see if he was still alive or not, and thankfully, he was. They both promised to find the perpetrators of this act and see them adequately punished for their treasonous actions. He would also send a message to Lucian about the situation and find out if the military was responsible in any way. While the war in Ardania progressed, Tiberius would have his way from within, and with assistance from the triumvirate and Garret, they would find those responsible and pay dearly for their greed. The greatest of the traitor would be none other than his son, Argos, who stole the seal. His reason was that the empire needed to expand and spread its influence to the backwater Ardania, considering it was still weak since Roderick's Rebellion it was a perfect opportunity to exploit. Tiberius just beat the manchild and had him thrown into a cell and would punish him later. He knew that Argos was manipulated into doing this as he did not have the spine to go behind his back and concluded that the senators supported the war and had him join in their scheme. But now, all could do was see how this invasion went as suing for peace was not an option, and to have the legions fall back would only cause too much trouble, and the empire could not afford to look weak, or rebellions could pop up.  

Dealing with the Aftermath

  He would get the war's outcome four years later with the kingdom falling under imperial rule, but the causalities inflicted were no laughing matter. What was worth was that the Imperious Oculus had plundered, and sensitive information had fallen into enemy hands, leading to the devastating defeat at the Battle of the Dark Forest. They led him to lose favor with them and recall many of its agents to reform and rebuild the network. The worst was that the royal of House Kasval were all killed when he wanted them alive to at least sign a treaty to turn the former kingdom into a vassal state to till it could full become a province. Their deaths made it impossible as the people would only rebel the first chance they got. Now peace had to be achieved through military forces occupying the region and forcing the remaining nobility to pledge loyalty to the empire in the hopes of them aiding in enforcing order over the war-torn land.   As for at home, the loss of so many imperial began to show as rebels across provinces started to fight against the weakened imperial forces in the region. It was causing a need to replenish the ranks and find officers to defend the empire from collapsing. The political situation was not good either. Despite ridding of many corrupt officials that caused the war, more have begun to show up as it is always challenging to get rid of roaches. His resources were spread thin, and the number of people also ensured that this did not end in disaster. His first order of business was having someone competent to rule Ardania as governor. He would have asked Leonidas to do the job, but he proved too valuable to send away as he had established himself as a skilled Legatus in the war despite being fully against him getting involved. Forcing himself to choose Argos as he knew he was proficient in administration duties and hoped he would remain loyal after spending his time trapped in a cell as punishment for his crimes. He also hoped that it would change him to become a proper prince just like his brother, and the last thing he wanted was to stay in the empire and be under constant supervision.   In the last four years since the war ended, the old Emperor has been finally making progress in restoring the empire as most of the rebellions have been put down, and his grip on the politics has become strong thanks to his allies ensuring that corruption did not spread any more than it should. But out of all this, the south has been more recently than it should be, with word of the Hyperion League being more active in the Hyperia and mounting unrest in Ardania. The region had become much worse since the conflict as famine and disease were found everywhere, leading to more rebels popping up just about everywhere. Worse, many of these rebels are far more clever than anticipated and have been causing significant damage to the legions stationed there. All the while, Argos seemed to have no grasp on the situation and had been empowering himself rather than improving the problem with no one to keep him in line. At this moment, Tiberous has decided to put matters into his own hands as he prepares to finally send a plan to crush all opposition and reassert dominance over the Western Lands in the name of the empire that he rules.



Wealth & Financial state

Since he is the emperor of the Vatian Empire he has access to the imperial treasury, but he rarely spends it. Often using investments from trade deals he made years ago to use at his own expense.
Current Status
Ruling the empire
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Duke of Delmor
  • Lord of Selen
Year of Birth
1470 CA 62 Years old
Current Residence
Palace of Lux Aeterna
Short thin white hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
Let us not rule with strength and fear but with tolerance and compassion.
Men who prey upon the weak are not men but cowards who would run away from a proper fight.
Nothing is more disloyal than a man seeking to benefit himself solely rather than others.
Aligned Organization


  • Bringing reform to the empire, in economically and militarily
  • Improving the chances of the citizenry to have better lives


  • Failing to properly raise his sons
  • Unable to rule properly anymore
  • Being in a state of depression for years
  • Failed to stop the War of the Raptors  


    • Emissary of the Emperor
    • Imperial Advisor
    • Commander of the Northern Expeditionary Force
    • Emperor of the Vatian Empire


    • Warfare
    • Astronomy
    • Alchemy
    • Politics
    • Swordsmanship
    • History

    Mental Trauma

      For a long time, he was greatly affected by the death of his wife Cara, and he isolated himself from his family and his duties in running the empire. Still, he eventually managed to come out of his grief, but his late wife's thoughts often returned to him from time to time.  

    Intellectual Characteristics

    • Linguistic
    • Philosopher
    • Determined
    • Encouraging

    Morality & Philosophy

      Tiberius wants to bring the empire out of its outdated ways to bring prosperity to the people under it. To cut the spending on war and put the money to better use by improving living standards and trade to bring prosperity, believing that all should be able to live in the empire as citizens and remove old xenophobic hatred and bring them into the fold. Along with ending the corruption that has plagued the empire for so long.  


    • Never resulting to violence first
    • Never giving up on a goal
    • Never underestimating a opponent
    • Making others earn their merits


      He wants to make the empire a nation that was built for the welfare and prosperity of the people instead of being a militarized state that presses all in its path. To rebuild the empire from the ground up and see it become something greater and remove the corruption that plagues it.  

    Religious Views

      He is a faithful follower of the Exalted but is tolerable of other faith of the empire often trying to let their followers worship without the empire trying to get involved. Believing that they will convert in their own time or the people will learn to coexist with it.  


      Leonidas Aurelius - Son   Argos Aulreius - Son   Jessara Aurelius - Daughter   Lucius Arminius - Friend   Hadrian Marcanus - Friend  


      Vasili   Dionese   Dranoci   Tongue of Tides   Norrian   Muhemian


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