An unusual and clever people, the Dionians are the master engineering and sciences that help shape much of civilization. You can always tel them apart as well since they all the silvery grey eyes they claim came from their god. Just give them a few raw materials and they can create things that no one can ever dream of. But thats the problem with them, for they are dreamers instead of fighters and always relied on others to fighter them in exchange for their technology. Some even live in other lands to live and peace and go their research, with only logic and knowledge seeming to be their only concerns. What homeland they once had is long gone now with many living as nomads in caravans with only the roads to guide them across the west. Often trying to find work and make some money to keep the caravan moving.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Salvia, Alberta, Monica, Minerva, Minda, Sophia, Abbey, Belle

Masculine names

Hugo, Reginald, Conrad, Nester, Mika, Rainier, Redmond, Cassidy,

Family names

Maillard, Saintirelli, Gairiou, Polivau, Ramtal, Brogner, Abochade, Larmamtal


Major language groups and dialects


Culture and cultural heritage

The Dionians are said to descended from the god known as Dion who granted them his knowledge by drinking his blood and in doin so gain their silvery gray eyes. They where given the task of helping the world with the knowledge granted to them and to continue doing so until prosperity is achieved.

Shared customary codes and values

They often act like stoics since emotion is the enemy of logic and can leave to violence. Pacifism is also apart of their culture violence has no benefits whats so ever. They even go to certain lengths to stop it before it even happens. Enlightening and helping others is also apart of their customs since it can help better the lives of those less fortunate. The pursuit of knowledge is never ending to them since they want learn everything they can in order to bring further prosperity the civilization.

Average technological level

Though often living in only wagons the Dionians often have access to scientific equipment and other tools that very few have access to. By using them they able to make achievements to be able to better the lives of all around. With some of their ideas being used by many of cultures to this day.

Common Etiquette rules

The common greeting for a Dionian is just a firm and shake and saying "May you find peace in enlightenment." as a sign of good will. Organization is highly valued to a lengthened degree from research equipment to dining wear, a mess is often chaotic and disrespectful to them. When in conversation, one should never interrupt someone until they are done talking. Time is very important to them and they must always been on time in order to have an efficient day. Once a task has been given out they will not stop until it is completed.

Common Dress code

Clothing is a mix in between robes and leather clothing. The robe represents their intellectually, while the leathers is suppose to grant them some safety when repairing or experimenting with something. Gloves are also often warn since sanitations is often required when dealing with some experiments or dealing with the sick. This goes with women as well since often do research of their own, but they wear shawls instead of robes to be identified as women.

Art & Architecture

Art has never been apart of their culture and rather have their creation more efficient and dull instead of ineffective and flashy. With buildings being plan and simple and wagons fas and officant. Most their creation can be seen in settlements, such the aqueduct, blast furnace, and telescope. The only art they do make is often shapes and symbols with mathematical patterns in them.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

  • Debates
  • Star gazing
  • Experimentation
  • Helping the needy
  • The Festival of the Stars
  • The Competition of Knowledge

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When children are born they are quick cleaned and sanitized in order to keep ideas away. After that they are given medicines and treatment in order to help the Child's survival rate to increase. Once that is done they returned back to the mother and return several days later and are told the Texts of Dion to of to officially accept them in their society. After that the child will be given a book and a quill to write their future research in when they reach adulthood.

Coming of Age Rites

All Dionian children must leave their homes at the age of sixteen to take part in the Journey of Knowledge, Were they must travel the land in order to obtain knowledge and wisdom in order to better help them understand the conditions of the world and help other prosper along the way. It also helps them in what type of research that they would like to work on when they finally return home, with a book written with all they have learned while they were traveling. This can take sometime with some a few months and others a few years before returning home. When they return and present the book to their leaders and if they agree with it they given their official mark of adulthood, with men being given robes and women shawls. They then got to work right away with their research after they find the right tools to do so.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Death is often considered a great loss to thought who are taken by it. Dions often greave with the loss of one of their own since a great mind has been lost in the process and ir never be able to be used again. The dead are covered with a cloth this covered with a flammable material and is left on the ground. Speeches are given out by those who new the deceased which are often about their achievement and dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. The body is then burned and the people move on with their duties since they have no time to morn too long.

Common Taboos

  • Messes
  • Violence
  • Lying
  • lust for power
  • Taking advantage of others
  • letting emotions take control


Beauty Ideals

Intelligence is all that matters to a Dionian, it does not matter what form it takes. They prefer to have short hair at a certain length to have some semblance civilization to them, without looking like barbarians while traveling from place to place.

Gender Ideals

Due to their nomadic lifestyle Bothe genders much pitch in in order to maintain the caravan weather is to find food or replace broken materials.But but men have more responsibility by bringing home money when in the cities to trade and find work. While women often are the ones in charge of making sure that everything is working properly in the caravan while the men are away. Both have roles in leadership as well since the wisest and the smartest are often chosen to lead a caravan.

Courtship Ideals

Every Dionian knows that they must have children in order to keep their people alive, they often do it out of necessity rather than love. But they at least try to show some emotion to their potential mate have it run smoothly. Surprisingly they are actually quite good poets in a logical sense of view, that often leave tears for all who listen to it. While other just make something for them as gift for their future companionship. like a music box or a book on something that they might be researching to get their attention. Then their s just the direct method and just tell them how they fell, exposing weakness to them as an act of humility which very few do. If they accept the proposal they often just intertwining hands since materialistic items such as rings have no meaning to a relationship.

Relationship Ideals

The basis of a Dionian marriage is that of supporting one another when they need it the most. But they also give space to one another when they need it the most. Often leaving to their own devices for long periods of time if they are working on research or a project they are working on. As for teaching children, they often try to do it together to help be supportive for them and spend some time together. Both do what they must to take care of the family with the husband working and the wife making sure that everything is in order and discipline is achieved in the home. But when they are alone together they often just talk about their research or philosophy. Sexual interaction is only done when necessary.

Major organizations

  • Alchemist Assoiation
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken


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