Palace of Lux Aeterna

Out of all the wonders in Vatia that were ever built nothing is more majestic than the Imperial Palace. For its beauty and design represent all the achievements that the empire has ever accomplished. - Imperial Senator

Purpose / Function

The Palace was created to be the home of House Aurelius when they finally became royalty. Allowing them to be protected and to show off their power.


Every few centuries a new section is built onto the palace as the empire's power grew. Filling it with many more things that were valuable may it be trophies of fallen enemies or exotic items from across the world. You could find just about everything that has been obtained by the empire whether it was acquired or taken.   A separate build was built near the palace called the Villa of Gardens, it acts as a retreat from the politics of the empire. Where many gardens and statutes cover it. Here royals are left in peace and no one else may enter unless otherwise. It is made to be relaxing and peaceful where all worries on the mind fade away.   There were sub levels built as well to keep things away from the light and kept in the dark. Such as the Imperial Vault which is said to contain all the riches that the empire has to offer. Along with the Dungeon of Shadows that keep only the most dangerous threats to the empire. Which are said to have no light in them and traps all who are imprisoned in them in endless darkness.   The walls that surround the palace have also been rebuilt several times over with their current height at a hundred feet. May it be paranoia of watchful eyes or the fear that the city might be breached one day, no it getting over that wall. You would have to climb with your bare hands or climbing equipment, but you will most likely fall off of it and plummet to you're death. For no ladder nor rope is long enough to reach the top of such a looming giant.


Building Material

  Stone and Marble were used in their design making it both decorative and sturdy, each part of it was specifically designed to support the building long after the wooden beams that held it up rotted away. Even when cracks could be seen on the stone concrete was put on them to make it stronger than it was before.  


  You can find many things in this place as statues and banners are seen outside with the pathways paved with stone and marble. Marble columns can be seen all around the palace that supports it. The inside is even greater as it is full of tapestry, sculpture, and paintings to name some of them. Many of them are centuries only as reminders of old glories from long ago. Much of it is of Vatian origin, though some of it is of other cultures, often they were either gift or trophies that the empire had taken as they conquered them.


Large Walls: The Imperial Gates have always have been known for their size and their strength to hold back invaders if Vatia's walls had even been breached. It is often impossible for anyone to even get over them as they are taller than any ladder or siege tower that can get over them.   Defense Towers: A series of defense towers have been built around the walls each holding siege defense from Vatian Scorpions to murder holes to make any whoever tried to attack would suffer dearly for it. Making all the more reason that very few have tried to do so from sneaking in or attacking with force in its history.


Glorious Creation

  It was with the early years of the Kingdom of Vatia that House Aurelius would begin the ambitious construction of their palace as they did not have a place of their own. Thousands of Slaves were used in the building of this massive structure and thousands would be buried under it as their grave. But in time a magnificent place was created that all would gaze with astonishment. No expense was held back at this wonder as the best builders and architects in all the kingdom were used to complete the task. Here all members of House Aurelius would live here and rule from their high thrones surrounded by the most elegant craftsmanship and best security for their protection. Just to be inside of it was considered to be an honor as people would think they were sent to a completely different world full of many wonders. When the kingdom turns into an empire it was renovated and more sections were built on it over time.


Those who often find themselves here as guests and visiting statesmen that come to visit the Emperor or enjoy one of the parties that take place here. Of course for those who wish to explore the place often will find themselves lost as the palace is so big that you will lose yourself in there easily.
Founding Date
1590 BCA
Alternative Names
Imperial Palace
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

Den of Vipers

  Though it is a wonderful place to be in it is all the same dangerous, as well as the imperial court, is stationed here. Here all the major leaders and nobles spend their days dealing with problems. All the while plotting behind each other's backs to gain power for themselves. Behind every word spoken and every smile were a pair of eyes that were like daggers waiting to take advantage of the smallest mistake an opponent made. No one is safe as long as they were behind these walls as they were in the heart of the empire and no one could escape it as long as they were in there. Making it all the more reason to tread likely and be wary of watchful eyes and inquisitive ears when you are in there.  

Hidden Secerts

  House Aurelius is the most powerful family in all the empire and the palace is their dominion to all entering it. Meaning that you have to play by their rules if you want to stay in their good graces. They also know every stone in the palace, meaning they know things that most people wouldn't even know about. Like the hidden passage that is built into it that can take you everywhere in the castle or the private Imperial Library which has knowledge that can't be found anywhere else. Who knows what other things may be hiding in plain sight in there that only a few know about. But it's best not to go snooping around as people have been known to disappear without a trace when they do.  

Center of Power

  While many see the Chambers of Law as the power of the empire, Lux Aeterna is still the heart of the empire and the imperial family. Along with its many chambers that hold all the wealth and power that is needed to rule the empire. As in its walls, it has several different areas of importance. Such as the Imperial Treasury that funds many things across the empire, the Archive of Sacred Records, a library that contains knowledge that that has long since been lost to the ages, the Imperial Relic Vaults, a series of vaults containing countless treasures and artifacts that have been acquired over time and Imperial Ash Tomb that hold all the past emperors. This has allowed House Aurelius to maintain its influence for centuries and become unopposed with the fear of being overthrown.

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