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Dead End


  • 30% @[Ferosians](ethnicity:13d60910-902d-4f3a-a13f- 0173526b61fd)
  20% Trents   50% Hyperion Hyperion


pubic officials don't collect taxes in the slum, not even the guards go down there. The only law that in the slums are the gangs that control the streets.


Gangs of fortify their bases and businesses in case someone has the balls to pick a fight. Some even set up barricades with check point in entrance of their territory to make sure the right people get in and no that shouldn’t doesn’t.

Industry & Trade

Smuggling and drugs are the true kings slums. Smugglers can easily get into the slums via sewers to avoid guards from noticing their merchandise. With the most notable drug Slick being brought in on a monthly basis. There are other drug of course like Smack Jack and Stiff Riff, but their not as popular as they use to be anymore. Of course their are other thing that are smuggle in as well, such as weapons, illegal items, and at time people that don't want to be seen.


The streets are dirty and covered in garbage, much of the stone roads have been uprooted for other uses and Their are only a few wells for water,


Weapons and drugs are what keep the slums happy. Along with currupt guards on the pay role of the gangs.

Guilds and Factions


There are seven gangs that rule the streets of the slums with each playing by their rules and showing their atuthority over those who live on their turf.
  • Black Vipers
  • Oak Men
  • Grey Foxes
  • Scarlet Band
  • Freemen Brotherhood
  • Sea Devils
  • Untamed Wolves

Criminal Enterprises

The groups that distribute to goods across the slums and it the city.  
  • The Antoli Syndicate
  • The Fingers
  • Rat Association


The slums weren't always slums, back when the last expansion of the city was made it use to a nice place to live in for a century. But when the wars of the empire started displacing the native populations many of them went to find shelter in the capital. Many of them were force out of the city during this time, but due to revolts amassing region from refugees they were eventually let in and move into an area of the city away from the citizenry. Though things didn’t get easy for them, many were unable to find jobs and public services eventually stopped enter the area and went into disrepair creating the slums. It got the name Dead End since very few ever make out of the slums to find a better life. Then the gangs started to form and crime became the only thing to food on the table to the point that they started to spread across the city into of territories of citizenry gangs. Which ended in full scale wars in the very streets of the capital. This would only be known as the Vatia turf wars which lasted for months at a time. The guards were out numbered by the all the gangs as well. Once it got out of hand, the military was sent in to deal with the gangs and ended with thousands dead and parts of the city in ruins. A deal was made with the city guards and the gangs of slums soon after to keep this from happening again. They stay out of the slums and the gangs would stick to the slums and go on with their business. This caused the situation to become worse in the slums as drugs and gangs became unopposed in the slums and it has be like this ever since.


Much of the buildings that were once stone and marble are now in disrepair and in ruins. With many of the replaced with wood to make in more suitable to live in. In is also a filthy place at that with rodents and garbage every were. Most buildings are often cover in gang graffiti as warnings or to show what belongs to who.
Alternative Name(s)
The Slums, the Ends
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