Can’t get enough until you drop dead

Slick is what you call a highly dangerous substance is both addicting and lethal at the same time. It hails from the Isles of Refuge with someone having the idea using plants and venom to make you high. It got the name slick due to slick substance that it came to be after it was finally processed.This of course became hugely successful due to the fact that the isles was a place for criminal and the desperate. The drug just helped them relax a little. You don't actually drink the stuff since is still venom and will kill you if it ingested. The way you use it is to just cut yourself and place it on the wound and then that when it take hold. Then there are the drawback to it, putting venom on an open wound can cause the skin around the wound to lose color and cause nerve damage in the process, This is simple known as the Shakes since the nerves no longer regulate heat to that area of the body no longer and the longer its used the harder it is to stay warm and control you body properly. Leaving in a paralyzed state either dying from hyperthermia or your organs failing on you. This consider a smuggler's favorite type of drug since its cheaply made easy to smuggle from place to place due to the size of the bottle it comes in. After a while it managed to get to most of the realms of men and thousands became addicted to it. To the point the point that some governments had to cut off the hands of addicts to be made example of so no one else would try to get hooked to the stuff. But it is still being used use even to this day.

Manufacturing process

The process is actual easy, first you have to extract the venom from the salamander using needles, then you have to put the venom in a pot and boil it to at least three hundred degrees. While that is happening you have to ground the high flower until it is powder. Then the powder has to be thrown into the venom and mixed with a stirring rod several time. The mixture then has to cool down for an entire day until it is ready to be put in vials to shake and rotated several times, it is officially done after that.


Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
Base Price
20 silver crowns
Raw materials & Components
It’s made from two materials thet are found on the Isles of Refuge Redo salamander venom and High flower.
Mortar and pestle, vials, extraction needles, stirring rod, jars.


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