Imperial Academy

Purpose / Function

The original use of the academy was to train spell casters into honing their skills and being able to control them with harming themselves or others. It also acted as a safe haven for them as well from those who wished to harm them. The academy would be like this all through out Alexander Aurelius's reign and some time after his death as well. The academy became a military institute for future soldiers of the empire, enabling young men in the capital to easily train without going far distances and cut costs of travel. This also gave the idea of some spell casters that they could join the military. This was encouraged and many soon joined. Then a few centuries later the sciences would be allowed into the academy and Alchemists would be allowed as well.


The academy has considerably changed in the past few centuries with it expanding over time and now it is used as a military academy and for those who wish to study the sciences as well.


Most of the buildings that are apart of the academy are based off of Vatian architecture. With most of it being make of marble and stone. Along with sculptures and engraved pictures of animals and figures. But as time went on as the academy kept growing some of the inhabitants of the academy, such as the spellcasters living their had some the newer building with architecture of their homelands. Though there was some tensions with the authorities, they soon let it slide in order to not raise tension with the spellcasters and thought it would make them more comfortable as if they were at home.


Founded on Hope

  The academy was first built in 674 CA after the conclusion of the 3rd Vatian Civil War. Created by emperor Alexander Aurelius, the Mage Emperor in order to help end the persecution of those born with magic and allow them to become a part of empire. It would also allow better understanding of magic to population since most knowledge of magic was often base off of gossip and superstition. This would take time as the first few years of the academy's opening students were often harassed by inhabitants of the city and assaulted with a few of them murdered in some cases. In order to combat this Alexander, removed the Imperial Guard from the Imperial Palace to protect the academy from harm. This worked expertly well since they were only loyal to him and they would not go against his order like an average soldier would. They were quite affective when it came to keeping the peace and any further incidences would be stopped before they became out of hand. But eventual people soon saw that not all magic was and started to accept them. The students that studied in the academy would be able to properly control their magic and would be on their way once they graduated, with some becoming teachers themselves. This would be a prosperous time fro the academy since the politicians and nobles were unable to interfere in the matters of the academy as Alexander was the only thing standing in their way. But after he died everything would change over a century and a half later.    

The Grand Allusion

The Imperial Senate would change that along with his great grandson, Laius 2nd as a mens to keep better control of the academy and have access to spell casters in the imperial military. There for the academy became a military academy for future soldiers of the empire, enabling young men in the capital to easily train without going far distances and cut costs of travel. Allowing more restraints on what was said within its wall and brainwashed students with propaganda and promises for a better life in the empire. Many spell caster would join the military and be used in all corner of the empire. Though this seemed bad a first, it actually made them popular in the army and many grew to respect them and their abilities. The government even used propaganda to make them look like heroes for their heroic service for the empire. But all of this to make an invisible cage to ensnare them into obedience, since they did want them independent to be actual a threat to the empire. It surprisingly made a good place to trained future Legionaries as well since it could hold thousands of cadets alone and the facilities made training much effective them in a uncontrollable environment. Making one of the best military schools in the empire. But their were a few problems with this greed and zealotry soon got out of hand, with some of the military allowing some spell casters to practice dark magic for more effective results on the battlefield. But this caused some of the students to turn on them and leading to an incident know as the west wing skirmish, leaving many dead on both side and some dark magic users escaping and forming dark magic groups that send terror throughout the empire. Creating the Warlock rebellion in the process and would be defeated and those who survived would fell to Norria and form the Warlock lords afterwards. This was of course covered up to keep the masses from going agents the government. But there are still those who go against the empire's policies in the academy to this day. Then Alchemists were later allowed to join the academy as another way to implant empire supporter into the Alchimist’s Assosiation since they often were against the empire for many centuries. Allowing them to have more access to the association's rarer resources in the process.  


  The Academy is still being operated by the empire from the shadows as it always been. But it also has become one of the most successful center of learning in the world both academy and military. Along with have the largest library on the continent as well in both science and magic. Still their are many in the academy that wish to remove the policies of the empire to have a more independent school to teach what they want to its student rather the government propaganda. Though they are often ignored and daily life continues as it has been since then.
Alternative Names
Imperial College
College / Academy
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