Imperial Ash Tomb

You will find every ruler both Rex and Emperor that ever lived down in that tomb, but never a body to be found as their ashes only remain all keep secure and protected to either honor or disdain them for all time - Imperial Tomb Keeper

Purpose / Function

The Tomb is was created to honor and commemorate all the Rexes and Emperors that ruled over the Vatian Empire in its long history. Whether they were great or terrible they still ruled nonetheless.


Over the centuries the tomb has been expanded and modified to add more space to the number of emperors that would be buried here.


Much of the design of the tomb is ancient as it is based on ancient Vatian design long before the empire during the time of the old kingdom era. Though much of it has faded with its elaborate paintings and carvings they remain. But new additions to the Tomb are covered with imperial designs and improved masonry. Along with better supports to keep it from collapsing after several millennia of wear and tear.


While the newer parts of the tomb are undefended, the older parts of it are said to be covered in traps to ensure that no one tries to steal any one of the treasures that are buried with the ashes.


Legacy of Rulers

  The Ash Tomb was never meant to be created as a crypt for the royalty of the House Aurelius. As like many before them, their bodies were burned and their ashes were scattered to the wind. But when the first Rex, Demos Aurelius passed on, his son Marcus wanted to honor his father for all time along with all those after him. It was here that the crypt was first built, it was rushed and somewhat crude to ensure that Demos' ashes would be placed in them as soon as possible, but it worked all the same. In time the crypt became larger and better designed as time progressed and every ruler that was ever on the throne was placed here no matter how their rule was or what deed they committed. Showing that they all know that nothing mattered after death, but they could leave their mark all the same. But to a royal, this is their family's legacy and a source of power to remind all in the empire how far their influence stretched back.  

Secrets of the Tomb

  There are said to be many secrets that were buried within the imperial tomb often by its rulers. These secrets are something that very few people know about with even for those of the Imperial Family themselves. But many believe that the imperial tomb keepers are the ones who know more than they are letting on as they are the keepers of the dead in the tomb. Meaning that they would know things that only the dead know now as they were the ones who carry out their final wishes. But they will be sworn to secrecy by the oaths and duties that they have sworn to uphold the wishes of the deceased. Not even under interrogation or torture will they give away what they know as all of their accumulated knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. Often with the Prime Tomb Keeper holding all the knowledge that is hidden away in the tomb and the secrets it may hold. Though the rumors that surrounded the place such as secret passages and hidden treasure and documents are often a good conversation to hold, but a just rumors and just that unless someone finds out for themselves.


The tomb is considered off-limits say for a select few often being those of House Aurelius that may visit the tombs of their ancestors and honor them.
Alternative Names
Tomb of Emperors, The Ash Tomb
Owning Organization

Designating the Dead

  Most people might it's that when someone of great importance dies such as an emperor they are given a great send-off and are buried with extravagance. That is not the case with Vatians as they do not believe in burying their dead, rather they just burn and cremate them instead often with just a funeral made for them to remember them by and what they look like. It is the reason that's called the ash tomb in the first place as there is nothing but urns full of ashes of the deceased. But the deceased are often categorized into certain groups to a passed on their rulership when they were alive. Often revolving around what type of burial mask they have is placed above their urns such as beeswax, gold, and black iron.   Beeswax: A standard type of material used in creating burial masks in Vatian culture, once highly expensive to produce it is now more common to produce with the vast resources that empire has access to. Masks such as this are used for average emperors and empresses that rule with no great deeds that were committed by making them average in their history.   Gold: As Gold is one of the most valuable resources to have it should only be given to the greatest rulers that were ever graced to rule over the empire. The Golden Emperors have had a great influence and benefited that empire to allow it to become the power it is today. Leaving a legacy that will never be forgotten any time soon.   Black Iron: A material that is considered an ill omen to those who make it, Black Iron has become the material used for the emperors that caused turmoil and destruction within the empire. There was nothing glorious about the infamous Black Emperors and many would see them forgotten. But in doing so would only lead for history to repeat itself and they are still begrudgingly allowed to be buried amongst their own.

Cover image: Crypt by Mateusz Michalski


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