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The chains that bind are the hardest to break



Enslaved and is healthy

Career Progression

Some can rise up to become a house hold slave and live a more comfortable life.

Payment & Reimbursement


Other Benefits




In order to due tasks that are not mean't for free people.

Social Status

Slaves aren't even considered people anymore and are treat harshly because of it.


Twenty five percent of the entire worlds population is said to be made up of slaves.


Slavery has been around as long as their has been civilization, with most of it in the lands of Humanity. With a few exceptions when it comes to the Black Plains. As there was a need for labor that exceed the amount of people that need to be hired and paid, slaves were used to increase the work at the expense of their lives. Many of these people were capture and put in change, along with many of their descendants that came after them would meet a life of pain and suffering. But after a few millennia these slaves would be sent to serve in households and shops and live more comfortable lives. Some were even forced to fight one another as Gladiators or as pleasure slaves to satisfy their master needs. But no matter how long it has lasted, slaves seem to be still needed in the current world no matter how much it has advances. It only seems that they are forever mean't to live and die in chains of the rest of their lives. But still their are still some who would stand up to their masters in order to gain their freedom. Slave revolts have been known to happen a lot through out the ages and it is still likely to happen in the modern age as well. But these tend to fall apart quickly with only a few lasting only for a few years. But once in a life time they do manage to gain their freedom. But for the rest of them the only true gods to them are the chains and the whip.



Chains to keep them from running away.  
  • Miners: pick axes


Depending on the job they are sold into.


A slave work place can be from mine to a lavished manor to serve food.

Provided Services

Only slaves that are owned by the wealthy can gain services such as doctors, food, and living quarter. The lowest of slave often are given nothing.

Dangers & Hazards

The slaves that are forced to work in the quarries, mines, fields and other dangerous places are are often the ones to have the highest mortality ratings. Making it one of the most hazardous job in the world. Then their are the cruel owners that often kill their slaves.
Forced Labour
It is a common way of life
Most of the world view as a common way of life in many different forms and very few place out law it. The largest slave populations are in ht Vatian Empire and the Jantani City States.
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