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Training for several years at a gladiator school.

Career Progression

Gladiator who earn a large reputation can earn the title of champion when they enter the Tournament of Champions

Payment & Reimbursement

Twenty imperial crowns per match if they win, ten if they lose. If a prisoner they gain their freedom if they win a hundred matches.

Other Benefits

Gladiator are always been part of the Vatian culture and are always the admired. Many earn more fame then even the most decorated soldier. Not to mention your sponsor pays for living expenses and you get a nice house to live in while you prepare for your next match. Servants and slaves to attend to your every need.Along with the fans that would try to sleep with you the first chance they get.



It is a form of entertainment to bring excitement to the people.

Social Status

Gladiators are considered celebrities with croweds flocking to them were ever they go.


Three percent of the empire’s population, which adds up to hundred thousand.


Gladiators were formed many centuries as a form of punishment for criminals. They would be sent into a area were they would fight to the death in groups or duels. This would also be done with prisoners of war as a way to show that all the empire’s enemies will submit one way or another. Along with Slaves that were a bit too defiant of their masters would have their blood spilled on the sands. But as time went on and it became more popular, people started to make it into a sport. Of course their were still criminals and war prisoners still being used but now men who would choose to do it freely and the people loved it. Their would be sponsors to pay for tours and parties that would make you feel like a king. Soon enough women were allowed to fight in the arena which made it even more exciting for the fans. Of course these matches would not be as lethal are their count parts since a gladiator is hard to replace if he's dead and lot of gold is put into them. Most of the matches use dull blades and such so no one doesn't get hurt too bad and actually a their is a referee in the arena to make sure that match ends if one of the gladiators is no longer able to fight or injured. Different types of gladiator be created to spice up the competition the most notable such as the Thraex which used a shield and sword, the Retiarius who used a net and a trident, and the Dimachaerus the duel wielding swordsmen are among the main types of gladiator. Most armor that they wear is traditional not for protection, it more for standing out and sex appeal since most gladiators have their skin exposed where it is usual suppose to be protected with armor. Even today everyone wants to see the people want to see them face off on the sands and bet on who will win first. But they make it more theatrical using criminals and war prisoners and force them to fight in large scale battles and making them fight creature the found all over the world. What ever the case is the gladiators will always be in high demand in the empire.



Armor, weapons


The arena with a large crowed is what a gladiator only needs.

Provided Services

A room to rest in, servants, trainers, personal black smith, parties, food, sponsor

Dangers & Hazards

Severe injury or death, but it is highly unlikely.
Alternative Names
Glory hounds
Gladiator exist far and wide across the empire
It is legal throughout the empire
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