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Hyperion League

I swear by all the gods and all my ancestors I will do everything in my power to free Hyperia from those imperial dogs if it means giving my life for my people. -Arianna Tideborn, Tide Bringer of the Hyperion League


The Hyperion League is not exactly one unified organization, rather a collective of different factions that make up it. With each leader of these groups being named a Tidal Keeper, as they are responsible for leading their people like the tides themselves. These leaders combined would make up the Council of Tides that work together to create better organization amongst themselves and better cooperation. But the strongest leader would be the head of the league and given the title of Tide Bringer, a title only given to those who will bring the tides of rebellion and freedom. Though these groups tend to work independently from one another as communication can be troublesome due to them being hunted constantly with one slip up could cause the complete collapse of the League.


What People Think of You

  The Hyperian League is considered an infamous group in the Hyperian Isle as they are considered one of the empire's most wanted groups. Since they have yet to be crushed by them and are still active in the region for over two centuries. This is considered strange as most underground rebellions are wiped out by the empire after an open conflict is done with them. In that time they have been committing acts of terrorism and several open rebellion since that time in an attempt to weaken the empire's control of the region. Making it all the more reason that they want to eradicate the league as soon a possible to restore order. The problem with this is that many of the Hyperions across the isles have their support in fighting the empire. Meaning that any civilian can be a potential member of the league and carrying out their violent acts. As for most of the natives of the Hyperia, they believe that the league can help free their homeland from the rule of a foreign power. Many of them join them or secretly support them in any way they can help. All to see that the oppressive rule of the empire is finished to one day be free as they once were. Though there are always those who are willing to collaborate with the empire to gain favor with them, they are often in small numbers. Though some of them are in positions of power that the empire has granted them and are willing to do whatever it takes to remain so, even if it’s means betraying their people.

Public Agenda

To liberate the Hyperian Isles by any means necessary and drive out the empire once and for all.


Considering that the league is constantly being hunted by the empire they have to be careful when dealing with resources. They of course have a lot of them, considering they are the combined efforts of all of its member factions. This means that ships, weapons, information, etcetera belong to it. There is also the fact that each of its members is willing to up their own personal belongings and property if they have to as well if it means for the good of the league. There is also the business that they run both legal and illegal to earn a steady income to fund their campaign. But their most prized assets would be that of information to plan out their operations with informants being found all over the isles to watch over the empire learning whatever they when they can, to use for them.


Being a Member

One day our children will live a life free from the chains of oppression that our forefathers endured before us. Our time will come soon to see our homeland free from the empire once and for all, it will happen one day you will see. - Confident Leaguer
  Unlike most other rebel groups that have popped up in Hyperia before, this group is far more unified and organized than it has been giving the Vatian Empire some trouble as of late. Despite being crushed several times too they refuse to stay down as if they were cockroaches no matter how many times you step on them they just cannot die and run back into the cracks again waiting till it’s safe for them to come out again.   Looks like you joined the underdogs on this one and It's not going to be easy. The Hyperion League is the creation of a shared dream that many Hyperion have, to be free from the oppressive rule of the Vatian Empire that has had their people under their rule for over a millennium. Though many others have and failed at this making it look like that the empire will forever rule over them. That is where the League is different from the rest, for those who failed before were divided and scattered doomed to fail because they never saw eye to eye. Whereas now the League has unified all of them under one banner and one cause, the freedom of Hyperion itself. With that in mind, resources and information have been shared to better ensure their success. For it only takes a common enemy to put aside all their difference no matter how big or small to see the goals come to fruition. Though they have not had the best record in their attempts to drive out the empire they are still trying and giving hope to their people. It doesn't matter if the world is against them for they only wish to be free from laws and customs that would see them slaves in all but name and their way of life destroyed by those who think they are better than them. For if they do not try to fight back then the empire has already one then as all that the people have achieved will be lost to time. This is why they have united, to ensure that never happens, for no matter their differences they are one people in the end. Together they have managed to still make some progress here and there and the people are with them, at least the one that has turned traitor that is. Even if one faction of them were to be wiped out the league would remain and another one would raise to join them. All it takes is determination and devotion to see an idea come to become reality. For one day Hyperia will be free once more and all of it people will rejoice with the cheers of freedom.  

Alliance of Desperation

  Hyperions have always been divided on what the future of their people should be when the empire took over. It had been like that for eight hundred years to that point and they never made a dent in the armor of the imperial war machine as the rebellions that came before would fall to its might often due to being lead by one faction alone and vastly outnumbered. Their lack of resources and manpower was a problem as well against an empire that has access to large amounts of manpower and seemingly unlimited resources. The lack of cooperation between factions did not help either as people who follow different principles and beliefs tend not to meet eye to eye on matters of importance. That was until a certain individual appeared before them all that would start about the unity they so desperately need.   No one who this individual was nor did they ever find out their name, only that it was a woman that went by the title of the Tide Bringer. A prophetic individual came from the Sea Priests of the Hyperion faith who had long since been in hiding when the empire took over. She began to spread the word to all who wished to see Hyperia free to come to a secret meeting to discuss its future. Many agreed to join the meeting considering it was a Sea Priest that had called them. It was from this many many across the isles joined this meeting on the small island of Irunu, where no one is expected to find them due to its isolated location and it had been uninhabited for many centuries. It was here that the Sea Priestess spoke of a dream that was sent to her by the gods themselves. It told here of a great wave that would wash away the empire from the lands and its true people would be free once more. But instead of an actual tide, she deciphered it as all of Hyperia’s people united together to defeat the empire. Though many believe it was utter nonsense some saw the truth in here words for Hyperia had to be divided for too long now. For if they stood united they would be able to face the empire. These individuals many of the leaders of their faction spoke out and agreed with the Tide Bringer and vowed to aid each other with whatever they need. Many others vowed the same once they realized the truth as well and this meeting the Hyperion League was born to fight the empire with the full might of Hyperia behind it.  

Tides of Change

  When the league became a reality it changed the way how fighting the empire was done in the isles. No longer were single factions fighting for power and neither were they disorganized either. Fighting was done from the shadows to strike terror rather than going into an open conflict. Information was used to strike imperial holdings, shipments, and garrisons across the region at various times fast and hard before those who perpetrated it would blend in with the local population to avoid capture or be killed. It was from here that the empire was starting to feel the damage that the league's efforts were starting to have on them as they had trouble just trying to stop the attacks. Causing chaos where ever they went as the league began to grow in influence and power as many more joined them seeing what they were capable of. It had been two decades since the league’s founding and tens of thousands had joined them as the empire began to crack down on them cause the people to despise them even more. Until it was finally time to strike as the 47th Hyperion Revolt has swept over the region and overwhelming many of the imperial forces on the islands that they were on in a matter of days. They would not be able to properly able to deal with the situation either as they had never experienced such an organized effort from the Hyperions. It was from this that the garrisons in the region were scattered about with no means of reinforcements and supplies during this time. Their inability to adapt to the situation was what lead the isles to easily fall into the rebellion's hands. Leaving only a few heavily fortified strongholds left to avoid being kicked out to the isles entirely. Though many were unwilling to give up so easily as their loyalty to the empire was all that was keeping them from surrendering, that and the angry mobs that were killing all the soldiers left and right so there weren't many options for them. It would be only a matter of time before they would surrender once they ran out of food and the isles would be under complete control. The dream of freedom seemed so close at this point But the empire would not be so easily defeated by such a surprise attack. When the Imperial Navy arrived with a massive invasion fleet to retake the isles, they had to stop them before they ever disembarked or it would all over as they would be no match for the Imperial Legions of the empire. They would meet them on the open sea with a large fleet that had assembled from all the ships they had commandeered for the rebellion. At first, things were going well during the Battle of Galoth, but it was soon revealed that they were outmatched by the disciplined imperial fleet as it clashed with them. Leaving much of their fleet in ruins and scattered. The rebellion would soon be over in a matter of weeks with much of the league scattered and killed, along with the Tide Bringer who was drowned violently at sea as she tied to a large stone to ensure that her body was not recovered to make her a martyr. Though the league did it anyway and would use the title of Tide Bringer for its greatest leader Making the empire believe that the threat was over, but they were so wrong in this regard.  

Continuing the Fight

  What the empire didn’t realize when it came to the League was that it was not one single entity, but dozens upon dozens of them. While many of the groups were wiped out during the rebellion there were still those who managed to survive the ordeal. From here the survivors went underground and slowly rebuilt with time and maintained the League rather than going their separate ways due to the fact they inflicted more damage to the empire than they ever did alone in centuries. From there the fight would continue for as long as possible and continues to this day with two more revolts taking place during that time with the 49th Hyperion Revolt almost succeeding in the liberation of Hyperia. Making their popularity soar in the past few decades as the dream of independence seems ever closer as time passes. But the empire has not been too kind to Hyperia either as they have grown tired of the futile attempts of Hyperia breaking free of them and are doing everything in their power to stop it. But in doing so they are strengthening the resolve of the League to drive them out once and for all.

The Tides are Changing

Founding Date
1332 CA
Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names
Hyperions, leaguers
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Training Level
Veterancy Level
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Terror of the Isles

The Hyperion League's infamy comes from its ability to spread panic and destruction at a moment's notice. Often destroying imperial property and assassinating its soldiers and officials alike. Along with conducting raids on supply lines and warehouses to fund their fight to free their homeland. But in recent years, they have been targeting Vatian civilians who have colonized the isles committing an act of arson and bombings to force the empire leaving or more innocent blood would be shed. Though it is often frowned upon by most of the league, they do not wish to become the empire they despise.  

Eyes and Ears Everywhere

  It would be considered most likely to say a Hyperion in the isles is either affiliated or a member of the Hyperion League due to its popularity. Creating the realization no matter where someone goes or what they do the League will know about it as they have spies and lookouts everywhere. Making it difficult for anyone to hide anything from them if they even tried. It also means that they know the daily routines of the empire across the region to better plant their attacks and raids to ensure that they can reap significant amounts of rewards and minimalize their casualties when they need to.  

Alliance of Many

  With the league being formed as an alliance of different members it is going to have trouble with keeping its goals straight from time to time. But their cooperation still stands with the league as a whole. Though they will operate freely under their leadership when they have to as they will not be in contact with league groups for certain amounts of time to maintain the league's secrecy. With them only coming together during meetings and larger operations and rebellions.  

Faction Members

  It is said that for every member of the league a trident is placed on its banner to represent them, so many of those tridents have now been broken as they have fallen to the empire or infighting. But from these broken tridents, they are reforged into greater trident that forms the six factions that make up the foundations of the current status of the league. Each one with its own goals and values, but remains united under one clear purpose, the liberation of their homeland.
Kindred of the Sea: All Hyperions belong to the sea as it has been their way of life for as long as they could remember. It is through this ideal that they hope to unite Hyperia under one banner once the empire is defeated and bring forth a republic to represent the islands so the people have a choice in choosing what path may lie ahead of them.  
Blood Tide: As the name implies, they are considered extremists by other members of the league due to them being prone to violence against the empire. Believing that the only way to rid the empire from their homeland is to spill enough Vatain blood to turn the seas red, mostly from those who have colonized the region. In their minds, they hope to establish their old warrior ways as raiders to carve out an empire that will rule the seas once more.
Tempest Tridents: Like the Trident of Tempests wielded by the sea god Alparus, they consider themselves his followers to fight the empire. Rather than unite the isles under one rule they wish to have every island in Hyperia independent to rule over themselves but will aid one another in a confederation. As they believe that the people have the right to choose who they wish to follow and what way of life they wish to live.
Guiding Light: For too long Hyperia has lost its path under the rule of the empire, only through faith can the isles be guided to a proper path. These are the followers of the old faith of Hyperia who wish to have its teachings restored and the false gods removed from the land that they were forced to follow, creating a theocracy that will be created by the faithful to restore the land that has lost its way for so long.
Wind Striders: For a time Hyperia was known for its trade and exploration as they were masters of the seas. Though they are still skilled sailors, they are shadows of what they once were. It is through these Ideas that when Hyperia gains its freedom it will become a nation of explorers and traders of a trade league by offering maritime services such as navigators and sailors. Along with creating trade with the rest of the world to create a vast trading empire.
Oath of Eten : It was said that Eten, the last Tide King declared before his death that his blood would liberate Hyperia from the empire and see the land set right. Those who believe that the coming of one of Eten's kin will come to free their people from oppression and restore the isles into a kingdom once more. Though finding one of Eten's bloodline may be harder than they imagine as it was said all of his kin was killed soon after to ensure that the oath did not come true.

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