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Arianna Tideborn

Keeper of Tides Arianna Tideborn

You Know I kinda wish that Arvin was here to help us out, But then he would just take all the fun away from me then. - Arianna Tideborn

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born for Trouble

  Arianna was not like all the other girls in the Hyperian Isles since the day she was born and never liked dresses or being treated like some fragile thing. She wanted to be treated like the rest of the men around here that got to do whatever they wanted while the women go and make nets and gossiped about about about about about about who liked who. She got into a fight and she acts like the rest of the men around here. You may be wondering how such a lady got this in the first place and why wasn't taught properly. Well her parents died when she was young with very little memory of them. Leaving here to live with her brother Arvin Tideborn and uncle Tobias who just treated her like a boy and she liked it. Not to mention she looked up to her brother and when she was old enough began to help him pull pranks on the imperial soldiers stationed in Black Harbor and later joined him on his side jobs of smuggling and gambling. Though she never did like it when he wanted her to use her feminine to get out of trouble. She rather just fight the way out and she often won most of those fights. But she always stuck by him when he needs her as that was what family was for. She learned everything from him from dirty fighting to how to sail a ship. Making here as good as any other man and she could prove it too as she often places bets and won making here a lot of coins to support he family. She was a wild soul just like her brother and it seemed nothing could stop here or so she thought.  

Lover and Fighter

  Arianna has always been seen for her fighting skill and the company she kept. She often found her company in both men and women as she seemed to have an attraction for both. Of course, she had to keep that a secret as the empire and the Church of the Exalted forbid that type of romance entirely. But her people did not and accepted it as it was the law of the sea. During her teenage years, it was claimed to many of the boys and girls found her as a sea goddess of old for her beauty and even more so with her dominative presence that they were intoxicated with. Especially to the men where they were beaten up by her for talking smack or in a fistfight. Of course, she only chose those she thought were the effort as she didn't like idiots and weak-willed cowards. Even the tales when she became women were something to talk about claiming that she fought a dozen men to save women and even was said to have been a lover to a mermaid that she accidentally caught.   But then it all changed when she caught the eye of another woman by the name of Lena Hendry. A beauty in her own right that wanted Arianna all to herself for a long time. Though she was not interested in her that all changed her to a fistfight and to everyone's surprise Arianna lost and was carried off by her. When she finally woke up she was surprised to see Lena tending to her wounds rather than her own. Lena tried to be with her when she was younger after she saves her from an abusive man, but refused her due to her being a delicate flower after that she toughened herself up for years to become a rose with thorns. Which caused Arianna to fall for her then and there as no one ever tried to love her before as it was all just pleasure. She had found a rough yet caring soul that wanted to be with her. It was then and there that the mighty sea goddess was tamed and she never left her said and finally started to claim down for Lena's sake. Though that would not do the same for his brother.  

A Grudge and Debts to Pay

  Like many before her, Arianna was a part of the Hyperion League that wanted to free her homeland from the oppression of the empire. She wanted to do that more now that she had Lena in her life. But more so for her brother Arvin who had been getting into more and more trouble especially after the love of his life was found dead in the harbor one day resulting in the murder of a few imperials later on. It made her take her job more seriously with preparing for the eventual liberation of her homeland. She was dedicated as she was passionate while she was in Children of the Sea and was favored by many people in it. Her planning was not that bad either as she got the job done even if it went sideways. Though she became more determined when her brother was taken by a press-gang and her uncle was killed resisting them. As for Arvin, he was long gone before she could even try to find him as her family seemed to be always tormented by the empire.   It was from here that she wanted to ensure that the empire suffered for all the pain they brought her and she did just that, She set an entire harbor of imperial ships ablaze, that of course was just a distraction for her to sneak into an imperial administration office to steal files to see what dirty secret they were hiding from everyone and oh boy were there a lot. Apparently, they wanted Hyperions to sign up for indentured servitude as many of them were poor and would be sent across the empire to serve various people when the truth was they were really going to be turned into slaves to feed the ever-growing demand of labor in the empire. Along with wiping out various populations across the isles to gain a stronger hold in the region since the league was always in their way through various schemes such as evictions, starvation, and accounts of treason against all those who stood in their way.   This would just enrage her to new heights and rallied many in the league to cause some damage, but seeing that they couldn't start a rebellion yet they did the next best thing, a riot that caused a crippling blow to the empire's trade across the region as their ship's cargo was either stolen or destroyed. Several government buildings were stormed and ransacked as well leading to complete disorganization of control over the region. It was here that Arianna had to go underground as was now targeted by the imperial due to her involvement in the destruction she caused. But while she was hiding she would meet her brother again one many months later as became a pirate and captain of the Sea Kings, but could not stay due to the bounty on his head. It was then and there she vowed to have his brother return home with the liberation of their homeland.  

Rise to the Top

  Many years would pass with her making her way up with the Hyperion League as she wanted a happy life for her loved ones, but only with the empire driven out, they could be happy. It was at this time she gained a large following amongst its many members as her determination and her cunning as she perfected her strategies with time. Here most infamous strategy would be the seduction of imperial soldiers off duty to pry information off of them. But rather than sleep with any of them, she just got them drunk or spike their drinks to loosen their lips as they often sink ships with whatever they told her or just robbed them. She had to travel a lot too due to her infamous reputation. But with time all of her hard work would pay off as she made it to the leadership of the league itself and became a champion of their cause.   It was from this that she would become the next Tide Bringer a title only given to those only deemed worthy to lead the league in its liberation of the isles. It also made her one of the most wanted individuals in the empire at that point and she could no longer be seen publicly or be captured or killed. She now only works in the shadows to ensure that when the time comes to Hyperia will finally be free once more as the empire begins to crumble from within as it tightens a noose around its own neck. For when the time is right she will bring forth the tides that shall drown them all with no chance of them to ever catch their breath.



Personality Characteristics


She wishes to see here homeland liberated from the Vatian Empire and have her brother return home after his many years in exile.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1498 CA 34 Years old
One Brown, One Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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