Sea Kings


The Sea King are make up of Five fleets that very in size and leadership. But Arvin Tideborn is given the title of Captain of the Fleet meaning he is in charge of all of them. Those who are in charge of the other fleets are called Vice captains. With each one Having there own First Mate to help ensure that each ship is in proper condition along wtih it crews. These fleets are idenfiable by the flag that they choose to use along with the Sea Kings offical flag.  
Trident Fleet - The main fleet and lead by Arvin Tideborn, often stationed in the Isles of Refuge and often raids there and nothern Kineth. They are the large of the fleets often using their number and tatics to face of against large fleets and targets.
Ghost Fleet - Led by the infamous smuggler Balthazar and stationed near the city states and the Jantani Desert in Eastern Kineth. The smallest of the fleets they prefer stealth and the element of surprise to their advantage.
Dragon Fleet - Led by the Sea Lord Shu Yen and is stationed near the Dravadi archipelago. Heavily armored and manned, they use overwhelming force against their targets.
Thunder Fleet - the youngest of the fleets and stationed in southern Kineth. They are lead by Galagos the Half Elf and prefer to strike hard and fast in place where people least expect it.
Skull Fleet - Led by Ferasi the Witch that are stationed by the Dark Continent, they are shrouded in mystery as tales of magic and mysticism surround, bringing fear to their enemies.

Public Agenda

To bring the empire crashing down and get rich while doing it. Along with make our mark on the world through fame and adventure.


PPirates mostly depend on money and equipment that they steal from ships and costal settlements. But they have several ships under their command to do mass raids on one or more targets. They also have connects and secrets that put them in a higher league than any other crews. Most of them being forced out of someone or through spies and informants.


Forced Together

  The Sea Kings' creation were something of an accident that turned into maelstrom before anyone realized it. Rather the traditional way of created a crew, all of it memebers were forced to join with no choice in the matter. As they were all conscripted into the Vatian Empire's navy to serve as nothing more then a cheaper way to ensure that the coasts and trade lanes of the empire were well protected. Many of them were either criminals that were taken to clear out prisons and common people taken from their homes by press gangs. Conditions on these conscription ships were often harsh and cruel for the crews involved as they were often watched over by guards and imperial officers that pushed them to work harder. The crew that would be stationed on the Blue Horizon would be different however. As few certain individuals would Lead to the creation of the Sea Kings.   These individuals would be Arvin Tideborn, Jackson Derby, and Duncan Brookes. These men would be the founders that would make up the crew. They conspired and planned until one day, the ship was caught in a storm and the crew over powered their captors. After that they bickered and argued on how they wanted to survive. It was not until they looked to Arvin Tideborn and he said that it would be better to live outside the law that put them here in the first place. The crew sided with him and made him the captain. He and the crew soon decided on the name the Sea Kings as one of them believed that they should be treated as a king in their own right. But there legend would start out slow and difficult like any other.  

Trying to make a name for themselves

  Like any pirate that ever lived in the lands of men they know that there is only one place that they can trully find refuge in a world that wishes to hunt them down. That paticular place would be the Isles of Refuge, a large series of islands that habor all sorts of individuals and makes anyone diffucult to find. What a perfect place to set up a base of operations for a pirate crew. There first few weeks staying there mostly drinking and celebrating there new found freedom and blowing off steam from all abuse that they experienced as conscripts for months. They were not in a hurry either as no one would know what had happened to the ship for week until they thought it sank, captured or a mutiny had transpired. It was best that they remained quiet for know to better prepare for what was to come. After that they started with small imperial ships and later larger ones as their numbers grew, but they were considered insignificant as the empire dealt with many pirate crews like them. They did make some decent loot from their raids though and enjoyed it on drinking and partying when they got back to the isles.   But Arvin wanted to make the empire hurt and decided to raid an imperial harbor in the Isles known as White Harbor in order to steal ships the grow their fleet. With many of the ships crews asleep without anyone realizing that they were in the harbor. It started out promising for them as they sailed in in the dead of night, but the plan back fired and resulted in the battle of White Harbor. Though they were not to capture any ships, they managed to set several on them on fire to ensure that they could not be used by the empire again. Leaving a quarter of the crew dead and fleeing the isles as the empire began crackdowns on piracy in the region. Sailing all the way to the Continent of Dageth where there fates would be changed forever.  

From nobodies to Infamous

  In a small stranded boat out a sea they found a Dwarf by the name of Burbuck BrownBeard and in his possession was the desire of every nation of man to achieve a new age of warfare, Black Powder. It didn't take much to have him make it for them as he would have did at sea if they left him where he was and soon after learning how to make guns and cannons they had achieved a technological that would help them achieve fame and fortune on a scale never seen on a pirate crew. As they began to attack large ships of the empire and making off with much more loot then ever as their reputation began to grow with each ship missing at sea and no one knew how. That was until Arvin decided to attack one of the largest port in the empire, Port Keys. In broad daylight they sailed towards it with their color raised high and meet several imperial naval ship head on, only for them to sink into the bottom of the port as the there cannons ripped through their hulls, The ports defenses were no better as their towers came crashing down around them. Once it was over parts of the port were destroyed and much of valuables and ships were taken by them. This would bring about a new age of piracy to the world as their actions caused pirates across the seas to become more bolder them ever before. It also caused the Sea Kings to have a painted target on their backs as the empire wanted them dead as soon a possible.   As the crew's numbers grew into the hundreds, so did there desire to carve out more wealth and plunder as they began attack many target from across the world with there new found fleet. But due to there constant raiding they decided to spend weeks on end spending their loot on what ever they want as they were rich as kings now. With some spending it all on all there hearts desires, but many decided to bury it to save when they finally able to return home to live a life of luxury. It also make them have to find more ingredients to make Black Powder as Burbuck was the only one how knew how to make it and it was for the best to ensure there enemies did not meet them on an equal playing field. Years would go past as they continued there raiding across the seas, but the empire would have there best ships after them known as the Crimson Fleet as they always had red sails to intimidate their enemies.   There were many battle between these two groups over the years with both receiving victories and defeats from one another as years went by. Until finally a decisive battle would come along known as the Battle of the Reef. Many of the Crimson Fleet's ships would be used in the battle as they discovered the Seas King's base of operations at the time. But they would have the advantage with the terrain and their fortifications built along the island. Though there ships were much larger and more protected from cannon fire, they were less maneuverable and slower. Causing many of there ships to crash into the reefs that surrounded the island, making them easier targets It would end with much of the Crimson Fleet destroyed and crippling the imperial navy which would take years to recover from such a loss. Giving them greater power then ever before as they continued there lives of raiding and plundering.  

The Thirst for Adventure

  Raiding was not only thing that the Sea Kings would do as they sought out to seek greater treasures from across the world as they explored it. They would out treasures across the world as well from deep jungles of the Dark Continent to the Isles of Refuge they sought out riches that were masked in legends and mystery. Some of them were successful, but most of them were not. When they were not successful they just went around exploring places and finding things that might help the crew later on. They even at time became heroes in there own way such as stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor or slaying a mighty beast that terriorized someplace. As the crew became larger, the captains in charge of these ships would act independently on where they wanted to go, even without Arvin's say as he granted them the power to do so. With some going on there own personal crusades and other fighting

The Tides are Rising

Founding Date
Illicit, Pirate Crew
Alternative Names
Arvin's Misfits, Kings of the Coast, The Sea's Devils
Formation Type
Training Level
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Diverse Crew


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