Arvin Tideborn

Captain Arvin Lester Tideborn (a.k.a. The Scourge, The Drunkard)

How is it possible to that a Hyperion drunkard and tavern brawl can ravage our shores and wipe out our ships without anyone begin able to stop him. - Admiral Felix Servius of the Imperial Navy

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Arvin is well built for his age with more muscle than most. He is much stronger than most and has much endurance than most. But his size makes it harder for him to run, though he's quick reflexes are not affected by this.

Body Features

Tan skin with lots of hair on his body.

Facial Features

sharp facial features and a long beard.

Identifying Characteristics

Has three tattoos, a sea serpent on his left arm, a trident on his right hand, and an anchor on his back. Along with serval scars on his body.

Physical quirks

Right dominate hand, snores when sleeping, always paces.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears a dark blue Vatian naval officer's coat that he stole with a tri-cone hat. He wears a sailor's shirt underneath with a pair of black cotton pants and a pair of black cuffed boots. He always carries a cutlass, several flintlock pistols, and a spyglass with him. Along with a knife he keeps hidden on his left leg.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A Troublesome Youth

  Arvin was born on the Island of Senri in the Hyperian Isles to a long line of sailors and would follow the family tradition at a young age. He never knew his parents well as they died when he was fairly young. His father was executed for treason against the Vatian Empire when he was eight his mother had died in a shipwreck trying to support her family. Making him and his younger sister Arianna lived with his uncle, Tobias for much of his young life. Much of his youth would often be causing trouble with anyone he did not like, especially the empire. He tended to sabotage equipment and play nasty tricks on the soldiers that were garrisoned in Black Harbor. Of course, he would get a mouth full from his uncle Tobias along with a few slaps for good measure. It wasn't like he was doing a bad thing since his uncle didn't like the empire at all, but he didn't want to attract too much attention since he was a member of the Hyperion League and to be a member would mean certain death at the hands of the empire in it was discovered. When it wasn’t troubled with the empire he was trying cause with people he didn’t like, from bakers to fishermen if you crossed him you would get some form of retribution from him. Very few times he would be caught as well as he was a crafty young lad and could weasel his way out of trouble. But he would stop when one of his tricks went too far when a neighborhood boy broke his arm. Seeing it went out of hand he swore never to do it again and focused on training to be a sailor.   He was a natural when it came to sea fairing and would be placed on his first voyage at the age of thirteen trying to support his family as his uncle was crippled in an accident a few years before. For any youth, it was a little hard to fit in as he was surrounded by older and more experienced sailors. But his hard-working nature and respect for his elders earn their respect for him and was treated like the rest of the crew. For each voyage, his knowledge and skill as a sailor improved to the point that he knew everything by heart. Along with knowing how to gamble and fistfight. He was more at sea than he was on land most of the time for weeks on end. He would also help some of the younger kids to help them out when they help to learn how to sail. He couldn’t get enough of it as when he was not on the job he was sailing his own boat. He would even have his sister tag along as well to help her learn the ropes. He would even secretly learn the faith of Anawe from the sea priests to better understand the ways of the sea. Often hiding swimming most of the time to meet them to avoid being caught, with some people joking that he was a Fishman as he was seen in the water for long periods of time swimming and not being seen for hours on end. But he would become a faithful follower of the old gods once he was fully initiated into the faith.  

A Life of Crime and Love

  As he got older, he started to find new ways to earn more money to support his family, smuggling and gambling would be some of these sources of income. He would even bring his sister, Arianna along with him from time to time when a feminine charm was needed or an extra pair of fists as she was good at brawling. It would be quite a lucrative business as he improved his business as time went on. He would also be successful in wowing the ladies as well as he was a charming young man. Along with brawling with the men, often from a heated argument when too much liquor was drunk at the local tavern. Arianna would join in once in a while too as she enjoyed a good fight here and there. They would be as thick as thieves and nothing would separate them as close as siblings were. That was until Arianna fell for a woman by the name of Lena Hendry after she beat her in a fight. This would cause a divide between them as Lena didn’t like getting into trouble because of Arvin so Arianna stopped working for him in his illegal business ventures. With him working solo most of the time, but it was not the same without her. He would soon enough realize he could not keep doing this line of work as it starting to get too dangerous. As he imperial were cracking down on his trades with him almost being caught several times. But one of his escapes from the law would help him meet a charming young smuggler just like him named Merci Lender. They would become partners in the smuggling business for a while and they gradually gained feelings for one another till finally, they fell in love. It was from here that they decided to leave the criminal trade to live honest trades to ensure that they could keep each other safe. They were happy together and he and his sister ended up becoming inseparable again afterward when he started going straight. Everything seemed to be smooth sailing for him as he soon planned to marry her. But his uncle had other plans and wanted him to join the Hyperion League to free their homeland from the empire.   Arvin had his doubts about joining the league as it could get him in trouble and put Merci in danger. But she insisted he should as they could never live in peace together as long as the empire ruled over them and oppressed them. He didn’t do anything too serious, he just did something that he was good at, smuggling. He smuggled just about everything for them, weapons, armor, supplies anything useful to them. It was an easy job for him since he did the same thing a few hundred times before, just more imperial patrols to avoid. Merci would often join him as well for old time's sake and make sure he was safe by the end of the day. But eventually, the imperials got smarter and began to increase the search for league members. Arvin knew how to hide his tracks so he was fine, but Merci was not so lucky in doing so. She was found dead in the bay one day as her body was found floating in the harbor covered in Black Arabarok and Arvin succumbed to grief. He spent his days drinking and getting into fights for days, with no end in sight. It wasn’t until his sister managed to get him out of it after a fearsome brawl with one another. It took some time but he managed to get himself on his feet, but with a greater hatred for the empire, while it was not proven Merci was killed by the imperial he knew they did it. But his time in Hyperia was coming to an unforeseen and abrupt end by events that would change his fate.  

The Choice to be an Outlaw

  His anger for the empire grew and grew whenever he saw an imperial flag or soldier, but he kept it in check. But his work for the league increased to more dangerous assignments such as sabotage and theft. But one night on his way home some soldiers were talking about Merci and they laughed about how her body was found. It was from here something in him snapped and before they knew it he was upon them and despite being unarmed beat them all to death. He later returned home as nothing had happened but his uncle and sister were horrified as he walked through the door covered in blood. After telling them what he had done, they had to put him into hiding before the fury of the empire was upon them. He was hidden in a cave outside of the harbor and stayed in it for a week before coming back to a different place entirely. The entire harbor had been put into a state of martial law and the entire place was being turned upside down for those responsible for the murders. Along with an increased number of press gangs snatching people up for imperial ships for its declining naval power as no one wanted to join. Arvin once again managed to avoid being discovered, but just by a thread. Life became harder though with empire denying jobs to Hyperions without permits to travel on ships and surprise raids to find Hyperion League members. He stayed away from the league until everything died down, trying to find work where he could though it was harder to do now more than ever. He thought nothing could get any worse than the trouble he caused, but it did and it would cost him.   One night when he was home with his uncle Tobias, a pressgang broke into their house and tried to kidnap them as people got smart enough to stay clear of the harbors to avoid being snathed. So they began to breaking into houses near it to catch people off guard. He and his uncle but up a good fight while it lasted, but Tobias was killed when they hit him too hard with their clubs. Arvin was knocked unconscious and dragged to the nearest imperial ship and forced into it. When he woke and realized what had happened he was in chains and forced to work on the ship known as the I.S. Caden. He thought about escaping a couple of times, but his chances were not that good, and knew he would have to wait for a chance to come. Conditions on the ship were horrible as most of the crew were either conscripted or criminals being forced to serve the empire as cheap labor. With only a few dozen imperial soldiers keep an eye on them. He tried a couple of times to escape when it seemed like a good time but ended up being caught, being beaten, and made an example to have no one else try and escape the ship often through severe punishment. For months he went through hell as the imperial continued to torture and abuse him, not because of his escape attempts but because he would not be broken by them and they did not like that, especially from a Hyperion who was nothing more than sea sludge to them. His open defiance gave other conscripts hope and with time they would secretly work with him to help overthrow their captors when the moment arrived for them. Two of them stood out as his strongest supporters, their names were Jackson Derby and Duncan Brookes so help gather support for his plan, and eventually, it would finally arrive.   The Caden would find itself in a terrible storm while in the Isles of Refuge and it was here that the imperial fearing for their lives wanted all hands on deck to ship from sinking and would be their greatest mistake. It was from here that those who supported Arvin's daring plan sprang into action along with him as they overwhelmed their captors as they freed other conscripts and fought to take over the ship while trying to navigate through the storm. The mutiny was chaotic as it was brutal with both sides taking losses either from the fighting or falling into the sea from the raging storm, but in the ended the conscripts were free. But now they had to get through the storm that threatened to destroy their ship when they got everything under control. Panicked ensued, but Arvin stayed calm and managed to get the crew to work together and they were able to steer their way out of the storm. It was from here that some of the crew celebrated for their freedom and survival, after that though there was an eerie silence as they had no idea what to do next. They had some of their former captor's prisoners in the brig and they were considered fugitives of the empire once they found out the ship had been taken over in a mutiny. It was from here that they argued and debated for the best option for themselves, some want to land at the nearest port and scatter, while others want to sail as far away from where the empire could never reach them. While this was happening Arvin had ransacked the captain's quarters and began drinking the first alcoholic beverage he had in months and eating as much food as he could as the imperial were starving him in the attempt to break him. He did not seem troubled at all as they argued and shouted one another, even laughing at one point that got everyone's attention. Finally, the puzzled crew asked him why he was so relaxed, he simply replied: "I'm just going to live my life as a free man and no one is going to stop me." They asked how he was going to do that if he was a wanted man. He replied. "No one owns the sea, not even the empire."   That realization surprised the crew as being at sea seemed to be the best option to survive. But they had no leader to choose from until Jackson spoke out from the crowd along with Duncan's supporting him. They believed that the best choice for leadership was Arvin as he was responsible for their freedom and survival so far and considering what he when through he at least deserved to be given a chance at it. The crew only saw this as fair and agreed for Arvin to be their captain. When they asked if he would be willing to be their captain, he gladly accepted with a glint of joy he had not felt in a long time. It was from his first order as captain he renamed the I.S Caden the Blue Horizon, with the reasons that the ship was free to go where ever its crew wanted to go. His next order of business was that they would need to find an occupation for the crew and he choose piracy as they were already criminals and would be hard to find any jobs because of it. It was through his reasoning that the empire should pay for all of the sufferings they put him through at their own expense. Many of the crew agreed with him that they should be raiding imperial ships and holdings because they simply hated everything it stood for and what it did to them. Of course, some did not wish to wish to take this path, and rather than getting rid of these troublesome elements, Arvin Promised to drop all who wanted to leave the ship at the next harbor they docked at. Afterward, his next order was to dispose of their remaining captors off of the ship, though it is was never determined if he just threw them into the sea and left them stranded on a deserted island that they were near. He then set sail for the nearest harbor in the Isles of Refugee to better prepare for his new way of life as the wind sailed to what would be his life now.  

The Pirate's Life

  Being a pirate seemed to suit Arvin very well than he ever thought imaginable as he was his own boss and did what he did best, drinking, women, and gambling as he sailed across the seas with his ship. Along the way in keeping the crew in line and everything else in order, he choose Jackson as his first mate due to his many skill, and Duncan his navigator die to his experience with charts and navigating. They made their haven in the Lawless Isles where no one would dare search for them and would often stay there for long periods of time. They would even choose a name for themselves, calling themselves the Sea Kings as each of them considered themselves a king on their own right. It took some time for him to get used to the whole piracy business though as he never really robbed people before, but he got the hang of it as he assaulted ship after ship that crossed his path. But he and his crew were not something of notice and the empire only considered them a minor threat despite hearing about their mutiny from one of the crewmen that they captured that decided to leave the ship. But that changed when he made a mad assault on their shipyards at White Shore and turning into the Battle of White Shore. They did make some decent money through from the ship they plundered at the cost of over a quarter of his crew and Arvin and his crew would spend it on food, women, and alcohol. But the empire wanted them out of the picture and they were forced to travel far beyond the waters they usually traveled and found themselves near the Continent of Dageth. It was here they would find a lone boat that seemed to be abandoned and was of Elvish craftsmanship that would be worth a lot if sold to the right buyer, but they would hold more than they ever realized.   When they finally reached the boat they were surprised to see a Dwarf in it all by himself. He went by the name of Berbuck Longbeard and like Arvin, he was a wanted man by his own people, and what he had on his boat would change Arvin and his crew's lives forever. In the lower parts of his ship was one the greatest secrets of the Dwarves that anyone would kill over, Black Powder. After realizing what he had in his hand, he insisted that Berbuck make it for him rich resulted in a Brawl with the whole crew against the lone Dwarf. Which was much harder than it looked as he was far stronger than he looked and it took a while for them to finally hold him down. Then Arvin just threatened to throw him into the sea if he did do as he said because he did do it he would find some else. Considering Dwarves were never really good swimmers, Burbuck Begrudgingly agree to work for him. Soon after he began gathering the materials to build guns, cannons, and Black powder to create his own arsenal. After a few months, the first guns were created and in the procession of the first Humans to ever use them. It took some time for them to get used to it as the weapons seemed like magic to Arvin and the crew which terrified them a little. But Arvin knew that his crew had a great advantage over their enemies and could gain much greater rewards with it. But before they could do that he returned home to Hyperia after the longest time to have a heartfelt reunion with his sister after being gone for a few years and also to test out his new gun on imperial holdings to intimidate the empire and tell them that a new power was rising to challenge them for the control of the seas. Their first big success was at the Port Keys, as the first roars of cannon fire devastated the port's defenses and they ran off with several ships and large amounts of spoils that lasted for weeks. Their numbers would also increase because of their success as the news of their newfound power and success spread across the sea. He became bolder with his assaults and began assaulting military convoys and forts. Soon enough he had the entire imperial navy on the lookout for him, even the infamous Crimson Fleet. They would be pillaging and plundering every chance they had, Arvin would even get his nickname the "Scourge" as he brought trouble where ever he went. It was from here as his ambitions grew as he wanted the world to know his and the Sea King's power as they set out to explore the world in search of treasure and fighting against those they saw as tyrants to be punished for their crime.   In only several years, Arvin's name was known throughout the empire and far beyond it all the way to the Dark Continent. He faced many foes and vanquished them all spanning from imperial to rivaling pirate crews. He had amassed several fleets of warships from the wealth he had attained and enough men to work them to reign terror across several parts of the world. He even had his own circle of crewmen that help ran his fleets, Fersi the Witch of the Dark Continent, Shu Yen, a Sea Lord of the Davad Archipelago, Balthazar, the ghost of the city-states, and Galagos, a Half-Elf known for his wit to outsmart any foe he faced. He even used his power to aid the Hyperion League as much as he could to help liberate his homeland which seemed to be more likely every day with his help. But soon enough all that power would attract trouble to him and his men as many wanted to gain the Black Powder that had given him success. Making him often stay on land in the Isles of Refuge for a while just to get some peace as he was constantly being hunted. But it seemed that his running had to stop eventually, as the Crimson Fleet found him and they brought much of their fleet with them. He was outnumbered as he only had a few ships with him while they had a few dozen. Even with the weapons he had, it would be considered one of the most difficult battles in his life. But it seemed that the weather was on his side as the wind was with him, along with the series of reefs that surrounded the island he managed to stay hidden on. By the time the sunset, much of the Crimson Fleet was destroyed and several more ships were captured for his fleet as the Battle of Red Reef made him a legend amongst pirates more than ever before. It seems that nothing can stop him now as he one day hopes to return to the Hyperia and help liberate in from the empire once and for all. But for now, is the time to go back to raiding and plundering once again for it seemed that the world was his oyster just waiting to be taken by him as his ambitions continue to grow more than he could ever imagine.




Arianna Tideborn


Towards Arvin Tideborn


Arvin Tideborn


Towards Arianna Tideborn


Honorary & Occupational Titles
Captain of the Fleet
Year of Birth
1494 CA 38 Years old
Black Harbor
Arianna Tideborn (Sister)
Current Residence
Grey eyes
Long sleek brown hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
200 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
If we can outrun them, we can catch them.
Most of my life has been nothing more than shit, but being a pirate was the best choice in my entire life.
You know I always wanted to be my own boss, now no one can tell me what to do ever again.
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Vasili, Sea Tongue


  • Was a Succesful Smuggler
  • Has raided many ports and ships
  • Forming the Sea Kings
  • Finding many treasures
  • Captured the Caden from the Imperial Navy
  • Out witted the many imperial ships from catching him
  • Formed several Pirate fleets
  • Defeated the Crimson fleet at the Battle of Red Reef
  • Obtaining Black Powder


  He was trained at a young age to become a sailor and has an education in seamanship, also with astronomy, sword fighting, and geography. Along with learning how to smuggle goods without anyone noticing him. Gambling with dice came natural to him and later learning how to use Black Powder weapons.  


  He was trained at a young age to become a sailor and has an education in seamanship, also with astronomy, sword fighting, geography. Was once a sailor before he was conscripted into the Vatian Empire's navy and fled to become a pirate. He is currently is the captain of the Sea Kings .  


  • Accidental fell overboard and almost drowned while drunk
  • Got caught by natives when going to the bathroom
  • His defeat at the battle of White Shore
  • Conscripted into the Imperial Navy
  • Failed to save his uncle
  • Failed to protect the women he loved, Merci

Mental Trauma

  He has always been afraid of curses. Due to his life as a sailor, he has become superstitious and is always wary when it comes to sea legends.  


  He has always been a man of integrity and always shows fair-mindedness and courage in the face of danger.  

Morality & Philosophy

  Despite being a pirate, he follows the morals that he was taught. Always treating his crew with fairness and disciplining them when he has to and respecting the customs of his people where ever he may be. He also hates authority as he believes it does nothing but causes pain and misery, believing that freedom is far more important. But believes that he has a duty to his people as well.  


  Breaking sea customs and traditions.  


  He has always known struggle from the oppression of the Vatian Empire and then took his first step at defying them, he never felt freer in his life. Now he continues to fight them as a pirate and a patriot for his people and hopes to return to his home one day to liberate it. For now, though he just prefers to seek out riches and adventure with the freedom that he has gained.  

Religious Views

  Follows the old code of the sea that ancient Hyperions followed and despises the Church of the Exalted  


  He has many informants that inform him about ships and military movement, Black market vendors, and Hyperion League afflictions.  


  • Patient
  • Temperate
  • Diligent

Likes & Dislikes

  He loves living on the high seas but hates it when someone tries to cheat at a game, especially when he is gambling.  


  He is an infamous drinker and tends to sleep with any woman he can find.  

Savvies & Ineptitudes

  He knows his way around any type of ship and is a master at gambling in any shape or form. But he is terrible at fixing things and doesn't understand how to work logistics is in the slightest.  


  His entire income consists of steal, robbery, grave digging and smuggling, and a much longer list that is all criminal in nature. What money he has on had he tends to spend it on booze and women with him only saving a small amount for himself as the rest goes to his crews.  

Social Aptitude

  He can be as blunt as he is charismatic but tends to get right down business when need be. But he has the worst table manners imaginable.  


  He tends to speak mostly with sailor slang and tends to use his body to show his mood.  


  Most of the time he plays sailor games and gambling any way imaginable.  


  Tends to talk with a seamen accent with a slur on certain vowels.  


  Tap his finger when he is annoyed.


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