Black Arabarok

You must understand that what you see here is the life blood of the earth and those who have control of it have the power to change the world. - Deep Miner


Material Characteristics

A black liquid

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is both slippery when touching it and thick as well. Though it is hard to get off, it is not dangerous to touch, unless it get in your mouth or eyes. It is flammable as well so keep away from fire.

Geology & Geography

It is found deep within the sea under rock and sand. Often at levels where most things can't survive without air. Making it dangerous to harvest without proper equipment.

Origin & Source

It is believed that Black Arabarok is the blood of the earth that lies deep within the sea.

Life & Expiration

It takes many decades for it to lose it consistency as it does not need much care for to be maintained.

History & Usage


With the rise of industrialization with the Vatian Empire machines became more and more common across the land and with the need to maintain these machines. Which was difficult do as part wore out and rust took over with time. But with Black Arabarok that changed all of that as it helped maintained these machines and improved production. With some machines even being powered by it for even greater power. Making it all the more important to harvest it to maintain and expand industry. It also became important to smiths as well as it help forge stronger metals to create powerful weapons and armor, along with durable tools to sell.


It was accidently discovered by the a group of Night Hunters from the Black Order while on a job hunting a sea monster, known as Moroga terrorized a fishing village in Hyperion Isles. During a heated fight, one of the weapons fired at the beast missed it and hit a pocket of Black Arabarok. Poisoning the water and killing it. After that news spread and Alchemist’s Association came and experimented on the substance and found it's uses for it. The natives called this substance Arabarok which meant in the old sea tongue "Blood of the Sea", but considered an omen of death as their fishing spot were wiped out as all the fish died from the exposure to it. Which is why it was called Black Arabarok and the settlement was soon abandoned for clearer waters to fish in.

Everyday use

Used in lanterns and torches for light.

Industrial Use

It centers around machinery. It helps maintain machines in factories and ensure it does not rust or start to fall apart. Along with some cases that it enhances the power of some machines if designed to so.


It has to be fined though a series of purification methods to remove anything like salt water to sand to ensure it works to the best of it abilities. Often involving filters and heating capsules to make it pure.

Manufacturing & Products

Those who smith with it will often use it to create stronger tools, weapons and armor as it strengthens it greatly.


It is best not to inhale to gas that comes off of it as it can be harmful to you as the gas cause you to feel disoriented and cause harmful health effects, such as damaged lungs and brain damage.

Enviromental Impact

When harvesting, the water around it turns black and kill seas life that comes in contact with it. It turns everything around it black which is difficult to remove.

Reusability & Recycling

Black Arabarok excess is often used in lanterns and torches as it still burns brightly even after extended use.


Trade & Market

Deep miners are often responsible for harvesting it and though the companies they work for sell it to factories and smithies


It should be stored in air tight barrels that don't leak and placed away from heat.

Law & Regulation

Considering the Vatian Empire has sole control over the harvesting production of Black Arabarok, they ensure that only those with licenses can harvest it and only those with permits can use it.
8,000 gold pieces
Strong earthy
Common State


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