Jackson Derby

First Mate Jackson Delson Derby (a.k.a. Iron Knuckles, Powderfoot Jack)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jackson is as fit as any man can be, but the only problem he has is he is missing his lower left leg. He uses a prosthetic making him much slower and has trouble climbing certain places. But his strength had not left him yet and can carry and lift thing much larger then he can.

Body Features

Hair on his chest.

Facial Features

Scars on his face with a well trimmed mustache and beard.

Identifying Characteristics

Tattoo of a trident on his right arm and a leviathan on his back saying " Don't tread on in my waters."

Physical quirks

Always walks with right leg first to help him move his left.

Apparel & Accessories

He often wears a fashionable clothing with an crocodile skin over coat with them. Always wearing leather boots and gloves. Along with a red sash around his waist and a bandana around his neck.

Specialized Equipment

He keeps a pair of pistols hidden in his coat and a cutlass on his waist. His peg leg is custom made weapon to fire a single powder shot at the end of it with a pull lever system. Secretly carries a pair of brass knuckles.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A Poor Start

  Jackson was born to a poor family in the small town of Grey Cliff on Hyperia. His life was not the best one as the town was poor and very few ships often docked there making work hard to find. Making him a very young age to help get food on the table as his parents did, having very little time to spend with him. But when they did, they often had a night of telling stories and playing music. Jackson would also be taught how to have proper manners when the day he had a proper job. He was close to his parents and did what he could to help them out. Through he was not popular with the other children in town and was often bullied by them since he was quite small when he was younger. Isolating him from any form of social interactions outside of his family. But it did allow him to be more clever and resilient then one might expect. Finding places to hide in that very few know about, using his environment to his advantage and finds ways to cut his work down. As he got bigger he would start to learn how to fight from his father as he was actually a professional boxer back in his day and Jackson would practice as much as he could. He the time came to face his abusers, they ended up with bruises and broken noses. This would have him draw the attention of the fighting rings of the town where the only real money could be found. He was good at it too taking as he made his way to the top as one of the best fighters in town. But years of it, he wanted to stop as the fights were getting worse as several fighters were killed. He still has one mean punch though, giving him the name "Iron Knuckles" to anyone he meets in a fight. He Also made a small fortune and was able improve the life of his family and a plan that would improve the town as well.  

A Man with a Plan

  Jackson knew with the money he made over the years could buy many things with it, but what he wanted the most where ships. He would buy caravel ship and but together a crew and began looking for work as work was not coming to them. It took some time, but by using keep prices on goods and persuasion, they began to build up money to bring back home. He continued to build up money and began buying more ships as soon as he could and lend them to other who were loyal to him. After several years he created a small merchant fleet and Grey Cliff experienced an economic boom that it had not seen in centuries. Making him a rich man as well, having build a better house for his family and having his parents retire. Surprisingly this was all done by the time he was twenty two years old. Life was more prosperous as the old and rundown building of Grey Cliff seemed to have been rebuilt over time and many people looked up to Jackson for achieving such a goal. For a time all seemed right in the world for Jackson and people could finally live life without needing to just survive. He even decided to take desk job to ensure that everything went smoothly, learning who to do math, read and write. But there are always those who wish to take advantage of such wealth, most notably the Vatian Empire.  

A Rock and a Hard Place

  The empire arrived as soon as they to notice of the prosperity of the town as it never did before. Placing in a garrison and regulations on how ships and trade should be done, along with taxes on certain items. Jackson knew what would happen if the empire gained a grip in the town, they would slowly drain away at its resources until they had to be dependent on them. Soon with the wealth he had and his skill in persuasion, he began to bride imperial officials that set up in town to ensure that it would remain somewhat independent. It worked for a while as the town seemed to remain the same and the imperials kept to themselves much of the time. But then the Hyperion League began to shows up as well seeing the town as a potential base of operations. Confronting Jackson and wanting him to join them and use his funds to help them build a fleet to fight the empire. This but him in a difficult position as either way he was literally screwed as no matter what side he chose his home would be a war zone. With all of his hard work going up in flames in the process. He did what any reasonable man would do, to work for both sides in the hope of creating an uneasy secret peace that no one ever knew about. Surprisingly it would last for a year with both sides not gaining much ground and Jackson was pulling the strings on both sides. The imperials given information on league activity and league was given imperial targets, most of which was false information. Some blood was spilled on both sides but it was all for the sake of peace. But one can only pull so many string before being tangled in them. Soon enough his bribes on imperial officials and the league found out about him working for the empire. Seeing that he was out of options, he decided to flee. Leaving his fortune with his parents and told them find another place to live as his enemies did care if they were involved or not. Which they did and were smuggled of Hyperia to the island of Dosk away from the fighting that would take place. From what was a nice little town came a full scale revolt as both side tore apart the town looking for him, only to find each other. Cause a series of events that remembered known as the Grey Cliff Uprising that saw many killed in the process. As for Jackson, he was long gone when that happened. He went by the alias of Aldo Kinsly and try to find a place to start over. He never got the chance as he was caught by a press gang when he got near Black Harbor. He would be conscripted into the imperial navy and later meet a man that would change his life.  

The Choice to Follow

  He would be placed on the Blue Horizon and treat nothing more then trash just like the rest of the conscripts and criminals that were stationed on it. He just kept his head down and stay clear of trouble hoping to one day get off of the ship and find a way get back to his parents. But one man caught his attention and it seemed that he could not seem to ignore him. He was a trouble maker on the ship and no matter how many time he was beaten he would keep fighting back as if he had a chance at all, that man was named Arvin Tideborn. Arvin was conscript from Black Harbor and he was glutton for punishment. He had tried to escape multiple time and was always caught and beaten as an example to the other man not to do soon. But the look that Jackson saw in his eyes was that of a man that would never be broken no matter what he went through. So he decided to talk to this ever defiant man and would become acquainted with one another, months later though they would become good friends.   With a little persuasion from him he decided to join him in freeing the ship from their oppressors once and for all. Due to his charamtic attitude, he was able to get many of the crew to join them. Weeks went by and they finally had there chance when a storm hit there ship. With quick and brutal effienency they managed to take a hold of the ship. But after that the freed prisoners who had earned there freedom they were fighting and bickering over how to stay free and avoid the empire. But he noticed the Arvin seemed not to worried about situation, rather then that he pillaged to captain’s cabin and took the alcohol that was stored in it. When finally spoke up saying that it did not matter what we did as long as they were free. That moment, it seemed Jackson realized that he seemed to be the only capable man to lead through this, sure he sailed as a captain on some voyages, but never in such conditions as this. He decided to rally the men behind him and make him captain even though he didn’t vote himself for the title.   After some persuading the crew agreed to make Arvin captain of the ship. But he did not expect him to choose him as his first mate. Even after he told him what he did in Grey Cliff to get himself here, it didn’t seem to bother him much and he told him that he did what he thought was right. Jackson became a loyal man to him and he did what he could to support him and the crew. Using what resources and connections he had left to ensure their survival. He helped maintain order on the ship and ensure that everyone was doing there job. Even after they set up base in the Isles of Refuge he did what he could to ensure there safety. His loyalty to the Sea Kings has no bounds.  

From Businessmen to Pirate

  It took some time for Jackson to get use to the pirate life as living at sea most of the time and the whole thieving idea was not his cup of tea. But it reminded him of his old brawling days in the pits, so it was familiar to him in certain ways. But even with his help the Sea Kings were midaly successful as they no more then one ship against the world and consider no more the a minisculae threat to anyone. Once in a while the imperial navy would chance after them and that was just about it. But Arvin wanted to send a message to the empire to the empire that he was after them and had Jackson to find away to do so and against his better jugdement he did. He was given information that there was a harbor filled with imperial ships that were stationed White Shore on the edge of the Isles of Refuge and with this information they going to plan steal some of these ships and set the rest of them to flame to show the empire that they mean business. The plan was to be a well devised attack that would ensure victory for them, but it would end up a terrible defeat as it was soon known as the Battle of White Shore and many crewmen were killed with little to no success. It devastated Arvin as he began drinking himself to death with only Jackson being able to stop him and pull him out of it. He took command while he was recovering and they fled to the Continent of Dageth to lay low for the time as they stirred up a hornet's nest of imperial ships searching for them. Fate would soon be in there favor as they drew near it.   While they were nearing its shores they found a ship strand at sea with a Dwarf by the name of Berbuck Brownbeard who happened to know how to make Dwarven Black Powder and he insisted to Arvin that he should be kept on the ship to make it for him. He agreed with his council and in time and resources the first black powder weapon were created. As a token of gratitude, he gave Jackson a pair of the pistols for him to use in battle. He was not a bad shot either as their conquests allowed him to improve hid aim as a sharpshooter. But Arvin grew tired of raiding for a time and decided to go treasure hunting instead. He first stop was the Dark Continent and Jackson would come along with to help. They managed to find some trinkets along the way, but Jackson was not coming back in one piece.   While getting some water near a river a crocodile attacked him and he lost his left, but he would have the last laugh as he turned the crocodile into a nice coat that he still wears to this day. His lack of a leg was problematic though, so Arvin had Berbuck make him a custom made leg that fired powder shots from it help out in a fight, later he gain his infamous nickname “Powderfoot Jack” even though most people were confused by the name unless they saw him actually use his leg in action. Since then Jackson has been put in more of supporting role in the crew as his handicap has caused him no longer do certain physical tasks. He is still first mate of the crew, but he often is sent on errands, keeping records and maintain unity amongst the crews that have joined the Sea Kings. It does no mean he can’t still hold his own in a fight though as he is still a deadly opponent to face in battle. Always willing to do what must be done for his captain and the good of the crew one bullet at a time.

Gender Identity

He considers himself a man, but as refined gentlemen of go by Mr. Derby and his friends Jackson


He fancies women, but often acts like a gentlemen with them. Only bothering them if they are interested.


Jackson learned his skills as a sailor as a young boy and learned proper manners as well. Along with experience in boxing from years of fighting, knowing how to best use Black Powder weapons, knowing how people act with one another and how to run a business.


Jackson was originally a sailor in Grey Cliff where he spent much at sea on any ship he could find. That was until he was conscription in the imperial navy and forced to work on the Blue Horizon. After a mutiny on the ship he became apart of the Sea Kings. Becoming first mate and and helping Arvin raid and plunder the Vatian Empire.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Becoming a boxing legend
  • Creating his own merchant fleet.
  • Having a large ring of spies and informants

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Causing an uprising in Grey Cliff
  • Losing his leg to a crocodile

Mental Trauma

Jackson has trouble forgetting what he did at White Cliff all those years and often wonders if he could have done anything different to stop in from happening. The only that actually keeps him going these day is the dedication to the Sea Kings as a way of repenting for his sins.

Intellectual Characteristics

The man is a clever as a fox and is a charismatic man that can get many people on his side when he wants to.

Morality & Philosophy

He often wants to improve the lives of the those around them, often the poor and the less fortunate. Always wanting to forge his own path even if it means following someone else for a time. Believing that no one should be forced to choose a path that does not suit them. Along with following the code of a gentlemen that

Personality Characteristics


Jackson wants to return to a peaceful life once Hyperia is free from Vatian Empire, but he has sworn loyalty to Arvin Tideborn as his first mate on his ship and treats him as a friend. Waiting for the day that allows him to leave when is duty is done.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He knows how to properly uses Black Powder and guns to his advantage. Along with knowing how to play a game of cards. But he has trouble with maintaining equipment.

Vices & Personality flaws

Tends to get violent when trouble is about to begin and

Personality Quirks

He snores in his sleep sleep


He grooms himself as if he is going to a party. Makes sure that his hair and facial hair is well kept. That is living quarters are as clean as possible and that he baths regularly.


Family Ties

Dansen Derby: Father
Fiona Derby: Mother

Religious Views

He often follows the old ways of Hyperia, but is open minded when it comes to other faiths.

Social Aptitude

He is charismatic man that knows how to talk to a crowed. Often using fancy words while he is at it.

Wealth & Financial state

Jackson has been storing up want loot he has gained over his years of piracy and hopes to return with it when he returns home. He often takes anyone money he can from looting and pillaging. Along with gambling and treasure hunting.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • First Mate
Year of Birth
1492 CA 40 Years old
Grey Cliff
Current Residence
Blue Horizon
Dark brown eyes
Long brown hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
168 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
If the lady say not want to b with scum, let her be.
Aligned Organization
Appears in...


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