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Black Harbor

You best be careful when you're in Black Harbor the place is locked up as tight as a miser's safe. It'll be only a matter of time before all hells break loose again and you don't want to be caught in the middle of it. - Wary Sailor



  Hyperions make up much of the settlement as they were the first settle the region, but soon enough the Vatians and populated some of the harbor for themselves. Creating a divide between the two groups in the process as the Vatians are better off than the Hyperions.


Harbor Court

The local ruling body that deals in the local affairs of the inhabitants. They are made up of elected officials that have the power decide whats best for Black Harbor. They often ensure that all things are moving smoothly in town to make everyone happy. Often trying to ensure that not trouble is caused and peace between them and the empire is maintain.  

Imperial Administration Bureau

The real power the controls the town as they have for centuries. As the will of the Vatian Empire, they have a military presence in the area to safeguard their interests from any threats. Under the leadership of the administration the citizen must follow the laws of the empire or face its wrath.


It has a small fort outside of its limits to defend it from attack.

Industry & Trade

Most of the inhabitants are sailors, shipwrights and fishermen that do what they need to live a proper life. But the life blood of the town comes from the Deep Harvesters who harvest the Black Arabarok deep below the waves.


As a harbor much of it infrastructure is aquatic based to suit the sea life on the coast. Which is why the It has a light house, shipyards and docks to support the ships in the area.


The town has an armory and several stores that sell sea based products. Along with deep sea extraction gear.

Guilds and Factions

The Hyperion League has a large presence in Black Harbor and many of it members are the towns folk that live in it.


New Ventures

  Black Harbor was the dream of many Hyperions who wanted to start over away from the populated areas of the south that were controlled by the Vatian Empire. Hundreds head to the northern coast which was less populated and there they began to build a harbor to open new shipping lanes and create new jobs for its settlers. The original name of the town was Selgen as a testament to the old faith that many still followed despite persecution. Here they would be at peace for many years as the empire cared little for such a small place which had little value at the time. The harbor soon became larger and larger as the decades passed and many Hyperions came to it and found peace and livelihood for themselves. Many ships soon came as well from the north to take up harbor and trade was successful as the native goods of the harbor were well sough after by many. But one day that would all change when the anchor of a ship broke off and fell to the bottom of the sea, revealing something that would effect their lives forever. The water of the sea soon turned black and soon came upon the shore only to reveal that it was Black Ababarok, a highly valued material that many sought after. New such as this did not remain a secret for long and the empire soon made it presence in Selgen.    

New Management

Soon the banners of the empire were raised high over Selgen for all to see and it soldiers to be found around ever corner. This of course lead to the to the inhabitants find themselves in the same place that their founders were in before they founded the town. Causing the people to follow imperial law yet again as the empire set up mining operations for the Black Arabarok. This strategic resource did however allow more freedom for the people than in most places in Hyperion Isles, but they never wanted the imperials here in the first place. Everything was regulated from how many ships could be docked at a time to how much produced had to be made in a day to meet demands. Which caused unemployment and over exhaustion to many of the people that lived there. What was worse was the press gangs soon showed up in search of sailors and other unsuspecting souls to be forced into the imperial navy to ensure that it was well maintained. The harvesting of the Black Arabarok also caused the clear waters of Selgen to become black, causing it's name to be changed to Black Harbor to this day. All of this soon even brought the Hyperion League to cause attention.  

Den of Rebels

  The occupation of Black Harbor was seen as another act of tyranny of a foreign power by the Hyperion people and the Hyperion League soon started to make its way into the town to fight against the imperial forces stationed there. This of course was never done openly as it would bring too much attention to themselves as there numbers were always small to ensure secrecy. Here they would commit to act of espionage and sabotage against the empire before laying low for a while. Which is why the empire continually has a large presence in the town to ensure that everything is in order and any threats are eliminated when they have the chance. Leading to tensions between both sides until a riot or murders have been committed to but the whole place on lock down until everyone calms down. What ever the case maybe the presence of the league has grown considerably over the last century as the people tire of being controlled by a foreign power.


The town is mostly made of wood that often has traditional Hyperion architecture of patterns and sea made items used to decorate it.


Black Harbor is found on the on the northern coast of Hyperia in the Hyperian Isles on the edge of the sea.

Natural Resources

The Harbor is famous for it resource Black Arabarok, which is a valuable resource used in the purification of metals making it stronger during the forging process and used in the machinery to function properly. Which is often found deep in the waters near the harbor and is harvested regularly deep under the waves. It is also has a large supply of fish to feed many people
Founding Date
756 CA
Alternative Name(s)
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Harbor Folk
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