Blue Horizon

I have to tell you I always wanted a ship of my own to sail the seas, but I never expected it to become a pirate ship. - Arvin Tideborn


  The ship was originally one of many gallons that made up the imperial navy and was named the I.S. Caden after the famous imperial officer that served the navy over a hundred years before. It of course was manned mostly by conscripts forced to serve in the navy which was not an uncommon thing as several other ships did the same to ensure that they would be maintained. The ship itself was considered one of the newer models of ships in service to the empire as Galleons were beginning to replace older Carrack ships. It is believed that it was in service to the navy for seven years as it mostly was used to hunt pirates and transport troops in the Isles of Refuge.   The ship would soon fall under the control of Arvin Tideborn several months after he was conscripted onto the ship through a planned mutiny with other conscripts. All those in charge of the ship after the mutineers took over were said to be thrown overboard and left to drown at sea while others say they were left marooned on an island, no one has seen them since. Afterward, the ship would be renamed the Blue Horizon by Arvin after he was elected as the new captain of the ship and headed to the Isles of Refuge to take up piracy by the newly formed Sea Kings. Most of these early days consider raiding merchant and cargo ships with great success due to the ship sizes that outmatched most other ships. But would find itself heavily damaged after a failed raid at the imperial military harbor of White Shore in what would be the Battle of White Shore and was forced to flee to be repaired.   The ship would be drastically changed once the Dwarf, Burbuck Longbeard was brought aboard and modified the ship greatly with a better design through Dwarven building techniques. Along with receiving cannon armament being the first of their kind being placed on a ship. It was from this the Blue Horizon that would be one of the most powerful ships in the world due to its weaponry and would successfully raid Port Keys, the Vatian Empire’s wealthiest port city with its defense in ruins from cannon fire. Along with attacking military ships and forts as it became one of the most wanted ships by the empire due to its weaponry.
Many years would pass as the Blue Horizon would become the flagship of the Sea Kings as Arvin continued to use it to raid and pillage where ever he wanted it to go as it has been seen in many parts of the world and faced many trials that it survived for killing beasts from the deep to sailing to places where few people dare go to, making it a legendary sight to behold to that first gaze upon such a vessel. But they would often try just to claim the bounty on it and its crew when they realized what it was. It was one of the many reasons the ship was constantly on the move also the due to the Crimson Fleet, the empire’s infamous naval fleet was always chasing after it to claim the secrets that were built into it. It escaped time and time again from the empire’s clutches but eventually, it lead to a large confrontation as Red Reef in the Isles of Refuge. It was from here it looked like the ship was finally about to fall under imperial control, but Arvin’s wit and the difficultly of navigating the reef would lead the fleet into ruin and the Battle of Red Reef lead to it being almost completely wiped out and adding onto the reputation the ship already has. Though the location of the ship is unknown at the moment it will be stuck into the minds of all those who tread near the sea for no one is safe as long as it is out there with its wicked crew.  


  The Design of the ship is that of imperial design for a larger ship capable of holding more crewmen and passengers on board. Along with stronger sails and stronger hull to endure rough weather and their environment from sea creatures and rocks. Alterations were made by applying metals such a copper to the hull to help it turn better. Allowing it to better a unique galleon amongst any other ship in the known world.  
Blue Horizon

Points of Interest

Captain’s Quarters: Arvin's quarters store all the most valuable items in the ship such as a map, nautical equip and his effect. Along with a bed and desk for the captain to use, with a secret compartment to keep any liquor for himself.
Powder Room: All Black Powder is stored in it along with weaponry to ensure it is ready for use and does not come near any sparks or flames.
Sick Bay: A secluded room for anyone who sicks or is injured so they can recover better in a closed area. Ghana tends to stay in the room and often sleeps in there too when no one needs them.
Burbuck's Room: Burbuck has had trouble sleeping alongside the crew since he joined the Sea Kings and considering he can easily throw a man, a compromise was made for him to have his separate room to rest and work.


The three large sails on the masts of the ship are what allow it to move across the sea with the wind blowing it. Allowing it to reach greater speeds when fully released. Though the ship can be maned with oars if greater speed is needed down below deck with a large portion of the crew is used to gain speed.

Weapons & Armament

The weapons of the Blue Horizon's trump card in the success it has achieved as it has an arsenal of thirty-two cannons throughout the ship. Created from Dwarven designs they have been modified greatly to meet the needs of naval combat. With each one able to pierce hulls and stone with ease as they have no proper defense for them.

Armor and defense

The original design of the ship has been altered to allow it to be stronger and faster than ever before. Removing the old designs of imperial shipbuilding the Blue Horizon was mostly stripped down and reassembled with a combination of Dwarven and Hyperion building technics to create a better type of galleon to be used on the high seas. With its hull stronger with iron supports to make it harder to breach.


The ship has three crow's nests at the top of its three masts to allow someone to see from great distances from up above. With a watchful pair of eyes of someone stationed on it being able to see any changes in weather sea, objects within sight, and hazards near the ship.

Hangars & docked vessels

The ship has four lifeboats on the side of the to allow its crew to leave the ship when they want to when going to land when it could not be docked.
Always reaching for the horizon wherever it may be
Owning Organization
22 ft
90 ft
43 ft
600 tons
16 knots
Complement / Crew
18 - 123 crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
cargo 90 tons, 300 passengers

Key Crew Members



Arvin Tideborn : Captain of the Blue Horizon and the de facto leader of the Sea Kings, despite being rough around the edges and his drinking can be a problem at times, he is a decent captain that is fair to his crew. But to cross his means to end up in an early grave as he often doesn't give second chances to most people.  

First Mate

Jackson Derby : First mate of the Blue Horizon and trusted friend to Arvin for many years. He gained much of a reputation as much as the captain as being a master fist fighter and his nickname of "Powderfoot Jack" which most people don't even know what it means until crossing him as his right lower leg which he lost to a crocodile was replaced with a rifle that he uses to surprise his enemies in a fight.  


Duncan Brookes: The navigator of the ship and resident know it all. Duncan has been instrumental in getting the ship where it needs to be and being the voice of reason when he has to be. Though he was never cut for the rough life of being a pirate and tends to stay on the ship when he is allowed to. But his knowledge tends to help out more than any hard labor ever did.  


Berbuck Longbeard: One would never expect to find a Dwarf out at sea, but Burbuck is the proof that it is possible. Forced to join the crew after fleeing his mountain home and going into exile for his crimes, Burbuck is the reason for the success of the Sea Kings as he had given them the secrets of Black Powder. Now he lives comfortably as the shipwright of the crew as he ensures the ship is in top shape for anything.  


Kima Derby: One of the few women on the ship and one of the best fighters in the crew, joining at a young age after being adopted by Jackson Derby after a trip to the city of Akbar that had gone wrong and saved him. She earned her keep on the ship and learned the in and outs of life at sea. Now ensuring that the crew stays in line or they have to deal with her often giving her the nickname the"Rose" for her beauty and the pain that she can deliver.  


Ghana: A Half-Elf and the ship's doctor, after stitching up people for years in war after war in the Divided Isles, she found he way onto the ship to escape it all. Now she just tries to deal with the common problems on the ship such as the idiocy that seems to be common on it and remedying it by beating sense into the crew. She tends to stay away from most of the crew as she has rarely trusted Humans at all, especially when it comes to men.

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