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Tide Bringer

Only when the Tide Bringer come shall we see the possibility of a free Hyperia - League Member


All who have done the title of Tide Bringer must be well known and respected amongst the factions of the league. As well as being able to have them work together with one another and act as a true patriot to the cause knowing how to lead others on missions and planning what needs to be done.


Only those who can prove themselves worthy can earn the title for none one can take the title for themselves and it must be given to them willingly by the Keepers of Tides of the Council of Tides.


It is through the Council of Tides that leadership of the league appoints them with a unanimous vote being declared by all Tide Keepers to ensure the full cooperation of all factions of the league.


To help achieve the liberation of the Hyperian Isles through their leadership. Along with controlling and planning the operations of the league.


Maintaining the full cooperation of all members of the league.


The Prophet

  The title comes from an individual know as the Tide Bringer, a Sea Priest that was said to have been given visions that were said to have seen the liberation of their homeland. It was from this individual that she would help unite the isles and found the Hyperion League. Which would soon be its first rebellion in the 47th Hyperion Revolt and almost liberated their homeland as the empire was not prepared for this type of organization. But they fell short as the empire crushed them when their armies came to stop them. The Tide Bringer would be executed by drowning for crimes. But the league would honor her by giving the title to the one they chose to lead the league entirely and lead them to freedom under their leadership.

Cultural Significance

To the Hyperions it is a title that shall liberate their homeland from the oppression of the empire. For they are chosen to lead them to salvation from those who would see them as slaves. But to the Vatian Empire it means that whoever holds this title is a threat to their security and must be eliminated at all costs.

Notable Holders

Civic, Honorific
Form of Address
Great Tide
Equates to
Supreme Commander
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