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Guerrilla Fighter



Depending on the number of people supporting their cause they can range from a few dozen to a few thousand.


Resources are scarce when it comes to fighting a superior force, so weapons are often taken from the enemy dead that they kill. They take just about everything from them, clothing, armor, equipment of every kind. Every guerrilla is completely different from the other with what ever they managed to find for themselves to survive. Armors is often only given to high ranking members when armor is scarce since they are invaluable to lose.


They often use what ever weapons they can get on from simple framing tools such as sickles, pitch forks, axes and flails to military grade weapons such as swords, shields, spears, maces and war hammers. But the bow and crossbow are the most favored since you can strike the enemy from a distance and not be seen by them.


They often use horses and wagons to move from place to place in order not to be discovered. The horses are often used in their attacks as well to quickly flee before the enemy realizes what hut them.


Guerrilla Fighters never assemble in large numbers since it risks them begin discovered and lead to potential attack on their current base. They often work is small groups of at least thirty to be able to move fast and not to thin resources to much. Each group is lead by a single leader who usually is a soldier or someone with military knowledge. They the one who often train their troops in the art of war and when they experienced enough the are sent out to form another group to grow their forces. These groups make sure to stay in contact as much as possible to coordinate attack and gather intelligence on potential targets. These groupos will divide their forces into small squads of five and carry out missions as quick as possible and return as fast as they can.


Fighter use the art of guerrilla warfare to their advantage, they often favor ambushes most of all. This can be done several ways of of course with urban warfare they simply have to blend in with the crowd and attack a patrol of soldiers or a government official's escort and just blend right back in. This can be done with wilderness as well especially forested terrain, a simple roadblock can cause quite the trouble for a convoy of supplies and can easily be set upon by a archery fire and men attacking out of hole and behind trees. What they can't take they destroy it rather than letting the enemy get their hands on it. Hit and run tactics favor them as well killing a few soldier with arrows or burn an outpost can easily be done in two minutes if the fighter are well trained enough. Raiding a garrison or a public officials residence is often risky and requires more troops and no missteps or they all end up getting killed. When they are not killing they are conducting espionage or sabotage behind enemy line. Which can be quite brutal depending on the location. But they the ideal of all this is to get the populace to join them and fight their oppressors. But that can take time and they will usually only help if they can win or their desperate. If one of them is left behind or wounded they often don't leave them alive long enough for the torturer to have his fun.


Training often takes time and effort to create a professional fighter, but they do not have the luxury of time. The best way to get a fighter as soon as possible is to figure out what they they are most officiant at. If they are a hunter, they know how to track and use a bow, if they how know how to use a pitchfork they understand how to hold a spear. but they often are taught tactics by a more experienced member of the group. Along with protocols that each member must know by heart in order to stay alive.


Logistical Support

resources are often scare and often stolen as much as possible


They are often willing to aid other armies that might help them free their homeland. Populations may help as well if they are trying escape the enemy by blocking the way from them or fight against them.


Fighter don't get paid since they are volunteers fighting an against a government. All supplies is often stolen or given to them by supporters of their cause. What money they get their hands on is usually for more weapons and supplies.


All guerrillas are volunteers how often meet in secret locations to join a group. It does not matter with gender or age just as long as you know how to fight and carry your own weight. This means the entire populaces is able to join, mean abundant pool of recruits. But you have to have a good reason to join since they often question you if you are a spy. Questions are often ask about where your from and what did before you join.


Gureillas have existed for a long time with many of them dating back to the Vatian scorched earth campaigns. With many causing trouble for the legions longer they stayed. This of has happened may other places as well across the empire and beyond with many fighting any occupying force in their homeland and often fighting to the death. this of course inspires future generations to fight back against a force far more superior to them in hopes of driving them out. Many moments still exist to this day in hopes of free their lands from their oppressors. Humans never really like to be pushed around as much

Historical loyalties

Their loyalty is only to their homeland.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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