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Hadrian Marcanus

Consul Hadrean Antonius Marcanus (a.k.a. The Specker)

That man is one a few people in the entire world that can keep a nation from tearing itselfs apart. - Senator Quintus

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He has become old and frail in his years and need a cane to walk due to an old wound that didn't properly heal. Has some truobleing seeing as well since he only has one eye.

Body Features

Pale skin

Facial Features

His face is rough and has a well maintained beard.

Physical quirks

Always swings his right foot out. Always rubs his good eye when is stressed.

Apparel & Accessories

Often wears simple traditional senator robes often white and worn as he doesn't believe he should spoil himself like other senators do while the people suffer. He wear cloth that covers his dead eye rather then showing it.

Specialized Equipment

Legionary equipment, weapons abd armor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Humble Beginnings

Hadrian was born into a middle class family of scribes in the capital of Vatia. He would spend much of his time begin tutored by his parents, rather attending school as they did not want their son being manipulated by the imperial propaganda of the empire. Making him more open to the current state of the empire and the corruption that was within its walls. But he would still love his nation as it was a bastion of prosperity and technological advance that very few nation could achieve. He would join the imperial military and would later become an officer of the 7th Legion against his parents wishes. He would be stationed in Hyperia for most of his career and would distinguished himself in dealing with the threats of the Hyperion League. Become a commander in his final years in his military career. It would end during the forty ninth revolt of Hyperia, where he was severely wounded and forced to retire. He would soon go into politics and made his way up as his career gained him some favor with certain parties of interest.  

Political Powerhouse

  Unlike most politicians of the empire, Hadrian did not need backroom deals or many allies for that matter. For he was charismatic leader and found his way into many circles throughout the empire on his own. He originally wanted better policies for wounded soldiers to be composited and cared for as they often could not find jobs and were left to fend for themselves. Since he struggled as well when he returned home. Which gave him much favor with them and their families and with some the poor of the capital. He always acted humble during his campaigns as he nothing more then a cripple at the time and held no real power. But eventually he saw that many were suffering as the government ignored them and vowed to be a champion of the people and return power to them. When he was elected tribune of the people, it opened him up to the Imperial Senate and was able to sway many to bring reform as he used his words to sway many senators. Then soon enough he managed to gain a seat in the senate and joined the Reformists Party. Often classing with the biggest and baddest senators at the time and turned the whole place upside down. He was respected by his friends and foes, never giving into the demands or threats that were told to him. He just endured and held his ground and contine the fight to achieve his goals. He just move on and preached his words to the senate for change. When the title of Consul was soon opened he qucikly took the chance to bring greater change within the senate. Just by a few votes he managed to win by many peoples suprise. Making him a permanent thorn is the side of senators for decades to come.  

Consul for Change

  His seat secure and his power enhanced then could possible imagine. He made his way to tearing down wall and burying old grudges to unify the senate to benefit the empire. But in doing so many of his enemies join forces in the process to stop him. But time and time again he endured, though he could not win every battle, he made sure make his enemies pay for every inch. The empire improved bit by bit as people began to enjoy their lives rather then struggle. He even gain the favor of EmpeorerTiberius Marcus Aurelius as well. As he wished for change in the as well. The nation began to change greatly due to this and many corrupt senators were thrown out of office as well with bright you minds repelling them in the process.  

Reaching Limits

  As years went by he maintained his post and saw the empire change greatly, both good and bad. The people, rather then struggling were living life as they wanted with better labor laws and housing deals. Along with open elections so that anyone could run for office, rather the rich and powerful only. The military had funding cut, but benefits were increased for wounded and retired soldiers. But the bad news was that corrupt in the senate managed to get worse as time went by, with most the senate being influenced. Making it more important to deal with it as soon as possible. But the problem was that the most of Marcanus' allies were either dead or retired, leaving him to fight by himself. He was getting too old for the senate as the idealists and patriots were replaced with the greedy and selfish. He greatest defeat would be the declaration of war on Ardania as his power was by passed by the senate and the declaration was declared as full scale war came. Knowing all too well that the war was all about profit and power over knewly conquered territory at the expense of thousands of lives, while the politicians stay nice and cozy away from the danger. He beseeched the emperor to stop this madness, but he already be grieving for several years after the passing of his wife. Ignoring his duties and let the politicians run rampant in the first place. Leading to the death of thousands of imperial soldiers in the entire War of the Raptors. But after the war ended, he made sure that senate would not be able to do it again as he manage to gain emergency powers during the conflict and started a full scale investigation of every corrupt politician in the senate. Ensure that the worst threats were removed and order was returned as these curropt officials were arrested and imprisoned. But only managed to capture most of the ring leaders of the corruption. But managed to remind the rest of the senate that he was not dead yet and no one dared to cross him. He continued to do so as the days went on. Ensuring the empires did not fall into disarray. Ensuring that a fragile peace was maintained in the government as long as possible.

Gender Identity

He considers himself a man.


He prefers women.


He learned math, geography and history when he was tutored at home by his parents. But he would learn warfare at the Imperial Academy and know strategy, weapons training and leadership during his time their.


Served in the 12th legion for fifteen years and became a well respected commander in the legion. But was forced to retire due to severe wounds recieved during the
Imperial senate as a member of the Reformists party of the senate.
Consul of the Senate

Accomplishments & Achievements

Keeping the Imperial Senate in its place and ensure political influence stay in check where it needed to be.

Failures & Embarrassments

Failing to stop the War of the Raptors.

Mental Trauma

He has trouble sleeping at night as his years in the miltary have caused nightmares of death and loss to him.

Intellectual Characteristics

He tries to use philosphy to justfy means and uses a silver tongue to ensure to keep his opponents on the offensive.

Morality & Philosophy

He has seen the cracks that have been growing in the empire long before him and sees the coming storm that continues the grow in the senate. It takes a strong will to keep something such a the empire from tearing itself apart. Knowing all to well the ambitions and the desires that man wish to achieve by any means necessary. He always tries to ensure that the Imperial Senate knows there place to ensure that and never exceed their boundries.


Allowing himself to be corrupted by power

Personality Characteristics


He wishes to one day end the political curation in the empire in order to return power to the people and being another golden age for the empire.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1464 CA 68 Years old
light blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Quotes & Catchphrases
A nation is built on the people who live in it, leaders only exist to serve the people, not the other way around.
Known Languages
Vatian, Hyperion

Cover image: Old Man by Antonio De Luca
Character Portrait image: Old Man by Antonio De Luca


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He always acted humble during his campaigns as he nothing more then a cripple at the time and held no real power.
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