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Leonidas Aleksander Aurelius

Crown Prince Leonidas Aleksander Aurelius (a.k.a. The Lion of Vatia)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is in the peak of health as he excercises weekly and his military training have made himself a strong man and can take on a several men at a time in a fight.

Body Features

Has burn marks on his hands.

Identifying Characteristics

Scar on his left cheek

Physical quirks

He always stand at a military posture.

Apparel & Accessories

  • Common nobles clothing
  • Leather chest piece under clothing
  • Leather sandals
  • Sash with imperial crest

Specialized Equipment

He specializes in the fighting with the shield and sword, siege weaponry and heavy armor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Destined For Greatness

  When the birth of Leonidas came it was a sign of a bright future as he was born under a shooting star for it was the sign of greatness and of a warrior. All throughout the empire would celebrate this moment for the future seemed to much brighter since he was said that he would be become as great as his father, Tiberius Marcus Aurelius. He was born strong and grew to be capable at an early age with both of his parents nurturing him before his father became. He was quite larger then most children his age as well for that matter as well. Often being mistakened for being older then most people would think. His father made sure to properly guide him in order to make him someone worthy of being called an empeorer. His Granfather, Cassius V on the other had him train to fight at a young age as he saw potential in him becoming a great warrior one day and he learned quickly too. While his mother often taught him to show compassion to those around him rather then letting them suffer. Much of his youth would have him stuck in the Imperial Palace rather then going outside of it to explore. So he trained and studied until he finally found a way to outsmart his family. Which made so much easier when for him to get out once he figured out the guard shifts and secet chambers of the palace. Causing him to enter a world that was completely unkown to him and see things different then what he was told.  

Ignorance of Youth

  Leonidas was something of a trouble maker when he was a boy and he almost always managed to escape, even though he was large for his age. Of course he would still get a scolding from his parents caught or not. His first time out of the palace was when he was eight years old and explored the city streets for first time. His nativity would be his first mistake when his was almost kidnapped due to him wearing noble’s clothing. He was lucky a mercenary by the name of Janis came by to save him. He of course wanted money as compensation. Along with him dragging the boy back to the palace where he would be punished by his very angry parents. Along with Janis being made his personal bodyguard for his actions.   But seeing how it was somewhat his fault, Tiberius allowed him to explore the city if he behaved. Officially he would explore the nicer parts of the city, but unofficial he would explore the more dangerous and run down parts of the city with Janis always at his side. He made some friends in both of these places and made his own personal band of followers. They would often cause trouble for those who deserved it, merchants, gangs, swindlers they would knock them down a peg or two in an attempt to make the city better. All done by nothing more then children that were well organized by one boy. This would go on for a while until they started to reach their aging point and had to move on for their futures. Even Leonidas knew he had to grow up at this point since he had to like a prince for his families sake.  

Earning His Title

  By the time he reached the age of twelve, he did not want to be given his familie's legacy be cause he was of royal blood, but wanted to be considered worthy of the name since he saw that many of his friends in the city worked hard to earn their keep. So decided to join the Imperial Academy to become are soldier. Of course his parent where not happy about it, put his mother managed to convince his father to let him go as it was something that he was determined to do. He did not want to be treated like royalty during his time there and wanted like any treayed any other officer in training. But he was not alone when he got their, Janis would secertly watching him to make sure no one went after him and some of his friends from his time on the street was there as well. He would work harder then most trying to determine himself that he could be better then he was now. He was both made friends and enemies for doing that, but all would respect him for hs action.   Especially during the training and military excerises, often helping his fellow cadets to improve themselves and work together as a single entity to achieve their goals. Every year he was at the academy seemed to change him more and more as studied and trained, changing the once pampered royal into a man that new struggle and hardship. That he valued the lives around him and was not some noble that wanted status in the military. His brightest moment was during his graduation wargames where he was able to out smart his opponents and encouraged his men to fight on even though their were moments that all seemed lost. It was quite an acheivement that some of the military officials even considered him to become a general once he joined the military. But once he graduated he just wanted to rest and return home for the time being.   But he would soon start to pick up his princely duties in the political circles of the Imperial Senate. Which was completely differnet from since politics were all about deception and scheming. Which was something that he was use to at all. He did gain support from many in the senate due his charasmaic aura that surrounded him. But he would have a mentor in the senate and he was a close friend of his father, Hadrian Marcanus. Hadrian made sure that the young man new who to keep himself afloat in the raging waters of the senate floor. Even though he was not a senator, he had to see through with the political climate as a member of House Aurelius. Though he would not be a natural at political intrigue he new how to hold his own. Once he had enough of the drama of the senate, he set out to explore empire that he was sworn to protect.  

To See the World

  Rather then going around with a large escort while exploring the territories of the empire, he decided to just travel in secret with only a few faithful companions. One of them was his bodyguard Janis who despite his age was still a capable fighter. He wanted to see how the empire was fairing as he spent most of his time stuck in Vatia. From the moment he left the city he saw both best and worst of the empire for the months to come. He knew at some moment in the future that the empire would eventually collapse if something catastrophic happened. But not all of this would not be uneventful for the young prince.   He would find himself having many adventures and quest like anyone on the road. Not all of them worth being told by bards, but they were still worth telling. Such out drinking a Trent under the table and save a family from a burning building with burn marks on his hands to prove it. His most fascinating tale was slaying a Jackalope all by himself. Often wearing its fur as a nice cloak when it was colder. It was time that he never felt so alive in all of his life. A whole year had almost past him by, but he knew that he had to return home to fulfill his duties and achieve his goals. His experiences made him a completely different man by the time he came home. With him being more determined as ever to ensure that he would be ready for anything and meet headlong.  

Family life

  Family life was never that important to him when was younger, he did love his parents but he wanted to be on his own for a time, I didn’t seem to really matter as much even when his grandfather died, it didn't seem to phase him that much since he was still young. Nor did he bother in being around his younger brother Argos since he was so young and had more pressing matters to deal with. But that would all change after a few years he returned from his journey across the empire. He was in the senate debating with with some of the senators, when the unthinkable happened as a royal messanger rushed into the senate. Some that made him freeze in place and some say that a single tear was shed when he heard it, that his mother lay dying after giving birth to his sister Jessara. By the time he reach her he was only able to have a few minutes with her before she died in her own blood. The world seemed to have stopped at that moment, as he stared at her while his father was in denial and his new sister and little brother crying. He didn't spend much time with her in so many that it was like she never existed. But he knew that he had to pull himself together for he was a prince and could not have this be a sign of weakness by his enemies. But he vowed to himself that he would try to spend more time with his family as much as he could.   Tiberius was never the same after Cara died, that charasmtic man and bright man seemed to have disappered from the world completely. Leonidas managed to help him get out of his viel of grief little by little to a point that he would talk to people again. Returning some of that light he knew when he was a boy that guided him. He never blamed Jessara for what happened to his mother for it was something that was only in the hands of fate. She would be something worth fighting for as she grew to be kind and beautiful women just like his mother. Though she never really leave the palace at all. Argos though would be completely different from what he was when he was a boy. He was arrogant and spoiled, using his families influence and power to do as he please. Leonidas tried to reach out to him to stop and change him for the better. But there was something dark and twisted in him that seemed to have won a long time ago. It made Argos hate him for he hated him for all of his achievements and that he stole his parents love from him. Making it for both of them to be around each other. Making it a very dysfunctional family to be around, but he cares for them none the less  

Politics and Justice

  While he was satisfied with his lust for adventure, he knew that he had to follow his princely duties to the core in order to maintain his current position in political circles of the empire. Often taking in the Imperial Senate to make deals and alliance to achieve reforms in the empire now that is father was in no condition to do so. While he was no doing that he was trying to improve the conditions in Vatia and the surrounding areas as corruption and decadence had been running rampant in the empire for years. Creating a organization known as the Manus Iustitia who's duty were to search and arrest anyone who had ties to illegal activities and groups to better improve life in the empire. Which would be quite a lot in the capital alone as the streets were full of illegal actives. With the backing of his supporters and the loyalty of his men they managed to improve the city greatly without much difficulty.   This of course had its draw back since he was he would be targeted by many people who were angry that some of their income was cut off. With a few attempts on his life at this point. None of which were successful and with the help of the Imperious Oculus they perpetrators were arrest justly. A few months of this caused quite the change for the people in the empire as their lives to seemed to improve even if it was a little bit of not. This was to part of a large scale crack down on in keep parts of the empire and its provinces, which would go on for years, but even with the influence Leonidas had, it would only meet with mild success as he did not have enough packing from a political view point. It soon became clear that all the enemies that he was making were starting to join forces and halting his progress. He had to stop before things completely got out of hand but ensured that all of the work that achieved would not fall apart. Creating new safeguards to better avoid corruption to better improve the state of the empire.    

The Lion's Awakening

  It had been over a decade since He had lead forces since his graduation, he had never actually been called into a campaign since his graduation. The last few years where nothing more then politics and his duties as a prince of the empire. Then something unexpected happened that no one seemed to see coming, the declaration of war on the Kingdom of Ardania. He was away from the capital at the time when it happened, but by the time he came back there was nothing he could do about as his father lost his influence in the senate a long time ago and Hadrian was overuled in the senate. With soldiers already being moblized and crossing the borders. So to make the best out of the situation he enlisted into the army to earn a better standing politically. His skills at the academy were still remebered by many in the military and he was given the position of general in the Fifth Legion. He would not see the much of the first few months of the war as he was discipling his forces and only arrived after the Siege of Fort High Tower, which he considered a military disaster since they lost too many men and the duration it lasted by allowing the kingdom's forces to organize allowing them to create counter attacks. That would all change when Leonidas and his legion marched it.   His first real battle would only be a few days later, the Battle of Karos would allow him to use his military mind once more. Even though he was out numbered two to one he would create a plan that would desolate them. With many of those who heard of his victory giving the name "The Lion of Vatia" for his bravery against such numbers. But rather then pressing forward after his victory he set up staging ground from more imperial forces to move in rather then being cut off from the rest of imperial army. He would also become apart of many other battles during the war, never losing a single battle since that time. But when he was not fighting he was creating relationships with the people within these regions to strengthen the support of the Ardanians to allow the empire to rule their lands. Along with using the Imperious Oculus to spie on what the enemy was planning before they ever did it helped as well. After two years of fighting it was believed that war would come to an end with his help, but he did not expect what would happen during The Long Night. He knew that his forces had to stay put since the darkness and lack of time would cause fatigue to his force so he stayed in the city of Stone Haven until it finally ended to give his men a well deserved rest from all the fighting they did.   Then it happend as kingdom forces layed siege to the city trapping him and his forces inside. Leonidas was greatly outnumbered as only his legion and a few garrison forces were the only thing that inside the city and three armies had surronding the city wanting to kill him for all the trouble he caused. But Leonidas quickly reorganized his forces and repelled wave after wave of enemy forces for who knows how long. Always on the battlements fighting along side his men increased their moral as well. By the time The Long Night was over he managed to keep the enemy at bay until reenforcements finally came. It was siad that when the fighting was finally over he fell asleep on battlements and was presumed dead! Which him only saying "shut up, I'm trying to sleep" to calm everyone down. Leonidas would stay in the city to rest and rebuild his forces after experiencing heavy losses form the siege. Rather then relying standard Legionaries he beagan using Auxiliaries more and began taking advantage of tactics from peoples of the empires provinces to better fight the enemy with his smaller numbers. With his Imperious Oculus connections were compromised and hand to rely on scouting and colaberator reports on enemy movements.   He would see less fighting in the final years of the war as no one dared face him since it seemed that he was unstoppable by most. So rather then dealing with armies he began to deal with smaller groups of kingdom forces like partisans and Rangers that were causing trouble for imperial forces. It took sometime but he managed to learn how to deal with such groups with time. Often doing it the same way they did with stealth and speed. He would personally deal a critical blow on the Ardanian Ranger at the village of White Wood, killing several members of their and scattering the rest. Soon after the blow was struck, the war was over. He would remain in Ardania for several more months to secure the peace and ensure that the people accepted the empire peacefully. He thought that he would remain in the region foe several more years believing that he would be made governor by his father to see the transition of power properly be completed. But to his shock and surprise he would be sent home and instead his brother Argos would be governor instead! He knew that it was a bad idea to leave him in charge of a whole province, but he did not wish to disobey his father and headed home.  

Fame, Love and Future Unkown

  Leonidas would become a military legend for his exploits during the conflict and be declared a hero of the empire when he marched into Vatia with a Triumph in his hour. A great celebration in his name for many days and nights. He would have rather had some peace and quite instead of all the noise. But a young women by the name of caught his eye. She was not your average noble women since she was a soldier! He never payed much attention to women as much due to his duties, but something seemed to draw him to her. He knew that he had to plan carefully and made his move. Which had some success but did not really do anything at all, just a drink accidentally spill all over her. But he managed to get themselves alone and talk. She originally thought he just wanted to sleep with him like most other nobles, but Leonidas surprised her with his honesty. Months would pass and they would grow closer to one another and see each other in secret since politicians would see this as something to exploit as Herminia was from a lesser house of nobles.   To better avoid suspicion she was recruited into the fifth legion by him and since Leonidas recruited all sorts of diverse troops into the legion no one seemed to notice. She would be made one of the commanders of his legion and be given command of her own Bellum Virgio soldiers to fight for her. For the next few years they would fight along side one another facing the ever rising threats to the empire as their military was stretched thin since the War of the Raptors. Allowing their love flourish from prying eyes and hopes to one day he can marry her when the time is right without politics being involved. Once he finishes with threats to the empire, he wishes to return to the Vatia and set things. To end the madness that has befallen the empire and bring peace to it once and for all.


At an early age he had become skilled in horse riding, strategy and swordsmanship. Along with how to act properly in court and customs of the nobility. Later in his teens he was trained in the art of warfare, close quarters combat, discipline and politics to better learn the state of the empire. Along with the history of the empire as well and other nations that it conquered. His skills at survival were achieved as well during his time at war as well.


General of the Fifth legion

Failures & Embarrassments

Much of the mistakes that he made were during his young life when he was just learning about the world. With him almost being kidnapped and causing trouble in the Imperial Palace. One of his more emotional failures was the death of his mother which he had not spent enough time with during his years of learning discovery. Another was his only military blunder during the Siege of Stone Haven where he let himself and his forces were severely out numbered and many live where lost due to him letting his guard down.

Mental Trauma

Leonidas witnessing his mother death changed him, but unlike his father he recovered and valued his family more then anything else even though they are a complete mess he tries to keep them close as much as possible. Along with his experience of war during the War of the Raptors changed his thinking that it was glorious and honorable. Always trying to avoid fighting as much as possible in order to stop any unessary bloodshed. Along with treated those who worlk hard and are determined no matter how where they were born or what their social status was.

Intellectual Characteristics

  • Linguistic
  • philosophical
  • Logical
  • Adaptable
  • Humble

Morality & Philosophy

Much of his way of thinking comes from his father Tiberius Marcus Aurelius, who he looked up to when he was growing up around him. Believing that the empire need reforms in order to survive the ever changing world. Along with giving everyone a chance to prove themselves to reach their goals.


  • Surrendering to temptation
  • Being a Hypocrit

Personality Characteristics


He wants to push himself more and more to become better so that he can one day be worthy of being called the emperor when his time comes. Along with one day restoring the empire to its former glory and marry the women he loves, Herminia Gavros.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is good at playing games that involve strategy and planning, but has problems when it come to formal occasions.

Likes & Dislikes

He enjoys reading and training but hate ceremonies.

Virtues & Personality perks

He is a patient man and is quick to act.

Vices & Personality flaws

He can be stubborn at time and has been known to become angry under stress


He always keeps his things in order as if a barrack, keeps his hair short and his face shaved. Along with bath daily to keep clean.


Family Ties

Religious Views

He often puts matters of state more important then religious matters. Put he reatins average faith in The Spirit and Flame. But often is fasinated by other religions and what other secerts that they hide.

Social Aptitude

Everyone want to be around him as his charismatic nature seems to draw them to him.


Leonidas Aleksander Aurelius

Brother (Trivial)

Towards Argos Antony Aurelius



Argos Antony Aurelius

Brother (Trivial)

Towards Leonidas Aleksander Aurelius



Wealth & Financial state

Though he is a prince of the Vatian Empire he often does not spend that much money at all as he rather see it used to better uses. What money he does have he keeps and uses to pay his soldiers when their pay has been cut and construction projects to improve infrastructure. With the only property he hold is an old villa out in the country that he rarely goes to. With some vineyards and farmland attached to it.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Crown Prince, Duke of Atio, Earl of Decon
Year of Birth
1496 CA 36 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born under a falling star
Current Residence
Light Brown
Short brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
215 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
Every man and women should have the right to prove himself to his peers no matter where they come from
Do not falter for I will lift you up when you fall
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages

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